Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Carson Palmer Ace's 1st test, Cincy wins big!!!

I was only expecting Carson Palmer to play a couple of series and at most the 1st quarter. But he proved me wrong by playing the entire 1st half. I'm sure the entire city of Cincinnati held their breath when Palmer took his first hit...but when he stood up and jogged back to the huddle a sigh of releif and an eruption of applause came from the entire stadium and from me sitting on my couch. He took hits(although he didn't have to endure many of them thanks to the amazing blocking of his front 5)and he even took a hit by Packers defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins, on his reconstructed left knee. But like the man he is, he jumped up and jogged back to the huddle. Overall on the night Carson went 9/14 140 yrds and 3 tds. BTW, Cincy won the game 48-17.

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