Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Danny needs to get laid...big time!!!

Obviously this has nothing to do with sports but who cares. As the kids would say, Word out on the street is Danny is still single, and looking for that special women that has "features" and won't break his heart, because you know, he's very "sensitivif". Anyways enjoy.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

We can't even beat Providence...YES PROVIDENCE!

What happened to the Connecticut Huskies that I have known and loved for 9 years? What happened to the team that has won 2 National Championships in the last 8 years? Not only have we fell out of the top 25 for the first time in 4 years, we can't even win a game anymore. We have lost our last 4 games and 7 of our last 9.

We absolutely killed all of the weaker competition earlier in the year and things were looking good, coming into our first road game(yes, our first 11 games were home games) against West Virginia we were ranked #11 and 11-0.

So obviously I was excited, running around the streets of St.Louis with no shirt and some spandex shorts, that didn't really hide my boner to say the least. I mean when my teams are winning I tend to take the celebration a little to far. A frightened Chimpanzee at the St.Louis Zoo knows exactly what i'm talking about. Apparently the cops and the trainers don't like it when you strip off all your clothes and get into the ape cages and spoon with the monkeys. Who knew?
Basically what I'm trying to say is, I bought into all they hype, I looked into all the players and liked what I saw, I liked our potential. Although I have admitted that I don't think were a powerhouse like we were last year, but I felt that we would win 20+ games, make the NCAA Tournament and create some buzz. I was wrong. We can't hold a lead against teams in the second half. We give up long scoring streaks that put us out of the game. We can't defend that well. And we have no real "scorer".

We have alot of talent but at this point we can't close out games. We have had leads or been right there in all of loses at halftime and then we blow it in the second half. We have given up a 12-0 run to Pittsburgh(aka Shitsburgh) and Marquette, a 12-2 run to LSU, and a 15-3 run to Louisville...all in the second half. And then again today against Providence, we had an 11 point lead going into halftime and to start the second half, the Friars went on a 16-0 run. WE GOT BEAT BY FUCKING FRIARS...WHAT THE HELL! The same Providence team that lost to Senton Hall and Brown. Yes the Ivy League school.

I love Jim Calhoun, but it is apparent that he can't find a winning starting line up. He has tried combos such as:

C-Hasheem Thabeet, F-Jeff Adrien, F-Marcus Johnson, G-Jerome Dyson, G-A.J. Price
C-Hasheem Thabeet, F-Jeff Adrien, F-Stanley Robinson, G-Jerome Dyson, G-Doug Wiggins
C-Hasheem Thabeet, F-Jeff Adrien, F-Stanley Robinson, G-Jerome Dyson, G-A.J. Price
F-Jeff Adrien, F-Stanley Robinson, G-Jerome Dyson, G-A.J. Price G-Doug Wiggins

Another weakness is our lack of ability to defend the 3-point shot. Although overall our 3-point pct. is better(ours-.333 opp-.308), we don't shoot that many a game, and our opponets shoot alot. Also our free throw shooting is abismal. Right now UConn is shooting .638 from the FT line. That isn't going to cut it.

I'm going to go ahead and say it. Although I love Hasheem Thabeet's shot blocking ability, he looks like a bust this year. He is 7'3" 265 lbs but he has no mucle on him. He is long and skinny and he just gets over powered down low which is why he's only averaging 6.9 ppg and 6.5 rpg. I still think he can be great, but this offseason their is alot that he needs to work on, like packing on some muscle, work on his downlow presence and just get stronger.

With all that said, I think we will defintely win our next two games guaranteed. We travel to Depaul(12-9) and then we have Rutgers(8-12) at home. We need to win at least 7 or 8 of our remaining 10 games and we need to do well in the Big East Tournament if we have any hope to make the NCAA Tournament.

06-07 Schedule

11/10- Quinnipiac (53-46 W)
11/17- Cen. Arkansas (88-59 W)
11/18- Fairfield (74-49 W)
11/19- Ole Miss (77-59 W)
11/26- Albany (86-55 W)
11/29- Sacred Heart (89-46 W)
12/03- Texas South (106-55 W)
12/06- N'Eastern (81-53 W)
12/17- St. Mary's (89-73 W)
12/20- Pepperdine (88-66 W)
12/27- Coppin St. (84-41 W)
12/30- @ West Virginia (81-71 L)
01/02- South Florida (69-50 W)
01/06- @ #19 LSU (66-49 L)
01/10- Marquette (73-69 L)
01/13- @ St. John's (68-59 W)
01/16- @ #6 Pittsburgh (63-54 L)
01/20- Indiana (77-73 L)
01/22- @ Louisville (68-54 L)
01/27- Providence (84-72 )
01/31- @ Depaul (12-9, 3-4)
02/03- Rutgers (8-12, 1-6)
02/05- Syracuse (15-5, 4-2)
02/11- @ Ga Tech (13-6)
02/14- Senton Hall (11-8, 3-4)
02/17- @ Syracuse (15-5, 4-2)
02/21- @ Rutgers (8-12, 1-6)
02/25- Louisville (14-6, 4-2)
02/28- Villanova (14-5, 3-3)
03/03- @ Georgetown (15-5, 5-2)

We have a tough road ahead of us, but hopefully Jim Calhoun can right the ship and turn this team around to make a late run. Hopefully.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Cleveland Browns (4-12)

2006 record: 4-12
Head Coach: Romeo Crennel
Offensive Coordinator: Rob Chudzinski
Defensive Coordinator: Todd Grantham
Pro-Bowl: None


Their offense does have some weaknesses but it has the potential to be very good with stand-outs such as Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow and Charlie Frye. Frye did miss the final three games of the season due to a bruised wrist. Before Frye's injury he was off to a nice season, completing almost 65% of his passes, throwing for over 2400 yards and tossing 5 touchdowns. The only downfall of his play was the interceptions(17). There running game was awful this year. Ranking 2nd to last in total rushing yards as a team. Due to Reuben Droughgns down season. Although he did miss 2 games and did miss 4 starts(due to shoulder and ankle injuries) he wasn't very affective anyway, only averaging 3.4 a carry and a total of 758 rushing yards and just 4 touchdowns. Braylon Edwards had a nice season, not great but a good one. He almost doubled his rookie season stats in almost every major receiving category. He caught 61 balls for 884 yards and 6 touchdowns. But the big story on offense was Kellen Winslow. After playing in just 2 games his rookie season before breaking his leg against the Cowboys and then the motorcycle accident that almost ended his career last that caused him to miss the whole season he was border lining the "1st round bust" label. But this year he broke out with 89 receptions, 875 yards and 3 touchdowns. Expect him to continue to progress next year.


There biggest problem was stopping the run and the lack of causing turnovers. They were average at defending the pass ranking 15th. Like their offense their defense has alot of potential. After missing his whole rookie season and not starting any games last year, Sean Jones busted out this season. He led the Browns in total tackles with 111 and along side of Brodney Pool the Browns could possibly have one of the best, young safety duos in all football. To add to that at the linebacker position, Andra Davis did what he does best and racked up another 100+ tackle season(3rd time). 1st round pick, Kamerion Wimbley had a great year with 62 tackles and a team high of 11 sacks. Probably the most surprising of all the defensive players for the browns was D'Qwell Jackson, 2nd round pick out of Maryland. He had an impressive rookie season with 93 total tackles. But this is the Browns so of course it wasn't all good. Their biggest weakness is the defensive line. Ted Washington did have one of his best seasons since 2000, with 52 tackles but he will soon be 39 and i'm not sure how much longer he will be playing. But they desperately need pass rushers and they need run stoppers in the middle.

Special Teams

Nothing has to change here. Phil Dawson was good this year, again and Dave Zastudil wasn't to bad either with a punting average of 44.0. On kickoff returns, Josh Cribbs was also pretty good, he was able to get almost 1500 yards and had 1 touchdown. On punt returns it stayed the just like it has been like the past 7 years, Dennis Northcutt doing a nice job. Averaging just over 11 yards per return, including an 81 yard return.

Draft Notes

Depending on a coin flip, the Cleveland Browns would either have the 3rd overall pick or the 4th overall pick. With their first pick its pretty much between 1 of 2 players. In my opinion it should be DT Alan Branch of Michigan or RB Adrian Peterson of Oklahoma. They desperately need a run stopper and someone that can improve their pass rush, Branch can do both of those. But then again, they also need help with their running game, with Peterson that could leave Droughns expendable, they could possibly trade him for a later draft pick. Other needs, offensive line, another WR and a corner back.

Positions that need to be addressed are:

1. Defensive Tackle
2. Defensive End
3. Offensive line
4. Running back
5. Wide Receiver


This is by far one of their biggest needs. Romeo Crennel would love to get Alan Branch to continue to improve their defense. I think that would be their best choice. He would help in their two biggest weakness on the defense, pass rush and stopping the run. If they don't take him then others that they could take in round 2 or 3 are Justin Harrell(TENN), Quinn Pitcock(OSU) and Ryan McBean(OK ST).


They could surprise alot of people and take Gaines Adams or Jamaal Anderson with their first round pick. They are desperate to get someone that can up their sack totals and no one in the draft are better than these two. But I doubt it. I think they will wait till the third round to look at a defensive end. Guys that they could pick are Jarvis Moss(FLA), Kaika Alama-Francis(HAW) and Tim Crowder(TEX).


Like alot of teams, the Browns could use some help on their O-Line. With LeCharles Bentley coming back from a torn ACL, he could easily switch from center to guard to make room for Ryan Kalil(USC). Kalil is the best available center in the draft and possibly the 2nd or 3rd best offensive linemen in the draft. His stock his rising day after day but due to other teams lack of need of a center he is likely to be available for the 36th overall pick.


There's not a huge need here, but it is something to look at. Some mock drafts have the Browns taking Adrian Peterson with their first round pick. Although I did say I would take Branch with that pick but it wouldn't necessarily be a dumb move by picking Adrian Peterson. Peterson is by far the best running back in the draft and if it wasn't for him breaking his collarbone last season, he would be the best overall player. If they are content on getting another running back and they don't take one in the 1st or 2nd round they could look to get Michael Bush(LOU), Dwayne Wright(Fresno) or Antonio Pittman(OSU).


They should definitely not look to get one until at least the 4th round. ALl they need is a slot receiver that could potentially turn into a 2nd receiver. I think these guys could really help out, Chansi Stuckey(CLEM), Yamon Figurs(K-State) and David Clowney(VT).

With a good draft, and if they are able to stay healthy. This team could be a 7-9 type team. If they weren't in the AFC. With teams like Cincinnati, Baltimore and Pittsburgh in their division its obvious, Cleveland isn't going to be moving up anytime soon.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Booking # 457-64164 is at it again...those crazy kids.

Today Judge Douglas Grothaus sentenced Cincinnati Bengal's wide receiver, Chris Henry to 90 days in jail for providing alcohol to minors. Judge Grothaus is requiring Henry to serve 48 hours of the sentence, and if he messes up one more time in Kenton County, he will serve the remaining 88 days.

This latest arrest stems from a night back in April where Henry was in a Covington hotel room where minors were drinking. The prosecution said Henry was the adult who rented the hotel suite that night, drove the car to the store where the alcohol was bought and accordingly bears the responsibility under Covington ordinance for the conduct of others who were drinking in the room, which happened to include three females who were all underage.

In addition to the jail time Henry must:
  • Pay a $250 fine plus court costs.

  • Have no criminal activity for two years.

  • Not consume alcohol or drugs for two years.
  • Report to the Kentucky Alternative Program for drug and alcohol assessment.

  • Give two speeches - one at Two Rivers Middle School and one to Holmes High School athlete - on the dangers of drugs and alcohol and how they have negatively affected his career.

Right after Henry plead guilty to the charge of "permitting possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on premises," the judge let it be know just how he felt about Chris Henry's behavior.

"You brought most of this on yourself, if not all of it," Judge Grothaus said. "You embarrassed yourself. you embarrassed alot of people, teammates, friends and family, the city, the fans and myself."

Grothaus told Henry he was "a cancer" with no respect for himself, his teammates or the community.

"Mr. Henry, it's time to grow up," said Grothaus.

Overal Chris Henry has been arrested 4 times in the last 7 months. It's time to stop all this nonsense, he needs to learn how to be a man and stop getting into trouble or he will be cut.

Here is a video taken from the courtroom yesterday.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Amobi Okoye likes his Tea(bags).

I have made it clear that the Cincinnati Bengals need a defensive tackle in the 2007 NFL Draft. I have also mentioned that they guy I want is Amobi Okoye. Okoye is a 19 year-old phenom out of the University of Louisville. He is a 6'1" 317 lb beast that is extremely strong, surprisingly fast for an interior lineman and would go a long way in helping our horrible run defense.

Not only can Okoye stop the run, he is also a good pass rusher, recording 8 sacks last season. Some draft sites have said that he is ideal for a nose tackle in a 3-4 scheme, but I think he would look just fine in our orange and black.

"The NFL Draft has never seen a player quite like this and even though he is a very good prospect now it's his upside that is really intriguing." said NFL Draft Countdown.

Well during a week 3 game against Miami(FL), Amobi Okoye and Tyrone Moss had a sit down conversation. One that was probably extremely uncomfortable for each involved. I'm more so for Moss. Anyway here is what was conversed between the two.

(Before I get started, let me say this is 100% false, meaning I made this no letters on how Okoye is a good Christian boy who would never say that type of thing. Enjoy)

Okoye: Yeah boy, you better get used to looking at me while your on your back, cause your gonna be there all day!

Moss: Um, Ok...You can probably get up now. The play is over...the whistle blew.

Okoye: So! Are you trying to say your not enjoying your self?

Moss: Well, since you asked. No. No i'm not. It just so happens i'm not a big fan of having a 320 lb pound man sitting on me with his crotch in my face.

Okoye: Oh don't be jealous because I get all the ladies, they call me "Big Sexy".

Moss: What the hell does that have anything to do with this current situation?!

Okoye: Uh huh, I knew it, your just mad because i've been getting college chicks since I was 16.

Moss: Yeah, let me tell...i'm so jealous. Ok, now will you please get off me, they are waiting for us.

Referee: Ok guys, come on...get up.

Moss: Yes, that has been what i've been trying to tell him...

Okoye: Hey quick question...promise you won't tell anyone and you won't laugh.

Moss: Fine...what?

Okoye: Promise me.

Moss: *mumbles to himself* Are you fucking kidding me...Fine Amobi...I promise.

Okoye: Ok, you know how I said I've been getting college girls since I was 16?

Moss: made sure everyone heard you say that.

Okoye: Well I have kind of developed a bit of a rash and I thought that since your down there, you know, you could check it out for me.


Okoye: What...not a good time or something?

Moss:'s never a good time for me to check a rash for you...are you insane.

Okoye: I knew it...too soon

Moss: (just slowly shakes his head) I didn't come to Dade County for this shit.

Okoye: Ah well...let's play some football.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

NFL Playoffs.

NFL Scoreboard:

Saints- 14
Bears- 39

NFC Champions- Chicago Bears

Patriots- 34
Colts- 38

AFC Champions- Indianapolis Colts

I'll recap both games when the shock weres off and my jaw settles back into it's normal state.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Detroit Lions (3-13)

2006 record: 3-13
Head Coach: Rod Marinelli
Offensive Coordinator: Mike Martz
Defensive Coordinator: Donnie Henderson
Pro-Bowl: Roy Williams (WR)


Mike Martz did what he was supposed to do, get this offensive going. But do to injured Kevin Jones only getting 181 rushing attempts the Lions had the worst ranked rushing offense. Yes, even worse than the Raiders. But unlike the Raiders they were able to move the ball extremely well through the air with soon to be 35-year old Jon Kitna. Kitna was able to throw for 4,208 yards and 21 touchdowns. Very good numbers but then when you take into count that he threw 22 interceptions, well there is your problem with the offense. No running game and lots of turnovers, even Mike Martz can't solve that problem. Although Roy Williams did get a pro-bowl selection with 82 receptions and 1,310 yards receiving the Lions had another surprisingly good go-to receiver in former safety Mike Furrey. Furrey set career highs in receptions(98), receiving yards(1,086) and touchdowns(6). Even though Kevin Jones did miss 4 games and wasn't exactly effective on the ground he did show that he is very versatile in getting 61 receptions.


Ah, the defense of the Detroit Lions. A couple of words come to mind, horrible, miserable, embarrassing, etc. They ranked as a whole, 3rd to last in total defense, allowing nearly 25 ppg. Their linebackers were way below average in terms of tackles but they did have one player that had a very good season, rookie Ernie Sims. Sims had 123 total tackles, half of a sack and he recovered a fumble. Sims lead all lions in tackles, and to be honest the next closest was safety Terrence Holt who had 77. They pretty much need a whole new makeover defensively. They need lineman, linebackers and defensive backs. Matt Millen is going to have a busy day come Draft day.

Special Teams

The special teams for Detroit was pretty average. Their kick return average was ranked 20th with only getting about 23 yards per return but unlike their mediocre kick return average, their punt return average was very good, ranking 4th with a 10.8 avg. Expert return man, Eddie Drummond was able to gain nearly 1,700 total return yards. Kicking wise, Jason Hanson was nearly perfect. He hit all 30 of PAT attempts and only missed four of his 33 field goal attempts. Nick Harris led the Lions to a 4th place finish in punt average with 45.0 average and 9 touchbacks. Nothing needs to change in this department, I don't see Hanson retiring anytime soon and Drummond doen't really play offense to much so his only concern is returning kicks.

Draft Notes

The Detroit Lions have the 2nd overall pick this year and it's almost a lock that they will be taking a quarterback. Now which quarterback they do take is really up to the Raiders. I personally feel that Brady Quinn better suits Martz high powered offense. But then again the Lions' GM is still Matt Millen so there is always a chance that they will take a wide receiver. But I doubt Millen will go through that hassel again. I see them picking 1 of 2 players, quarterback Brady Quinn(ND) or offensive tackle Joe Thomas(Wisc). Thomas is by far the best offensive linemen in this whole draft, but in my mock draft I don't have him going till the 5th pick which is Arizona. Detroit has many needs, offensively a quarterback, offensive lineman, maybe a slot receiver and possibly a tight end. Defensively they need alot. They are desperately in need of a pass rusher, another defensive tackle to go along side Shaun Rogers, and a corner.

Positions that need to be addressed at the draft are:

1. Quarterback
2. Defensive End
3. Cornerback
4. Offensive Lineman
5. Defensive Tackle
6. Tight End


Brady Quinn is who they need to take with their first pick. Jon Kitna was pretty good this year in terms of passing yards, but the turnovers killed this offense. Also Kitna will turn 35 this offseason, so obviously he isn't the long time quarterback. Draft Quinn and if need be use Kitna at the beginning of the season, but I have a feeling that with being coached by Charlie Weiss for the past 2 years, Quinn is more than ready to take control of an NFL team.


Defensive end for Detroit was horrible, they were one of the worst team at getting to the quarterback(only 19 sacks). There is alot of players that would help them solve this blaring weakness such as Charles Johnson(UGA), Adam Carriker(Neb) and Anthony Spencer (Purdue). has them taking Charles Johnson in the second round and I have to say, I agree with them.


Dre Bly can't do it all by himself. He's going to need a young counterpart to help defend the pass. Look for them to use their 3rd or 4th round pick on a cornerback. Some guys that they could possibly take are Chris Houston(Ark), Fred Bennett(S.Car) Jonathan Wade(Tenn) and Tarell Brown(Tex) to name a few. Out of all those guys, Houston is the best right now, but Tarell Brown may have the best potential to turn into something special.


Jon Kitna was sacked 63 times this year and he fumbled the ball 11 times. In laments terms that means the offensive line was bad. Although they do have two guys on that line that I do think are good(Dominic Raiola and Jeff Backus) for the most part they had two rookies on the line. So maybe with 1 season under their belts they will improve, still I think it would be wise to draft another Guard just to be safe. Watch for Mansfield Wrotto(GT), Mike Jones(Iowa) and Dan Santucci(ND).


Like I said, probably not a major need at this point but definitely something that should be looked at. I could see them maybe looking at Kareem Brown(Mia,FL), Brandon Mebane(Cal) or Antonio Johnson(MSU). They may be willing to stick with Shaun Cody to play along side of Shaun Rogers though. So I guess we'll see.


They actually have a couple of tight ends that are pretty good/decent in Dan Campbell and Marcus Pollard. But Pollard didn't play that much in 06' and he could retire soon, so they could be looking for some to backup or even possibly start over Campbell. Clark Harris(Rutg), Matt Herian(Neb) and Dante Rosario(Ore) are some names to get familiar with before April, because they could very well be in the Motor City soon.

With the weak NFC, if they could stop turning the ball over so much and play some defense, this team could be looking at a 7-9 season.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Oakland Raiders (2-14)

2006 record: 2-14
Head Coach: Art Shell (fired)
Offensive Coordinator: John Shoop
Defensive Coordinator: Bob Ryan
Pro-Bowl: Derrick Burgess (DE)


The Raiders offense was one of the worst I have ever seen play. If it wasn't for their defense causing some turnovers against Arizona and the Steelers, they would've lost all 16 games. Their Offense ranked dead last in almost every category. With horrible play by two different quarterbacks and a lack luster running game, the Raiders were only able to score 12 total touchdowns on offense. They don't have many "playmakers" but the ones they did have weren't able to do anything. Randy Moss and a bad season, Jerry Porter didn't even play and Lamont Jordan was injured majority of the season. That left them throwing it to Ronald Curry, and running it with former USC stand out, Justin Fargas.


Their defense was surprisingly good. With stars like Kirk Morrison and Nnamdi Asomugha and great safety play from guys like Stuart Schweigert and Texas rookie, Michael Huff, the Raider defense was good enough to rank 3rd. Although they did rank 3rd in total yards allowed, they did allow 20.8 ppg. They have alot of veterans such as Warren Sapp, Derrick Burgess and Tyler Brayton on the defensive line, you can expect them to draft some replacements.

Special Teams

This department wasn't too bad either. Chris Carr did a very good job retuning kicks, getting over 1700 yards and long time kicker Sebastian Janikowski hit 72% of his field goals. Also Shane Lechler had a very good average per punt of 47.5. I don't think much has to change here, they have many other needs than special teams.

Draft notes

The Raiders have the 1st overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. I believe there is only three possibilities. JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn or Calvin Johnson. The best choice for them appears to be Russell. He is very big, strong, good decision making and has a cannon for an arm. If you want an NFL comparison there is no doubt that it is Daunte Culpepper. Brady Quinn is the better quarterback in terms of being NFL ready. But Russell is a better athlete and has more potential. Now on almost all of the mock drafts no one has Calvin Johnson as the #1 pick. But think about this, the Raiders don't have good receivers, sure they have Randy Moss, but he didn't play very well this season and Jerry Porter didn't even play this year.(His own choice). I have a feeling that they will release Porter some time this offseason and possibly trade Moss for at best a 3rd or 4th round pick. That would leave them with only Ronald Curry, who led them in receptions and receiving yards and Alvis Whitted as the only half way decent receivers on their roster. No doubt they will pick up a receiver in this draft, but if Al Davis is comfortable with sticking with Andrew Walter or Aaron Brooks(I wouldn't) then why not pick the best player overall in the draft.

Other positions that need to be addressed at the draft are:

2.Wide Receiver
3.Offensive Linemen
4.Defensive Tackle
5.Running Back


Look, they need help. Andrew Walter was horrible and so was Brooks. Although Brooks was better than Walter, he still couldn't move this abysmal offense. I said earlier that I think the best choice for them is JaMarcus Russell(LSU) and that is who I think they will choose. Quinn is no slouch but I think for the system in Oakland better suits Russell.


With Moss and Porter both seemingly on their ways out it leaves a big hole that needs to be filled. There are alot of talented receivers in this draft and they could probably wait till the 3rd round and still find someone that could compete as a slot receiver. Some guys to look at are Craig Davis(LSU), Jason Hill(WSU) and Dallas Baker(FLA).


Saying their offensive line was bad this year is an understatement. They couldn't block anyone and that left Andrew Walter getting sacked time after time. Some guys that would definitely help this line are Doug Free(NIU), Tony Ugoh(ARK), Ryan Harris(ND), Marshal Yanda(IOWA) and Ryan Kalil(USC).


It's not really that their defensive tackles were bad its just that they are getting old, especially Warren Sapp. They don't really have to go after one early, i'm thinking probably around the 4th or 5th rounds. Potential players they could draft are Brandon Mebane(CAL), Marcus Thomas(FLA) and Jay Alford(PSU).


Not really a big need but Lamont Jordan was injured most of the year and I don't really like their backups. Possible early second day picks are Lorenzo Booker(FSU), Tyrone Moss(MIA) and DeShawn Wynn(FLA).

Although I highley doubt anything they do this offseason will help them get back to the ways of the early 2000's it is a significant step in the right direction.

NFL Review

In the coming weeks I will be breaking down each NFL team. I will rate how their seasons went both offense and defense. I will also give my opinion on their offseason needs and possible draft picks.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007, it's Michael Vick is in trouble.

According the Miami Herald,

Falcon's quarterback, Michael Vick was about to board a plane at the Miami International Aiport, when security at the Concourse G checkpoint asked him to surrender his water bottle, which had an Aquafina label. Security regulations prohibit travelers from carrying bottles with more than 3 ounces of liquid through checkpoints.

After many requests, Vick eventually left the bottle behind and went to his gate. But after his initial reluctance to give up the bottle it aroused the suspicion of Transportation Security Administration screener Gertrude Joseph. She then pulled the bottle out of a recycle bin and notified her supervisor when she discovered what appeared to be a secret compartment that had a substance inside that smelled alot like marijuana.

At this point, the police are still reviewing the evidence and no charges have been filed, but that could be changed after a drug test is run on the substance found in the bottle.

Pacers and Warriors complete 8 player trade today.

Today the Indiana Pacers and the Golden State Warriors completed a huge trade that included trouble maker Stephen Jackson.

I think of all the players involved in this big deal, Al Harrington is the best. Although he struggled in his first season back with Indiana, he was still able to have pretty decent numbers(16 ppg and 7 rebs).

Bigger names sent to Indiana were Troy Murphy who is having a down season and Mike Dunleavy who although is only scoring 11 ppg that is still higher than his career average.

IND- F Troy Murphy, F Mike Dunleavy, F Ike Diogu and G Kevin McCleod

GS- F Al Harrington, G/F Stephen Jackson, F Josh Powell and G Sarunas Jasikevicius

Atlanta trades Adam LaRoche; Gonzalez joins the Braves.

Breaking news for all Braves fans. The Atlanta Braves traded star 1B to the Pirates for P Mike Gonzalez and another unidentified player.

This comes after months of the two teams talking and trying to get the deal done. But after the winter meetings this deal was apparently dead. But out of nowhere news broke just a few hours ago that the deal is done and both teams are just waiting for all players involved to pass physicals.

I actually like this trade, I mean, I really liked LaRoche and at this point we don't have a replacement as good as Roachy but we do have Scott Thorman who is a power hitting first basemen. He will get the first shot at starting at firstbase. Plus with the addition of Gonzo we have instantly upgraded from the worst bullpen last year to the best in the NL and possibly even the ML. With Rafael Soriano coming in the 7th inning, Mike Gonzalez in the 8th and Bob Wickman closing in the 9th. HOT DAMN, looks good to me.


It is now being reported that "unidentified prospect" that we received is Brent Lillibridge. Lillibridge is a 23 yr old shortstop that in only 128 games last year in the minors, Brent hit .303 13 HR 71 RBIs and 53 SB.

ATL- P Mike Gonzalez and SS Brent Lillibridge
PIT- 1B Adam LaRoche and OF Jamie Romak

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Talk about bitter sweet.

In the latest coaches' poll the Connecticut Huskies dropped out of the top 25 for the first time since 2003. A pretty impressive streak of 69 straight polls snapped with our third loss in the past 4 games. With losses at West Virginia, LSU and Marquette and then you take in to count that we have no seniors or juniors starting(or even decent bench players) I see why were not even putting up a fight against higher ranked teams.

Don't get me wrong though, by March I think we'll be in great shape to make a run. Putting my biased nature aside, I don't think this team is quite ready for a national championship. Were missing alot of parts at this point, such as down low presence, pure shooter that can hit a big three(like Rashad Anderson last year) and I would like to see A.J. Price develop a little more into a solid point guard. With all these things coming together, we could be cutting down the nets maybe as soon as next year.

Big Men:

Obviously when you have a 7'2" guy on your team he's going to be your big man, but Hasheem Thasbeet hasn't been that good offensively. Jeff Adrien plays forward but he's only 6'6", although he isn't really the height to play PF, he is one of the most athletic players that I have seen in a Huskie jersey in quite awhile. I think he would better be suited to play small forward, but right now, the only other guy that I think could play PF is Stanley Robinson.


We don't really have too many shooters. We have alot of guys that have good mid-range shots, and can create shots down low. The best shooter right now is Craig Austrie. Currently he is shooting 44% behind the arc. So he might be the answer for us. Another alternative would be Jerome Dyson. But he's only shooting 33% right now.

Point Guard:

Although A.J. Price is coming along very nicely as a leader on this extremely young team, I think he can improve even still. Right now he's averaging nearly 5 assists a game, which is good, don't get me wrong, but i'm just being greedy and would like that to be, oh I don't know, around 6.5 or 7.

Now for the good, the Virginia Tech Hokies have cracked the top 25 for the first time since 1996. After major upsets over at the time #5 Duke and now at the time #1 North Carolina. With the help of Zabian Dowdell's 23 points and Jamon Gordon's 17 points the Hokies were able to out last the Tar Heels in Blacksburg.

So my favorite college basketball team loses and they drop out of the top 25 and my favorite overall team gets two huge upsets and they crack the top 25. I guess this is where I take the bad with the good.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My off-season wishlist

After reading Davey's latest post on which free-agents he would like to see in South Beach, that got me thinking, which free-agents/draft picks would I like my Bengals to go after. Well here they are, the future members of the Cincinnati Bengals.


Adalius Thomas, OLB, BAL

He will surely be one of the most sought after free-agents this offseason. That is unless the Ravens are able to re-sign him. It's been no secret how bad Cincy's defense has been this year. It's very simple, if you can't stop the run, then you won't win. I actually like our line-backing core for the most part, with Landon Johnson, Caleb Miller and the possibility of the return of David Pollack. But Adailius Thomas would surely improve our defense, he could replace Brian Simmons who missed 6 games last year and only accumulated 61 tackles in the ten games he did play in and he will be 32 when the 2007 season starts.

Eric Johnson, TE, SF

Besides DT, this is one of our biggest needs this offseason. We don't have a good TE to take some pressure off of our big three(Chad, TJ, Booking #35-524-8634). I'd prefer looking at getting Zach Miller or Greg Olsen in the draft but if we can get Johnson, I wouldn't complain. Two years ago, Johnson had a 85 catch season and will definitely be leaving San Fran due to Vernon Davis. Chicago could show interest in him aswell.

Michael Lewis, S, PHI/Gibril Wilson, S, NYG/Tony Parrish, S, SF

We need saftey help. Plain and simple. Madieu Williams is very good, but he can't do it by himself. Kevin Kaesvirharn is good, but he's one of those off the bench/nickle type players, he gets alot of playing time, but i'm not sure if he's a starter and Dexter Jackson is a quick fix. Out of all of those guys, Michael Lewis is probably the best, but Gibril Wilson is younger and he looks like he's going to be a special player. I'd settle for either one.

Players we need to re-sign:

Justin Smith, DE

He has been one of the most consistent players on our defense, he puts up pro-bowl like numbers and he is a leader in the locker room. He could command big money on the market, that is why we must try and lock him up as soon as possible.

Eric Steinbach,OG

He is one of the best offensive guards in the AFC right now and he's only 26. When healthy he completes probably the best overall offensive lines in football. Hopefully we re-sign him with no trouble, i'm sure Carson Palmer will thank him.

Draft Needs:


Defensive Tackle:

Alan Branch is someone I would love to get, but I am about 99% sure he will not last till #18. So he's out. Another person to look at is DeMarcus Tyler. He's part of that great defensive line of NC State that produced the #1 overall pick last year, Mario Williams and other 1st round picks, Manny Lawson and John McCargo. He's big, strong and can stop the run. I'm in love. One more guy to look at is Amobi Okoye of Louisville. He's actually bigger than Tyler but i'm not sure if he's quite the play maker that Tyler is, but he's alot younger and can also stuff the run.

Tight End:

Not alot to choose from but it's all about quality, not quantity. The two big names right now are Zach Miller of Arizona State and Greg Olsen of Miami(FL). Also a couple guys that are good but not as good as the others are Joe Newton of Oregon State and Matt Spaeth of Minnesota. I'd prefer the first two. I'd prefer to use our first round pick on a DT and our second round pick on say Olsen or Newton.


There are alot of good safeties to choose from but at best we're probably looking at using our third round pick or later on a saftey. Some guys to look at are Aaron Rouse of THE VIRGINIA TECH (wink, wink), Eric Weedle of Utah and Brandon Meriweather of The "U" and Josh Gattis of Wake Forest. As much as I hate to admit it, Eric Weedle is probably the best, right now and Brandon Meriweather has the most potential. But Weedle will probably be a 2nd round pick so it looks like our guy might be Meriweather or Rouse.(what do ya know, a Hokie and a Cane).


Now this is one of the those "would be nice to have another one, but not a necessity". Obviously we're not looking for a starter, Rudi has that title locked up pretty tight. But we could use a speed guy for a back up. Chris Perry would be great, if he could stay healthy(which he can't) and Kenny Watson is good for returns and third down type plays but I would just like to see an upgrade over him and if Perry can't stay healthy this year, than just cut/trade him. Some guys to look at for the later rounds are Garrett Wolfe and Lorenzo Booker. At a time Booker was one of the highest rated runnigbacks when he first went to Florida State but his stock has dropped drastically. I could see him being available around 5th-6th round and he is fast, can catch the ball. Garrett Wolfe could turn out to be kind of like a Brian Westbrook type player. After leading the nation in rushing this year he would fit in nicely in our system. He's probably a late first day or an early second day pick just because of his size. (5'7" 177 lbs)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This is going to be a great draft.

I am going to take this time to discuss the recent players declaring for the 2007 NFL Draft.

1. Michael Bush RB, LOU

Coming into the 2006 College football season, Bush was in the top 5 for the Heisman race. But in the Cardinal's first game against Kentucky, Micheal Bush suffered a season ending injury. At the time of the injury, he had 128 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns, in the first half. Now Bush is a senior so this would be his last year regardless, but when you are injured like he was you get the option to take a medical red-shirt and he would be able to stay at Louisville and play next year. But Bush has opted out of that and has decided to go pro.

With the recent hiring of Rick Petino, the now former Head Coach of Louisville, and former coach of Michael Bush, I am saying it right now, the Atlanta Falcons 2nd round pick will be Michael Bush. The Falcons struggled mightley in the redzone this year because they traded T.J. Duckett and they were stuck with two speed backs. Bush is a power guy and it would make alot of sense for them to take him, especially since there are rumors that Warrick Dunn's load will be lighter next year because of Jerious Norwood's good year.

2. Calvin Johnson WR, GT

Calvin Johnson is forgoing his senior year and will enter the draft. Duh. He's the most gifted receiver coming out of college in quite a few years, he will be a sure pro-bowler, 100+ receptions, 1,000+ receiving yards and probably around 10 touchdowns. That's right, I said it. He is by far the best player in the draft but i'm sure he would like to go at highest #3(unless trades happen, which they probably will.) Oakland and Detroit both need quarterbacks so Cleveland at #3 could be a strong possibility. Maybe Miami or Atlanta can somehow move up to a top 3 spot and grab this phenom.

3. JaMarcus Russell QB, LSU

I was a little surprised by this, and at first I thought he might've had a better shot at being the #1 quarterback taken next year. But after talking to Davey and reading some draft experts take on it, I have changed my mind. He has a great shot at being the #1 overall pick this year or at least the #2 pick. If I had to guess, I would say he will be in the Motor City come April. He is the next Daunte Culpepper, he's huge, has a rocket for an arm, doesn't get injured and he can run. But then again, knowing Matt Millen, he'll probably draft another wide reciever.

4. Jamaal Anderson DE, ARK

Jamaal Anderson led the Arkansas Razorbacks in sacks this year and he is hoping to be leading the NFL rookies in sacks next year. Anderson has signed the papers and will be in the NFL Draft in April. This guy is probably going to be the first defensive end and maybe even the first defensive player taken. After recording 13.5 sacks and 19.5 tackles for loss this year, he could be making alot of bad defensives(Arizona at #5) drool. He's very athletic and could do wonders in the desert.

5. Marshawn Lynch RB, CAL

What can you say about Marshawn Lynch, he's going to be the second runningback taken, just behind Adrian Peterson. I'm thinking he could be as high as #8 in Houston, some draft sites have him in the 20's, but I highley doubt that. After having back-to-back 1200+ seasons at Cal, and winning the Pac-10's offensive player of the year award, this is a great decision for him, I don't think his stock could get much higher right now.

A complete list of underclassmen going pro.

Florida dominates and win their first title since 96'.

Coming into the game I thought Ohio State would win a close one, based on the Troy Smith/Ted Ginn factor. And on the opening kickoff Ted Ginn returned it 93 yards for a touchdown. So at that point I was like "ok, this is going to go well" but then Florida promptly drove down the field and tied it up. From that point on it was all Florida.

Anytime they needed a first down, Chris Leak was there to get it. Anytime they needed a big stop, that greedy defense was there. And anytime Florida needed to get pumped up, Emmitt Smith was there to do a shimmy. Florida dominated in all aspects of the game, Offense, defense and special teams.

Besides Leak and all those great receivers, the defense put on one of the best performaces i've ever seen. Their d-line could not be blocked, the linebackers mixed in blitzing with covering extremely well and the defensivebacks shut down Anthony Gonzalez and others. The Heisman winner, Troy Smith looked horrible, he couldn't do anything. His offensive line gave him no time to throw, anytime he was able to throw, he was getting hit. Most of his passes were off his back foot, and he turned the ball over twice. Once an interception by Reggie Lewis and the second a fumble at OSU's 5 yard line.

Chris Leak won the MVP and it was much deserved. Leak went 25/36 213 yards and 1 TD. Leak was the number 1 recruit a couple years ago ahead of guy you may have heard of, Reggie Bush, and for the most part his career has been a little bit of a dissapointment in some Gator fan's eyes. Not to me though, I mean if I remember correctly, Leak has most of the Gator's passing records. But before last night, the big knock on him was he never won the big game, well you can scratch that off the list now because Chris Leak is a National Champion.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Live Blog...#2 Florida vs # 1 Ohio State (second half)

9:49- I'm calling it a night...this one is done, congrats Gainesville...job well done.

10:25- Touchdown Florida...Tim Tebow runs it in...41-14 FLA

11:05- Not posting as much, because...well this game is over...and it has been since halftime...but Florida is at the OSU 2 again.

14:15- on third down Troy Smith gets sacked again...OSU punts again.

End of the 3rd quarter

4:03- Deshawn Wynn busts through for a 17 yard run.

4:26- Troy Smith looks horrible tonight, this begs the question, Is this the worst performance by a Heisman winner?

6:18- Easy Urban, it's just 5 yard sense in busting a blood vessell.

6:59- A big sack on third down for the Buckeyes, Florida goes 3 and out again.

10:25- At least Florida is taking over way back at their own 9...average start for the Gators, their 47 yard line.

11:49- No surprise, OSU 3 and out again.

14:35- Florida gets the ball first and they go three and out. And it was a shitty punt at that.

34-14 at half time. This is unbelievable. Hopefully the Buckeyes can get something going and comeback.

Live Blog...#2 Florida vs #1 Ohio State

End of the first half

:23- Touchdown Florida....Tim Tebow throwing it to Andre Caldwell. 34-14

1:28- Troy Smith stripped by Jarvis Moss, and Florida takes over at the OSU 5.

1:53- missed Jim Tressell going for it on 4th and 1 at his own 30 and he didn't get it. Well Florida promptly took over and and Chris Hetland hit another field goal. 27-14.

6:00- Chris Hetland actually made a field goal...43 yards and Florida extends the lead. 24-14.

6:35- A huge screen play for Harvin, this guy is fast...i'm talking Devin Hester fast.

9:14- Florida forces a three and out again.

9:47- And for the first time tonight, the Gators will have to punt.

10:59- Another first down for the Gators...OSU can't stop them right now.

13:32- Touchdown Buckeys... Troy Smith leads the buckeyes on a very nice drive, capped off on a 18 yard run by Antonio Pittman. 21-14 FLA

14:56- Touchdown Florida. This time by DeShawn Wynn from 3 yards out. 21-7 FLA

End of the 1st Quarter

:27- Once again, another Florida first down thanks to Andre Caldwell on a reverse.

1:14- Chris Leak is still perfect, 8-8 as he finds Jemalle Cornelius for 18 yards.

1:43- Chris Leak is looking absolutely brilliant, another long pass to Cornelius Ingram.

2:49- On 3rd and 14, Troy Smith got hit as he threw the ball and Reggie Lewis picked it off. Things are not going well for the Buckeyes.

3:34- Derrick Harvey ran down Troy Smith for a loss of 9 yards...but he is down with an apparent knee injury....he's up and he just ran off the field, i'm glad he's not hurt.

4:06- Antonio Pittman rushed for a first bigger news, Ted Ginn is walking gingerly to the lockeroom.

5:41- Anthony Gonzalez gets the return again but this time, it was actually a good return.

The booth reviewed it and to me and the commentators, his knee was clearly down before he crossed the line, but it looks like the ref didn't see it that way, touchdown stands.

5:51- Touchdown Florida, this time it's Percy Harvin on an option. 14-7 FLA

6:47- Florida comes out firing again, a 20 yard completion to Cornelius Ingram, down to the 7 yard line.

8:28- After another personal foul on OSU, FLA will start with great field possession again, this time at OSU's 35.

9:08- The Buckeyes first drive...incomplete pass, rush of 4 yards by Troy Smith and a nasty looking sack...Buckeyes forced to punt.

10:21- This time, the Gators stay away from Ginn, and after a 8 yard return, Anthony Gonzalez got "JACKED UP"

10:31- Touchdown Gators!!! Chris Leak to Dallas Baker "The Touchdown Maker" 14 yards out. 7-7.

11:40- Chris Leak's pass is complete to Billy Latsko for an 11 yard gain and another 1st down.

14:14- The first play from scrimmage is a pass to Percy Harvin for 5 yards.

14:33- Florida's opening kickoff was a very good one as well, OSU's kicker had to take Brandon James down by the facemask, the 15 yard variety.

14:44- On the opening kickoff, Ted Ginn Jr. returned it all the way for a touchdown. 7-0 OSU.

Start of the 1st Quarter

Gators won the toss and elected to kick.

As the Gators ran out on the field an elderly man in a snazzy yellow blazer(circa 1940) was in front of them and he just got trampled...hahahhahahahahaha...I mean...I hope he's ok.

The Buckeyes are decked out in their white away jerseys and the Gators are in their home Blues.

My favorite player of all-time and 1995 Heisman winner, Eddie George is also doing the pre-game show and he is such a giving person, he brought Emmitt Smith an OSU visor and a sweater vest...I don't Emmitt took them, seeing as how he went to Florida, but it was a nice thought.

As Fox was introducing Emmitt Smith, for some reason Mr. Smith decided it would be a good idea to do a wasn't.

Live Blog tonight.

I suppose I will live blog the game the National Championship game tonight between the Florida Gators and The Ohio State Buckeyes.

Sunday night wrap up.

Once again, Sunday was filled with plenty of football action, a big trade in baseball and a couple of interesting coaching moves.

The Big Unit involved in a Big Trade:

On Sunday the deal that sent Randy Johnson back the D-Backs was completed with Johnson agreeing to a 2-yr $26M deal. In this deal the Yankees aquired veteran reliever Luis Vizcaino, minor-league pitchers Ross Ohlendorf and Steven Jackson and minor league shortstop Alberto Gonzalez. Both teams are still waiting for all players to pass physicals.

With the Yankees dealing Randy Johnson, it may be opening a spot for Roger Clemens to make his inmate return to the most famous pinstripes in sports.

NFL Playoffs:

NYJ- 16 NE- 37

Few things are certain in this world today, but there always some that are, such as the Cubs will never win the World Series, Peyton Manning will crack under the pressure to win a Superbowl and Tom Brady and Patriots can't be beaten in January.

Until the 4th quarter this was a very close game. But when it comes down the crunch time, the Pats always deliver. After the teams traded field goals, Brady led the Pats on a 13 play drive ending with a 7 yard touchdown pass to Kevin Faulk. On the Jets second play from scrimmage after the touchdown, Chad Pennington threw a pick-6 to Asante Samuel that completely put it out of reach.

The Big contributors on offense for New England were Tom Brady (of course), his numbers were 22/34 212 yards and 2 touchdowns, and Jabar Gaffney who had never played in a post season game caught 8 balls for 104 yards.

NYG- 20 PHI- 23

This was a pretty good game. Anytime two divisional rivals match up in the playoffs you know it's going to be a good one. The Giants coming in limping after finishing 2-6 after starting 6-2 and the Eagles flying high with a 5 game winning streak. I expected the Eagles to miss the playoffs after Donovan got injured. But Jeff Garcia has been great. He's done what he's had to to get the job done. And now he has the Eagles in the 2nd round of the playoffs.

This was also the end of a Giant's career. Tiki Barber said very early in the season that he planned on retiring at the end of this season to pursue other interests. And he has stuck by his guns. So one Giant retiring and another Giant likely to be fired, meaning the Giants Head Coach, Tom Coughlin. He's a hard ass with the my way or the highway attitude, well anytime you got such personalities as Michael Strahan, Jeremy Shockey and Tiki Barber to name a few and you basically say i'm not going to put up with shit, some people may not respond very well to that. So no, Coughlin's way didn't work in New York, so I think it's that time to start over, find a new coach and try again next year.

Coach's moves galore:

The first move was Nick Saban bolting from the NFL and the Miami Dolphins for a little more pocket change at Alabama. This move happened two weeks after he said he had no intrest in the job and he was commited to the Phins.

The second big move was Rick Pitino leaving Louisville to become the new Head Coach of the Atlanta Falcons.

I would write more, but the National Championship game is about to start.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

A quick recap.

It's time to take a quick look at how i'm doing so far in my college football predictions.

As of right now i'm 17-13. Yeah, not doing so well. I probably should mention that I made these picks the second they came out. Still, not an excuse, just pointing that out. Oh come on, I need to hold on what little dignity I have left. At least i'm guaranteed to finish above 500, unlike my Bengals.

By the way, I chose Southern Miss to beat Ohio and Ohio State to come out victorious in the National Championship game.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Saturday night wrap-up.

Alot in the sports world has happend tonight. To name a few; the start of the 2006-2007 NFL playoffs, a major upset in college basketball and another tragic death.

NFL Playoffs:

KC- 8 INDY-23

Almost all of the "experts projected Larry Johnson to gain at least 150 yards and 2 TDs against the worst run defense of the Colts. I have to admit, I thought LJ would get 40+ touches and 150 yards but I was leaning towards only 1 TD. Well like most things in my life, I was wrong. Johnson only had 13 rushes and a miserable 32 yards. What the hell happened to the defense that gave up damn near 400 rushing yards to Jacksonville less than a month ago?

But with all that aside, Peyton Manning was less than spectacular throwing 3 picks, but did manage to throw for 268 yards and connect with Reggie Wayne in the end zone with less than 5 minutes in the 4th quarter. The big contributors in this game besides the Colts' D(who would've thunk it?) were Dallas "don't show me grunting on a video game without my permission" Clark with 9 catches for 103 yards and Joseph Addai who had a stellar game, 25 carries 122 yards and 1 score.

The Colts looked absolutely dominating in all aspects of the game today, offense, defense and special teams. Look, when you hold the ball twice as long as your opponent and you nearly triple them in total yards, odds are you'll win.

DAL- 20 SEA- 21

This as expected, was a very close game. It came down to Tony Romo botching the snap of a chip shot field goal attempt with 1:19 left in the game that sealed the fate of the once thought of best team in the NFC( Being the best team in the NFC is like being the skinniest kid at fat camp, sure you feel good now, but wait till you get home and you hear the first "hey look, tubby's back"....fuck, remember what Dr. Feinstein said, that's the past...leave it in the past.)What was I talking about, oh yes, the playoffs.

No one really jumped out, statistically in this one except Jerramy Stevens, in between dropping passes in the Superbowl and getting his crotch destroyed by a 300 pound lineman, he managed to haul in two touchdowns.

So to recap quickly, Indy beats on KC like Ike beats on Tina and Romo loses it for the Cowboys. Don't feel bad for Tony Romo though, he can always go cry on the shoulder of Jessica Sim....oh yeah, I forgot about that, honest mistake *wink, wink*.


I guess I will have to take the bad with the good on this one. The good part is my Hokies were able to beat Duke in Camden to revenge that bullshit 45 footer at the buzzer last year. We usually play the Blue Devils well but haven't really been able to beat them in recent years. But we finally edged them out in overtime today, 69-67.

The bad part is my beloved UConn Huskies fell for the second time this year. LSU showed us that all the talent in the world can't win you games, you have to come out and play like the better team. Led by Glen "Big Baby" Davis and Tasmin Mitchell the Tigers destroyed us 66-49.

Another tragic death to a young football player:

Mario Danelo, the kicker for the USC Trojans, was found dead at the bottom of a cliff today. Danelo is the 21 year old son of former NFL kicker, Joe Danelo. Police have not yet released any details, but Martha Garcia of the Los Angeles Police Department, said that it appeared as though he had suffered traumatic injuries.

Speaking on behalf of Trojans coach Pete Carroll, USC spokesman Tim Tessalone said: "We were stunned to hear about this tragedy. This is a great loss. Mario was a wonderful young man of high character.

"He was one heck of a kicker. He was a key ingredient in our success the past two years. The thoughts and prayers of the entire Trojan family go out to the Danelo family on this sad, sad day."

More to come on this horrible story when further details are released.

Reitsma....$2.05???Bill Bavasi is an idiot!

I guess the Seattle Mariners felt they didn't have enough former Braves pitchers that have not lived up to their potential and have had their fair share of injuries.

Today they signed Chris Reitsma to a 1 yr $2.05M contract with a 2008 team option for $2.7M.

Now this makes absolutely no sense to me. Reitsma, the same guy who hid an injury for half the season, that ended up needing season-ending surgery, the same guy who's ERA was almost 9.00, the same guy that made more Braves fans consider suicide than Dr. Kevorkian. I can speak from personal experience, when Reitsma came in for the 9th, I knew he would walk the first two guys, give up a couple of singles and eventually flush another would be win right down the shitter.
But yeah, let them give him 2 million dollars more than he deserves, M's fans can look forward to the 8th inning to be hell for the next year, he'll get your hopes up by throwing 90+ mph and then you'll realize that it's about 5 inches off the plate. So good job Mr. Bavasi, i'm sure you made your fans proud.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Lets go ahead and get this over with.

OK, I've been on vacation for the past week or so, so I wasn't able to watch as much football as I would've liked to, but of course I took time to watch the whole Chick-Fil-A Bowl game. The match-up was my Virginia Tech Hokies vs The Georgia Bulldogs.

We had the #1 defense in the nation and they had the #9, we had a unproven QB that has made tons of mistakes and they had a true freshman starting that hadn't lived up to his potential yet. You see, both teams were very similar. I thought, much like many other people, that it would be a low scoring defensive struggle. Well I was sorta right. The game, at first, was all defense and pretty much no offense. But then thanks to our defense and special teams, we were able to score 21 points in the second quarter.

The second half was a complete mess. Sean Glennon couldn't do anything right. Interception after interception. All the blame can't be placed on him though, the offensive line was atrocious, I mean they couldn't block a two year old. Now when you see how many points they put up in the second half, you would have to think "damn, the defense was bad", but no. The defense was good(except goal line), but when your offense can't do anything and you are forced to go 3 and out time after time, or turnover after turnover, then the momentum changes, and it seems like that team can't be stopped, they can do no wrong basically.

Georgia-31 Virginia Tech- 24

So this was a bad loss, Georgia did a great job on cashing in on our mistakes. But we do have alot to look forward to. We have another outstanding class coming in and we will have alot of returning starters.(hopefully not Glennon)

This caps off an overall great season. I mean, how many teams can say that they got a 10 win season on a "rebuilding year"? Not many, I can tell you that.