Thursday, May 31, 2007

LeBron drops 48 in the Cav's game 5 double overtime win

I really don't know what to say right now, LeBron James just single handedly beat the Detroit Pistons in double overtime. James scored a career playoff high 48 points in the Cav's 109-107 victory Thursday night and now has the Cav's within one game of reaching the NBA Finals for the first time in team history.

James hit what proved to be the game-winning shot with 2.2 seconds remaining and Detroit's Chauncey Billups missed a shot in the paint that would've tied the game on the ensuing possession.

A huge portion of James' points came in the fourth quarter and the overtimes in which he scored 30 of his 48 points and just for a little reference on how shitty his teammates are...James scored 29 of the Cav's last 30 points and only two of his teammates scored in double figures, Zydrunas Ilgauskas with 16 points and Daniel "BOOBIES!!" Gibson with 11 points...only one problem, they both fouled out.

But even with this career defining game, you wouldn't know it by LeBron's post-game interview, man...he's so modest.

"Why should I be surprised? I was making a lot of great moves," James said. "They are definitely a great defensive team, but I was determined to attack."

The Cav's can lock up the series this Saturday night in Cleveland and if necessary, game seven is in Detroit and it would be on Monday night.

Side Note: The "Boobies" is a quote from one of my favorite sites, the Basketball Jones.

S-E-R-R-E-F-I-N-E wins the Spelling Bee

The winner of the 2007 Scripps National Spelling Bee is thirteen-year-old Evan O'Dorney of Danville, California.

The home-schooled eighth-grader easily aced "serrefine" -- a noun describing small forceps -- to become the last youngster standing at the 80th annual bee. He triumphed after a tense duel with Nate Gartke of Spruce Grove, Alberta, who was trying to become the first Canadian to win.

"My favorite things to do were math and music, and with the math I really like the way the numbers fit together," he said. "And with the music I like to let out ideas by composing notes -- and the spelling is just a bunch of memorization."

Evan, who tied for 14th last year, won $35,000 cash, plus a $5,000 scholarship, a $2,500 savings bond and a set of reference works. He said he knew how to spell the winning word as soon as the pronouncer said it.

Oh shit, I just remembered something...I don't care about the spelling bee. I don't mean to be a dick, but why does ESPN show this...but then again why do they show bowling, scrabble, darts, etc....

Random Youtube video

The Braves aren't playing tonight and the Pistons and Cavaliers game is at the half(FYI, Detroit is up one,52-51) i'm bored and when I'm bored usually a liquor store gets robbed or something to that effect, but since I have to have pants on to leave the house, Jay's calm down juice will have to wait another day. So here's a random youtube video of people falling down and getting hurt...

Side Note: my favorite one is the first one...for obvious reasons...aww silly rednecks and their redneck entertainment.

Side Note #2: Oh and the Rocky Marciano wannabe at 1:11 makes a strong case....

Chad Johnson is going to embarrass a horse

According to Ben Maller, Cincinnati Bengal's wide receiver, Chad Johnson, will race a horse on June 9th at River Downs.

To benefit the charity "Feed the Children," Johnson will try to match strides with a 4-year-old colt named Restore the Roar over RD's turf course.

The event, billed as "Man vs. Beast," will be the feature race and will be simulcast to more than 400 outlets across the country and in South America.

The horse will break from the inside from a starting gate at the eighth pole, and Johnson will break from the outside rail going 11/16 of a mile to the wire. The distances are calculated to create a photo finish.

We're about to see a man kick a horse's ass everyone, photo finish my ass, Chad is gonna make this horse cry. Me and Davey once entered a three-legged race against a couple of drug induced pandas...and we inevitably lost by 14 lenghts, we like to think we put in a good effort.

A picture is worth 1,000 words...or in this case questions

This was taken from last night's game 2 of the NHL Stanley Cup which the Anaheim Mighty Ducks beat the Ottawa Senators, 1-0 to further extend their lead in the series 2-0. It's of Snoop Dogg wearing what appears to be a fake mustache sitting next to who I would assume to be his son. But this pitcher asks more questions than it's a small portion of the questions that entered my mind when I first saw this picture.

1. Why is Snoop in a disguise, it's not like their is anyone there that could spot him...just check out Lion in Oil.

2. What the fuck! I thought the high-top fade went out of style when Patrick Ewing retired...looks like lil' Snoop is trying to bring it back.

3. Remember to get milk tonight.

Via Deadspin and Lion in Oil(also via Deadspin)

UPDATE: Sneaky sneaky Mr. Rod...wait that sounds dirty

I said I would update as soon as a video was available and since I didn't come out of my drunken coma until about 10 minutes ago, it's already made it's way around other sites. But here is the video of Alex Rodriguez screaming at Howie Clark causing him to misplay the ball.

My boii Davey was the first to jump on this video like a raging virgin getting laid for the first time he then passed it to the Fanhouse for some good ole "sloppy seconds" and then I get to it and I don't even want to begin to think what it's called the third time around....

and the Fanhouse

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Battle of the 5'7" dunkers

While I was searching for Pauly Shore's greatest hits, I happened to stumble upon these clips of two different guys, both of which say they're 5'7" showing off what kids these days call "mad skills". I'm about six foot and if I attempted to dunk it would end up with humiliation, a broken rib(or two) a busted spleen and noises that only a six year old girl should make.

Anyways, here's the first of our two competitors...oh yeah did I mention this is a competition, well it is, so pick the winner. The first of the competitors is Frank, he's 5'7" and he's doing his best to prove that white man CAN jump, but guys like this aren't really helping his cause.

If you like Frank, here's his YouTube page with more videos.

Here's the second of the two competitors, his name is Marcus Walls aka Oh-No and he's also 5'7 and sportin' a 120cm vertical leap. If you want to see more videos by Marcus visit here. Actually i'm not sure if any of the other two videos are of him or not.

My pick is by far Marcus Walls, this kid must have an extra thigh muscle or something.

EDIT: Bonus pic, here's the only type of dunking you will ever see me attempting and even then I have to cheat.

Sneaky sneaky Mr. Rod...wait that sounds dirty

During the ninth inning with two-outs, Alex Rodriguez, who had just hit an RBI-single, was running hard into second base after Jorge Posada had hit a high pop-up in between the Toronto Blue Jay's shortstop, John McDonald and the Jay's third baseman, Howie Clark. As they both closed in on the ball, Rodriguez appeared to call them both off making them both get out of the way letting the ball fall harmlessly to the ground allowing Hideki Matsui to score.

Replays showed Rodriguez shouting something, and Clark backed off at the last second. McDonald was only a few steps behind Clark, but couldn't make the catch and ball dropped for an RBI single.

"I just said, 'Hah!' That's it," Rodriguez said. "Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't."

McDonald started jawing with Rodriguez, and third base umpire Chad Fairchild got between them. Toronto manager John Gibbons came out to argue, and exchanged words with Rodriguez and third base coach Larry Bowa before leaving the field as plate umpire Eric Cooper intervened. Rodriguez stayed on the bag with a smirk.

I'll update when a video is available, but to quote Rob Cope from the Braves Journal, "that’s straight out of Major League II. Nice."

Full story on Yahoo Sports and ESPN.

Jerry Porter has better things to spend his money on

According to Yahoo Sports, the Oakland Raider's troubled receiver, Jerry Porter, wants to have a clean slate with Oakland after feuding with last year's head coach, Art Shell. He has said that he wants a new start and a new attitude and also a new number.

Porter has informed the NFL that he wants to change his number from the current #84 to #81, but there is just one problem with that. He would have to reimburse the team and Reebok for the cost of the unsold jerseys. The total price to do this would come to $210,000 and Porter is non to happy with this.

"Man, there's a couple of nice cars I'd like to get for that money," Porter said. "I could buy a nice vacation home, or at least go half on one with someone else."

But NFL's spokesman Steve Alic said that Porter could just wait till next year to change his number if he didn't want to pay the reimbursement. But Porter reported to practice today still wearing the #81, but he said he would return to his old number when the season started even though he liked this look much better.

"It's slimming," he said. "It's faster. It was working. Oh well."

Is it just me or does $210,000 for Jerry Porter seem a little eccentric? I mean he has done anything productive for what, 2, 2 1/2 years? I don't live in Oakland, but I can't imagine to many people are still walking around in Porter jerseys, I mean the guy has bashed the team on multiple occasions, demanded trades and has been suspended. I would say make him give you $26 and call it even.

[Photo comes courtesy of the Mighty MJD]

Braves rally late to capture series

It took the Atlanta Braves seven innings to get their offense started, but in the eighth inning they were able to explode with seven runs giving them the 8-2 lead. The inning started out with Matt Diaz, who coincidentally seems to always start off late-inning rallies, grounding out and then back-to-back walks to Kelly Johnson and Willie Harris. Edgar Renteria came up and singled loading the bases for Brian McCann, who had let a ball get passed him that gave the Brewers the lead the inning before. McCann promptly doubled to deep center that scored everyone and put the Braves on top for the first time, 3-2. McCann later scored off of a Andruw Jones RBI-double, who scored a few moments later thanks to Jeff Francoeur and his RBI-single. We scored our other two runs a little later off a Matt Diaz and Kelly Johnson RBI-single. Atlanta went on to win the game, 9-3.

Tim Hudson had another strong outing going seven innings allowing just two runs and striking out three batters. All six of hits were singles and the second of his two runs allowed came from the for mentioned wild pitch that scored Damian Miller. And not to mention he only had to throw 76 pitches to get through seven innings...I know, pretty impressive. He was replaced in the eighth inning by Rafael Soriano, who stretched his hitless streak to 10 innings before allowing a solo homerun to Prince Fielder-I have seen more than I would've liked to from that guy- but no worries, the game was well in hand and it wasn't a bad pitch. Bob Wickman then came onto pitch in the ninth, which didn't make a whole lot of sense, but hey, what do I know? Wickman had a three up-three down inning that included a rare strikeout.

WP: Tim Hudson(6-3)
LP: Derrick Turnbow(1-3)

HR: ATL- Kelly Johnson(7) MIL- Prince Fielder(18)

Side Note: Chipper Jones missed his sixth game today, and the team has said that they will give him till Friday and then decide whether or not to put him disabled list.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A good example why I don't bet

I have nothing against betting in any way, besides the fact that I am absolutely horrible at it. Case and point, last night's San Antonio Spurs and Utah Jazz game four, where just the day before I said the Jazz would win because they are were undefeated at home and they had the momentum heading into last night. Well apparently that doesn't mean shit when Manu Ginobili is hitting on all cylinders off the bench like last night and you hit ONE three-pointer the entire game as the Spurs went on to win the game with ease, 91-79.

That and you get little to no production out of anyone not named Deron Williams, who had 27 points and 10 assists in 38 minutes despite having lost eight pounds the last two days while fighting a stomach ailment, and Carlos Boozer who contributed with 18 points and 9 rebounds. But with all that aside, I continue to pump out horrible advice, just ask A.J. Nicholson.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Chuck James leaves me confused once again

I just don't know what to say about Chuck James, sometimes he comes out to pitch like a mad man, throwing strikes, getting outs and just all-around pitching lights out and other times, like his last start for instance, he pitches like, well this guy. It's very infuriating not knowing which guy will show up, come to think of it that's how a lot of our pitchers are, Kyle Davies, Chad Paronto and Tyler Yates to name a few. But today we were honored by the presence of the GOOD Chuck James as he went 6 very strong innings, striking out 8 batters and walking only 2. He did however allow 5 hits but only one of which was an extra base hit and it was a solo homerun by Prince Fielder, it also the only run James would give up on route to a 2-1 win. If he could just do this consistently then we would we have three solid starters heading into the postseason(if all goes well that is).

The game was pretty much a pitcher's dual until the fourth inning when the slumping(serious understatement) Andruw Jones broke through with a ridiculous homerun. I'm not shitting you, the ball was way outside and parallel to Andruw's head but yet he was able to put a great swing on it and muscle it out for his eighth on the year. The Braves' second run came in the 5th inning when Kelly Johnson hit an RBI single that scored Chris Woodward and to be honest if it wasn't for a dumb decision by Fielder Woodward wouldn't have scored. Corey Hart unloaded a cannon right at home plate that would've gotten Woodward out by at least 15 feet, but Fielder decided to cut off the throw and throw it to third in time get James out but the runner at home had already crossed the plate before the out was recorded therefore we scored, HA!

Rafael Soriano pitched today and he came equipped with his sweet chin hair and filthy heat. He pitched 1.1 innings while striking out two and allowing no runs or hits. Bob Wickman made his triumphant return as the closer and he earned his eighth save on the season as he set the Brew Crew down in order with relative ease. He looked to be 100% healthy and that's a great news seeing as how we lost Mike Gonzalez for....oh a year and a half or so.

WP: Chuck James(5-4)
LP: Chris Capuano(5-4)
SV: Bob Wickman(8)

HR: ATL- Andruw Jones(8) MIL- Prince Fielder(16)

Side Note:

ATL- Chipper Jones missed his fifth consecutive game with a sore hand and Braves' manager, Bobby Cox, said the team is contemplating placing the All-Star third baseman on the DL.

MIL- Chris Capuano lost his fourth straight game today, tying a career high. Although he has been struggling with his command of late, the Brewers have been held to a single run in each of those four losses.

Some words of advice for mister Nicholson

Davey asked me to do a guest post for him over at Blowncoverage. So here it is.

Jay was the first one to step up to the plate for a guest post on the wasteland, and he drops a beauty for former Bengals linebacker A.J. Nicholson. So, without any further delay, here's Jay from My Sports Talk and my partner in blog crime over at Hokies and 'Canes.

While in my absence, Davey did a post for me about how troubled linebacker, A.J. Nicholson had been released from the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday leaving the former Florida State standout unemployed. Well now he's no longer unemployed, no it's not what you're thinking, he didn't sign with someone. He's actually going to making license plates and serving what is said to be "chili" in the Leon County Jail.

Officials at the Leon County, Fla., jail confirmed Saturday afternoon that Nicholson is being held there for allegedly violating the terms of his probation. The Cincinnati Enquirer first reported Saturday that Nicholson had been jailed in Florida.

A spokesperson said Nicholson will be held in the jail until a probation revocation hearing is convened, but could not say when that hearing is scheduled.

Back in 2006, Nicholson was placed on two years' probation in Florida after he served 60 days at a work camp on charges that he broke into the apartment of former Seminoles teammate, Lorenzo Booker, who is now with the Miami Dolphins, while still in college. And then last week he was charged with a misdemeanor assault charge after allegedly striking the mother of his two-year-old son, Victoria Johnson.

This shit is getting ridiculous, I mean all the arrests and suspensions, it really takes a toll on your loyalty to your team. I'm just glad we got this cancer out of the organization, and hopefully we can start to get some of our dignity back in Cincy. We seem to be on the right track as of right now, I mean we released Nicholson, we won't have Chris Henry for majority of the season which is great for the locker room but it sucks on the field because the kid has immense talent and according to reports, Ahmad Brooks has been doing great both off the field and on the field. Some may remember Brooks was kicked off of Virgina's football team for countless run ins with the law. And he may even earn a starting job if he keeps on progressing.

Here is a small list of necessities that everyone should have before going to I heard.

1. Soap on a rope- For Obvious reasons

2. Funny glasses- No late night escapades can happen if they think you're still awake.

3. A Do Not Enter tattoo- Everyone gets prison tattoos, why not get one that gets the message across, use your imagination on placement of this ink.

Ok, I think that about does it prison rape for one day. Good luck A.J. on the whole federal bust me in the ass prison thing.

- Jay

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I'm not a betting man, but if i was...

Ok, i'm am not a betting man by any stretch of the imagination, partly because I spend my money the second I get, sure it's not good in the long run, but hey, I needed those sparkling purple pumps and it was an emergency. But if I was to bet on who I think will win tomorrow night's very important game four between the San Antonio Spurs and Utah Jazz, I'd take the Jazz.

I feel good about taking the Jazz for a few reasons, first of which, they donkey punched the hell out of the Spurs Saturday night, 109-83, thanks to Deron Williams and his 31 points, 8 assists and 5 steals. Those are Allen Iverson numbers, son! So take the momentum heading into game four and the fact that they are playing at home, which the Jazz are currently 7-0 in the playoffs at home and 3-0 against the Spurs while at home during the regular season, so yeah, I think it's a pretty safe bet.

  • San Antonio Spurs @ Utah Jazz

The Jazz are currently one point favorites according to So in order for me to win the bet, i'm picking Utah to win by two points. And I'm going to take the under on the total points which is set for 191, also according to BetUs. So in order for me to win dolla dolla bills ya'll the Jazz need to win by two points and the total score of the two teams combined must be under 191 points.

Well let's wait and see how this turns out tomorrow, when the game tips off at 9:00 pm ET on ESPN.

Apparently Jessica Alba likes Kasey Kahne...that son of a bitch

Normally I don't post about Nascar but when it involves Jessica Alba, well, their can be some exceptions. According to the latest blog post by ESPN's David Newton, Jessica Alba was smitten with Nascar's Kasey Kahne (??, wait...who the hell still says smitten?). Along with her cast from Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans and IoanGruffudd, Alba attended her first Nascar event of any kind which was today's Coca-Cola 600 at Lowe’s Motor Speedway.

Here is majority of Newton's article, to read all of it visit here.

Jessica Alba leaned against the counter inside the No. 9 hauler opposite of Kasey Kahne early Sunday afternoon.

"He's adorable," said the star of the upcoming movie "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer."

Alba seemed as enamored with Kahne as the Nextel Cup driver did with her before the start of the Coca-Cola 600 at Lowe's Motor Speedway. She listened intently as Kahne told the rest of her co-stars -- Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans and Ioan Gruffudd -- that he began racing at 14.

She let out a squeal when Kahne said he was 27.

"Oh, yeah!" Alba said. "You're one year older than me. I like mature, older guys."

OK, so Kahne attracts more than older housewives who can't drive without running into things. And Alba attracts more than fans of superheroes.

She turned more heads walking through the garage than Dale Earnhardt Jr. Her "Fantastic Four" screen name, Invisible Woman, just didn't work here.

"That was not engines revving," LMS executive Jerry Gappens said when referring to Chiklis' description of the roar of the engines. "That was all the crew guys [looking at Jessica]."

"It's an infectious energy," Alba said.

Asked what the best experience was, Alba pointed across the hauler.

"Kahne?" she was asked.

"No," she said, pointing to a Bojangles' cup beside Kahne. "The chicken biscuits. I've never had that."

I won't go into detail of my obsession with Jessica Alba and my, I mean watching intently from a distance, so i'll just submit this as reason enough why I love this girl...she was in the most recent cover of GQ looking stunning as ever.

And here's a video of her photo shoot....don't say i've never done anything for you!

Kelly Johnson is off the market ladies...

According to AJC's Carroll Rogers, Atlanta Braves' second baseman, Kelly Johnson, proposed to his girlfriend. Johnson, who has made a difficult transition to second base from the outfield look extremely easy, took his long-time girlfriend, Lauren Thacker, out to dinner at her favorite restaurant in Atlanta, the Horseradish Grill. He then broke down, leading Lauren to believe something was wrong, he then proposed.

"I broke down," Johnson said. "She didn't know what was going on. She thought something was wrong."

By the time he got the proposal out, John
son said, she was in tears too. Thacker grew up in Atlanta and graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in industrial engineering.

The couple well be having the wedding in January of 2008.

ith Kelly Johnson now getting married, and Francouer doing the same, that leaves Braves' catcher, Brian McCann, as the only remaining member of the "Baby Braves" that is still single and on the Braves roster(I believe??). Looks like Kelly Johnson will have to surrender his partying card, no more late nights at the bars with random girls.

For more pics of athletes being mischievous visit On The DL. On The DL is also the birth place of Davey's favorite picture, this gem of Houston Astro's catcher, Brad Ausmus.

Mike Gonzalez needs Tommy John Surgery

I know i'm late on this, seeing as how news of Mike Gonzalez requiring elbow surgery was broke two days ago but according to and, left-hander Mike Gonzalez will be requiring Tommy John Surgery on his throwing elbow. He will likely miss 12-16 months meaning he could miss a big part of next year.

When team physicians informed Bobby Cox on Friday that Mike Gonzalez was going to need season-ending Tommy John elbow ligament transplant surgery, it didn't really surprise the Braves skipper. For most of the past week, he was fearfully expecting this revelation.

Every time Gonzalez indicated that he wasn't feeling any pain in his left elbow, Cox thought back to 1999, when John Smoltz was saying the same thing. By the time Spring Training rolled around the next year, Smoltz found himself undergoing the same surgical procedure that awaits Gonzalez.

"All of the symptoms in my mind were sort of there because [the velocity] dropped off and there was no pain," said Cox, who removed Gonzalez from a May 15 game against the Nationals because his normally lively fastball was topping out at 84 mph.

Some may remember that Gonzo's health was a concern back when the Braves traded for the light's out closer in exchanger for power-hitting first baseman, Adam LaRoche. But he was cleared multiple times by doctors and he passed all physicals. Also included in that deal was top ten prospect for the Pirates, Brent Lillibridge, who is a year maybe two away from the big leagues. And with LaRoche struggling mightily in Pittsburgh it would seem as though the trade seems like a wash right now. I was in huge favor of the deal and I still am, before the elbow complications, he was pitching lights out, 2-0 1.59 ERA 2 SV's 1.59 WHIP, and seeing as how most people who come back from Tommy John Surgery throw harder, I think he'll be fine. I'd rather him have the surgery now, since we have two guys that can close out games(Soriano and Wickman) this year as oppose to next year when we may not have Wickman for much longer, we should be fine.

I'm Back

Well i'm back from my battle against lemurs among other things and I will be resuming regular posting. I can't thank Davey enough for holding down the fort with the posts that he so graciously did for me.

And remember kids, it's all fun and games till you get bit on the nose by a lemur, those little bastards bite hard.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Bengals release Nicholson, troubles keep mounting

You guessed it, still on pinch-hitting duties....

A.J. Nicholson got released by the Cincinnati Bengals today, just hours after appearing in court for allegedly hitting his girlfriend in the eye. Nicholson was arrested on Friday but the woman told a judge today that she had hit herself in the eye with her phone, and that it wasn't Nicholson.

Well whatever happened, the Bengals have had enough and have released Nicholson, who was going to be a part of their mix at linebacker. It's just another ugly mark on a franchise that just can't steer clear from incidents like this.

Reports also came in today that Chris Henry failed a drug test and that he might be heading to jail, but his agent has since said that it isn't true. I really can't imagine what Marvin Lewis must be thinking right now. If I'm Marvin, I'd be on the verge of quiting or challenging every single player on the roster to a bloody fist fight. I mean, how much longer can this keep going on...

Either way, the Bengals find themselves with even more holes at linebacker, a position that has been somewhat "cursed", if I may use such terms. David Pollack might never play again after breaking his neck, Odell Thurman is still in the doghouse after his troubles and now follows the release of Nicholson.

It's sad when you think of how talented these guys are and how they could've been part of a great young nucleus...but for some reason they can't keep out of trouble.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Andruw Jones reaches a new low...

Davey here again, still on pinch-hitting duties...

The Braves just finished a very odd series with the Red Sox, one that included a rain-delay, a postponed game, 2 blow-outs and Andruw Jones striking out 5 times in the series finale.

Friday's game got rained out, which led to a day/night double header on Saturday in which noth teams took turns in clobbering each other. In game one, Dice-K predictably out-pitched Anthony Lerew as the Sox fisted the Braves 13-3.

In game two, the roles reversed as John Smoltz threw pure filth as Atlanta comfortably won 14-0. The offense strutted its testicles as they combined for 12 extra-basehits and put a smile one everyone's face.

Today it was supposed to be advantage Braves as Tim Hudson took the mound against Kason Gabbard (?), but Hudson got roughed up for four runs in the 1st inning and the Sox never looked back, winning 6-3. The Braves threatened a few times, but only to shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly and end any hope of a come back every time.

Andruw Jones had a chance to tie it up in the ninth, but Jonathan Papelbon made him look absolutely pathetic, getting him to strike out for a 5th time in the GAME. That's not something I'd recommend doing in your contract year....

So, now the Mets come to town, in a series that becomes extra important if the Braves want to stay close to the division lead.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Holding down the fort......

Jay is still off somewhere fighting lemurs and he asked to come in and do a post for his loyal readers. Well, I don't really have anything good to add, but I can point you in the general direction of our side-project, The Hokies and Canes.

We started that joint venture a while ago, but we got lazy and basically started to coast like Lebron in the play-offs and eventually we just gave up on it. But it's back up now and the point is to do some actual posting this time.

So yeah, drop by and see more of our ridiculous crap over there, there's sure to be plenty.

--Davey (Blown Coverage)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Site News

Ok, I have a family emergency, so I won't be posting for a few days or even a week.

James loses no-hitter in the 7th, Braves win in blowout

After failing to get out of the fourth inning his last start, Chuck James was certainly looking to have a good outing, but i'm sure no one expected that he would flirt with a historical outing. Chuck James had a perfect game going into the sixth inning before he walked Jose Bautista and Jack Wilson to start the inning, but he was able to regroup by getting a double play and a strike out to keep his no-hitter and shutout intact.

The no-hitter was broken up later in the seventh, when Jason Bay singled to left field. James was able to finish out the seventh and even ended the inning with a strikeout. And of course as soon as he was taken out, Chad Paronto came in and fell apart. He led off the inning giving up a single, then a double to Wilson that scored Bautista later on Wilson scored on a sacrifice from Chris Duffy. Paronto was finally relieved by Peter Moylan after failing to get out of the inning, in fact he was only able to get one out, he gave up four hits, 2 runs in a 1/3 of an inning. Moylan came in and locked it down, getting LaRoche to ground into a double play and then he finished up the ninth inning, 1-2-3 including getting two strikeouts.

"I've been struggling a little bit and trying to get back to where I feel comfortable, and I've been putting a little extra stress on myself," James said. "I've kind of built me up a wall in the sixth inning and couldn't quite get through it. Today was a good confidence booster."

It was also a big offensive day for the Braves, I mentioned yesterday that it had been 8 games since we had homered, but we broke that yesterday as Andruw Jones and Jeff Francoeur both homered, and then again last night we had another two homers. Both homers came courtesy of Scott Thorman, it was his first career multi-homerun game. His first was a three-run shot in the second inning that gave us the lead and then again in the ninth this time it was a two-run shot. I am continuing to be impressed by recent call-up, Wilie Harris. He continued to play like a mad man, going 4-5 with two doubles and an RBI. He also is doing a great job on the bases, both with running the bases and stealing bases. It's been awhile since we've had a true base stealer, not since Rafael Furcal left us.

I, along with many on the Braves Journal, am in favor of Thorman starting everyday at first base, instead of Bobby Cox doing that stupid platooning all the time. But then again, Bobby Cox did just move into fourth place in All-Time major league wins with 2,195 wins. Cox surpassed Sparky Anderson on the career wins list and trails only Connie Mack, John McGraw and Tony La Russa. So I can't really talk, seeing as how the last thing I won was a stupid plastic telescope
that I got for sending in 200 box tops.

"He downplays everything, but for him that's awesome," Jeff Francoeur said. "We couldn't be more excited, you couldn't get it for a better guy. Look at the guys he's passed, Sparky Anderson -- it's hard sometimes to realize because he's your manager, but they're going to talk about him for a long time. There's no doubt he's a Hall of Fame manager."

WP: Chuck James(4-3)
LP: Tony Armas(0-3)

HR: ATL- Scott Thorman, 2(4,5)

The Braves will be going for the sweep today against the Pirates. We have rookie Anthony Lerew making his second start and they have a very good young pitcher starting, Ian Snell. It should be fun.

Morneau breaks his nose by a bouncing ball

During the eighth inning of the Twin's eventual 8-2 loss to the Detroit Tigers, the reinging MVP, Justin Morneau, was hit in the face by a bouncing ball. Morneau's nose broke when his teammate, Nick Punto attempted to turn a double play after he had caught a line-drive but his ball was thrown poorly and it took a big bounce hitting Morneau square in the nose.

"Just tops it all out," said Morneau, who had his nose reset and planned to play on Sunday.

The Minnesota Twins will try to stop the bleeding as they try to avoid the sweep later today when they play the Tigers again. The Twins have Boof Bonser starting and Detroit have Virgil Vasquez making his major league debut and also his first start.

This one goes out to all the Mothers

Here is the greatest video of All-Time, it's everyone's favorite member of the A Team, Mr. T rapping/singing about treating your Mother right.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday night fever

I'm too tired to do the rest of the posts I had planned, so I'll hold off and do them in full tomorrow. But until then here's a preview of what I have planned for tomorrow.

1. Chuck James had no-hitter broken up in the 7th, Braves still win

Atlanta Braves starter, Chuck James had a no-hitter broken up in the ninth when Jason Bay came up and singled with one out. The Braves still won the game, very convincingly thanks to the All Mighty Thor, who had his first career multi-homerun game. Also continuing to impress is Willie Harris who went 4-5 with 2 doubles and an RBI.

2. Bruce Bowen kneed Steve Nash in his Candaian jewels

I did a post yesterday about Bruce Bowen of the San Antonio Spurs purposely kicking the Sun's Amare Stoudemire in his achilles. Well he did it again, this time kneeing Steve Nash right in his Canadian balls. Nash, obviously was down for a few moments but did return, although he had a horrible game in which he was unable to score until under five minutes in the third quarter.

3. Reigning MVP, Justin Morneau broke his nose

The Minnesota Twins' first baseman, Justin Morneau, broke his nose Saturday night when Nick Punto tried to turn a double play and the ball skipped off the turf and hit Morneau right in the nose. It was reset, but Morneau doesn't expect to miss that much time, he did mention that he is likely to sit out during Sunday's game.

4. Live Blog scheduled tomorrow between the Braves and Pirates

The Atlanta Braves will go for the sweep against the Pittsburgh Pirates tomorrow afternoon at 1:35 pm ET on TBS. We have rookie Anthony Lerew going against Ian Snell.

5. And a special tribute from Mr.T to everyone's mom on Mother's Day

I have a very special video in mind for tomorrow, seeing as how it's Mother's Day.

6. And whatever else catches my attention throughout the day.

It usually happens at least once a day when I post a totally random video/post that has little to nothing to do with sports. And i'm sure i'll do the same tomorrow.

And remember, as Bob Barker would say, please help control the pet population, spay and neuter your pets.

Kidd gets another triple-double and leads Nets over Cavs

After losing the first two games of the series against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the New Jersey Nets were in need of a strong show at home and they delivered. The Nets improved to 4-0 in the playoffs(and 10-0 going back to the regular season) at home after beating the Cavs, 96-85. The big three-Jason Kidd, Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson- all contributed in big ways, Kidd, Jefferson and Carter all had 23 points in the game. Kidd, along with his 23 points added 14 assists and 13 rebounds, Jefferson tallied 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals to his 23 points and Vince Carter, despite missing sometime after having to go to the locker to tape a sprained finger, grabbed 6 rebounds and 4 assists with his 23 point effort.

"He was terrific. His intensity, his ability to attack the paint, his will and doing it on both ends playing at such a high energy level," Nets coach Lawrence Frank said. "The triple-double, that is obviously such a tangible thing. He was tremendous on both ends. As a captain he set a great tone playing throughout their runs. He was obviously very, very special."

New Jersey was able to cool off the hot shooting LeBron James, James scored only 18 points, which snapped his 20-game streak of scoring at least 20 points in the playoffs. James did add 12 assists and 6 rebounds. The Cavs also had two players foul out, Sasha Pavolvic, who had been playing great defense on Carter in both games one and two and then Zydrunas Ilgauskas fouled out as well.

Most importantly for New Jersey, the Nets controlled the backboards after the Cavs pummeled them in the first two games, piling up a 100-69 rebounding advantage, including 39-12 on the offensive end.

"I have to give credit to our bigs," Jefferson said. "They did a great job of keeping them off the glass. In the first two games, there were some things we were doing defensively that I think were putting us in a bad way on the offensive glass and we adjusted to that."

The next game is going to be on Monday at 7:00 pm ET.

Nothing is more gangsta than a Hawaiian shirt.

I just so happened to stumbled upon this piece of internet gold. It's of Jayceon Taylor, you may know him better as "The Game", on some show from the early nineties getting humiliated by his girlfriend.

Homerless no more, Braves win again.

Coming into the game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Atlanta Braves, after leading the National league in homeruns for majority of the first month of baseball, but we hadn't homered in the last eight games. But finally in the sixth inning we broke out of that slump, when Andruw Jones hit a deep two-run homerun to center and of course, seeing as how we haven't homered in over a week, we promptly went back-to-back when Jeff Francoeur hit a laser to left field.

Kyle Davies had another good start and he got his first win of the season. He went seven strong innings, giving up seven hits and only allowing one run. He did walk two batters while only striking out one, but no matter.

"My confidence is starting to get a little bit better and my pitching is a little bit better, and I think the two go hand in hand," said Davies, who hadn't won since beating Washington 6-1 on Sept. 18.

Tyler Yates came in on the 8th inning and pitched a scoreless inning striking out two Pirates. And then former Pirate, Mike Gonzalez came in for the ninth and was filthy, yet again. He struck out one batter in the inning and earned his second save in as many opportunities. Gonzo hasn't allowed a run in his last 14 appearances. I'll say it again, I love this Bullpen!

"I had to tone it down emotion-wise," Gonzalez said. "It's very different, facing these guys."

The fourth inning was very scary for Braves fans everywhere, when Chipper, just having hit a double, was advancing to third on a Francoeur groundball when he collided with Pirate's third baseman, Jose Bautista and was launched into the air at least a good two or three feet and landed hard on his both wrists, his left shoulder and his quad. Jones laid on third base for several minutes, in obvious discomfort, but stayed in the game to Cox's relief. And contributed a great deal both offensively and defensively.

"I thought I was going to have to take him out when I went out there," Cox said.

WP: Kyle Davies(1-1)
LP: Zach Duke(1-4)
SV: Mike Gonzalez(2)

HR: ATL- Andruw Jones(6) and Jeff Francoeur(6)

The Braves play the Pirates again tonight at 7:05 pm ET. We have Chuck James pitching and they have Tony Armas pitching. I like our chances.

Side Note: Bobby Cox moved into to a tie with with Sparky Anderson for fourth all-time in career victories with 2,194 wins.

Friday, May 11, 2007

What? Another Video?

Yep, just in case I haven't overloaded anyone on videos lately, here's another one. This is a video from a few years ago at a charity game. Aparently the game wasn't all that good, so the players decided to make sure the fans got their money's worth by having a dance off. Dancing are Vince Carter, Shamond Williams and Shawn Marion.

And here's a video of what could've been me, if I was Asian and you know, talented.

Girls only only like guys with skills, "You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills... Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills."

Side Note: The quote above has nothing to do with the post, I just think of that whenever I hear the word skills.

Bruce Bowen strikes again....

I'm not sure if i've mentioned on this blog, of my hatred of Bruce Bowen. I think he's a great defender, sometimes, but he's a DIRTY player. He's getting up there in age now, and when he gets outplayed he tries to injure other players. There's no way anyone can dismiss this, there is so much proof of him sticking his foot under players feet while they're in there are only for them to come down and roll their ankles.

Well he struck again a few nights ago during the San Antonio Spurs, 101-81 loss to the Phoenix Suns when he kicked Sun's center/power forward, Amare Stoudemire in his right achilles in the third quarter.

"He kicked me purposely in the back of my Achilles. I almost came down wrong and he almost caused an injury," Stoudemire said after Thursday's practice. "He's known for doing that. I just hope the NBA and the commissioner take a look at that because it's definitely a dirty play."

"I think the Spurs are a dirty team," he said. "I mean, (Manu) Ginobili during the regular season kneed me in the crotch on purpose. I just hope the league takes a look at it and cleans the game up a little bit."

"When I saw the replay and reviewed it three or four times, there was no doubt about it," he said. "It was a purpose kick to the Achilles' and he definitely tried to injure me."

"I was actually very, very, very upset," he said. "Me personally from last year, having to sit out the whole season because of injuries. And for a guy like Bruce Bowen, who is a two-time champion, he should have more class than that, should understand what it takes to be a professional."

"I know it's the playoffs. I understand a hard foul," Stoudemire said. "But that wasn't a hard foul at all. That was just a purpose kick trying to injure someone."

Here is a few more videos that prove that Bowen is indeed a dirty player, and for the record I wish Vince would've knocked him the fuck out and then he had the nerve to kick Ray Allen, a former Huskie, in the back. For shame!

Here's him locking up with Carter, and for the record Vince Carter had 43 points at the time he was thrown out. Fuck I hate Bowen.

Ladies and Gents, your NBA MVP...

[2nd Attempt]

The Dallas Mavericks forward, Dirk Nowitzki, has been named the 2007 NBA Most Valuable Player according to ESPN's Marc Stein. He will be receiving the award next Tuesday.

Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki, whose coronation as the first European-born Most Valuable Player in NBA history has been expected for weeks, is scheduled to officially receive the MVP trophy news conference on Tuesday in Dallas, has learned.

Nowitzki was undoubtedly the best player on the the best team during the regular season at least. The Mavericks went 67-15 this season and Dirk led them in scoring and rebounding. Before the playoffs started he was a- i'm sorry for using this word in the same sentence as Dirk- sexy pick for the MVP, I mean he did average 24.6 points, 8.9 rebounds, 3.4 assists per game and he shot 50% from the field, which are great numbers, are they MVP like numbers, hmm I don't know about that. And then you take into consideration his, and his team's colossal collapse against the eighth seeded Golden State Warriors that led to an early departure from the playoffs, well you can definitely start to see why some people may have been jumping off the bandwagon.

Personally I would've rather someone like Steve Nash win, I know, I know he's already won the damn thing two times in a row, but his numbers seem to get better and better each season as they did again this year. Another person who could've been a good choice is Kobe "this is his shot" Bryant. I don't personally like the guy, in fact I just plain hate the Lakers, but that aside, he had a great year, averaging over 30 points and 5 assists and over 5 rebounds per game. Another person who I don't think got any attention, at least MVP talk, is Carlos Boozer of the Jazz. He had a good season, 21 points, 12 rebounds and 3 assists per game(I rounded up, i'm lazy) but he's has been even better so far in the playoffs, averaging 24.3 points, 12.2 rebounds and 3.3 assists per game(I didn't round up this time, I just saw a Chuck Norris infomercial, he'd be disappointed in me). He led his team past a very good Houston Rockets team and he's bested the team that knocked off the number one seed. Eh, fuck it just keep it Dirk, even though you got donkey punched by the Warriors.

Said Nowitzki, reached by phone Thursday night: "Nobody's told me anything. You [media] guys have been talking about it for a while, so let's see what happens.

"[But] it's hard to even think about that stuff right now. Everything [from the Golden State series] is still pretty fresh. It's been some tough days since we lost."

"I thought this was such an incredible year," Nowitzki said. "We won 67 games and then to lose in the first round, it just feels so empty right now."

But nevertheless, Dirk Nowitzki is the your MVP and despite the playoffs, he was great this season.

Side Note: I really did have a much better post, before my internet fucked me, but oh well.

UPDATE: Ok, so apparently I forgot King James in the MVP discussions, sorry Ohio. LeBron James, again had a great season, 27 points, 6.7 rebounds and 6 assists. Those are no doubt MVP numbers. This had nothing to do with him currently kicking the ass of my Nets right now, no none whatsoever(wink wink).

The internet doesn't like me

I had a post about Dirk Nowitzki winning the MVP almost finished before my internet decided to kick me in the kidney and freeze up and of course I didn't save it so I lost everything. Oh well, i'll attempt to do this again, eventhough I have no idea what I was talking about. Maybe I should look to upgrade my PC sometime.

Site news

Sorry about the lack of posts today, I had to take my pooch(yes I said "Pooch") to the vet. I'll be doing a couple posts very soon, including the Braves, NBA Playoffs and whatever the hell I can conjure up. By the way, the pics are of my pooch, Syd.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Live Blog: San Diego Padres @ Atlanta Braves

Top of the 9th inning: Rafael Soriano relieved Yates. Another dominating performance for Soriano, he gets them in order, 1-2-3. Braves win 5-3

Bottom of the 8th inning: Willie Harris walked again, but we got nothing else, four up, three down.

Top of the 8th inning: Tyler Yates relieved Paronto. Three up three down for Yates. He is looking good these past few days.

Bottom of the 7th inning: Easy inning for the Padres, as Hampson struck out both Jones'. Francoeur singled and then stole his first base of the year, but we didn't get anymore runs.

Top of the 7th inning: Chad Paronto relieved Hudson. He gave up a run on a sacrifice fly, but that was it. Braves still lead 5-3

Bottom of the 6th inning: Huge inning for Atlanta. First a single by McCann, then a double by Woodward. Harris then came in for Hudson and walked, then Johnson hit a bases clearing double. Braves now lead 5-2

Top of the 6th inning: Scary moment, Josh Bard hit a comebacker off of Hudson's arm for a single, but he was ok, and go t the next three hitters easily, including a double play.

Bottom of the 5th inning: Wells is cruising, sadly. Three up three down, although Andruw just missed having a homerun, he was a foot or so away.

Top of the 5th inning: Very easy inning for Hudson, he did give up a single, but otherwise he retired the others easy enough.

Bottom of the 4th inning: Another easy inning for Wells, he did allow a walk to Wilson but it got us no where as Johnson flew out to leftfield.

Top of the 4th inning: So much for a lead. Huddy gave up two runs after back-to-back RBI doubles by Cameron and Kouzmanoff. And we're all tied up 2-2

Bottom of the 3rd inning: The Braves went three up three down, we seriously need to hit a homer today, it's been forever.

Top of the 3rd inning: The Padres get a couple of singles, but strand two as Hudson got Gonzalez to ground out to 1st.

Bottom of the 2nd inning: Wells gives up a couple of walks, but the Braves can't push across another run.

Top of the 2nd inning: Three up, three down for Hudson, a ground out, fly out and then a strike out.

SIDE NOTE: Just in case you haven't discovered that i'm an idiot, here's more proof.

Jay10 Says:
McCann! We’re jumping on Wells early.

I'm the one that posted the lineups today on the Braves Journal and i'm live blogging here and I still got the name wrong, it's attention to detail like that, that keeps the readers coming.

Bottom of the 1st inning: Wells got roughed up a little bit, first Matt Diaz singled, then Chipper singled and the Andruw hit an RBI single and just in case you wanted another single, Fracoueur then hit an RBI single. But Wells was able to get out of it. Braves lead 2-0

Top of the 1st inning: Pretty easy inning for Hudson, he did however give up a couple of singles, but no harm done as Greene grounded out to third to end the inning.

Today's Line-ups

San Diego

1. Marcus Giles 2B
2. Juan Cruz Jr LF
3. Brian Giles RF
4. Adrian Gonzalez 1B
5. Khalil Greene SS
6. Josh Bard C
7. Mike Cameron CF
8. Kevin Kouzmanoff 3B
9. David Wells P


1. Kelly Johnson 2B
2. Matt Diaz LF
3. Chipper Jones 3B
4. Andruw Jones CF
5. Jeff Francoeur RF
6. Brian McCann C
7. Chris Woodward SS
8. Craig Wilson 1B
9. Tim Hudson P

For the record, i'm not a fan of this line-up.

Fisher does it again, this time for his ill daughter

Derek Fisher has hit huge shots throughout his career, but none may have been as big and as important as the three-pointer that he hit last night in the Utah Jazz's 127-117 win over the Golden State Warriors in overtime. The Jazz now lead the second round series, 2-0 and they series is headed to Golden State now.

It wasn't so much that he hit a big shot in the playoffs that put his team up by four points, it's more of the circumstances of the shot. Fisher missed the first game of the series to be with his family, because his daughter was ill. But no one knew the severity of the his 10-month old daughter's, Tatum, condition. Tatum Fisher has retinoblastoma, a form of eye cancer that required a three-hour combination of surgery and chemotherapy at New York’s Presbyterian Hospital. And Fisher was with her and the rest of his family all day before boarding a plane and rushing to the game just in time to check in at 3:12 in the third quarter. He didn't even get the chance to warm up before entering the game, he arrived to a roar of applause from the crowd and the other players, greeted a few of his teammates and then was asked by Jazz coach, Jerry Sloan, "are you ready to play?", he said yes and was in the game. He didn't play too much then, but he was huge in overtime, scoring all five of his points and finishing off the game with two free-throws.

“I don’t know how I got through this tonight. I really don’t,” said Fisher, who hit his only shot, a 3-pointer.

“My daughter’s doing well,” Fisher said. “We had a successful operation in New York and I flew back and got off the plane and came to the game. I’m speechless.”

Also, Larry Brown over at Larry Brown Sports, wrote a great post on this story.

Anthony Garcia, you do not ammuse Mo Rivera.

I meant to post this last night, but I couldn't find the photo of the fans that ran out on the field, I was going to use a substitute, but I didn't feel like posting this.

During the 9th inning of the New York Yankees and Texas Rangers game, two fans decided to run out on the field and one of them tried to get a high five from Yankee's leftfielder, Hideki Matsui. He failed miserably as Matsui just pushed him aside. The game was on ESPN, and I guess ESPN doesn't condone showing fans that get on the field, "why give them camera time" so instead they focused their cameras on Mariano Rivera, who is still trying to figure out why he's struggling so much and Mo was not impressed by the fans evading skills.

"I wasn't really concerned," Matsui later said through a translator. "I didn't feel like he was going to attack me or anything."

The other fan soon wound up on the field behind home plate and was quickly handcuffed.

Police identified one of the fans as Anthony Garcia, 22, of Queens. The other, a 15-year-old boy from Rye, wasn't identified because of his age.

A police spokesman wasn't certain early Thursday which of the two had approached Matsui.

The fans were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, interfering with a sporting event and criminal trespass. Police said Garcia was also charged with resisting arrest. Garcia's home telephone number was unlisted.

Also see this on Babeslovebaseball and Yahoo Sports.

It really sucks to be Carl Pavano

I'm sure everyone can agree with me when I say that Carl Pavano is an idiot. Is it because he fired his agent, Gregg Cliffton after he failed to get Pavano the 4-year $40 million contract he promised him? Oh and for the record, Pavano signed a 4-year $39.5 million deal with the Yankees in '04. No, I mean sure $500,000 is a lot of money to most of us, but when your making as much as he is, i'm sure it's not that big of deal. But that can be dismissed I suppose, I mean the guy could've been a complete jackass and he did pinkie swear. Is it because in his entire three-year career in New York he's only played in a combined 19 games, that's including missing all of 2006 and is a combined 5-6 with a 4.75 ERA and has allowed 17 homeruns? Hey, you know, injuries are a part of the game, maybe he's just had bad luck, that or Jesus hates you(i'm beginning to think it's the latter).

There are ways that you can get him off the hook for any of those examples, but I simply CAN'T seem to comprehend why, he would cheat on Gia Allemand. Now, I know i'm a little late, ok a lot late on this news but Allenmand was just featured again in Maxim and Pavano is hurt, again. Do you see how I put two and two together? Anyway, like I was saying, Pavano is a fucking idiot. Not only is he most likely going to be having Tommy John surgery to try and save his career, plowing this every night wasn't enough for him. Yeah, next you're probably tell me that someone would cheat on Halle Berry....wait what?

Side Note: More pics of Gia Allemand are on Maxim. And another sidenote, just in case you were wondering about Pavano's desicion making skills, he also broke up with Alyssa Milano.

Special thanks to WithLeater for finding these pics.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Live Blog: San Diego Padres @ Atlanta Braves

Top of the 9th inning: Soriano relieves Gonzalez. Holy shit I love this guy! Three up, three down another two strikeouts for Soriano, he is so electric. Braves win, 3-2

Bottom of the 8th inning: Dan Brocail relieved Meridith and got the Braves, three up three down including one strike out.

Top of the 8th inning: Mike Gonzalez relieves Smoltz. Gonzalez gets them 1-2-3 and in impressive fashion. He got a couple of soft groundouts and blew away Cruz Jr with a 95 mph fastball.

Bottom of the 8th inning: HUGE inning! It started off bad, with two straight groudouts, but Kelly hit a single, then Willie singled then Chipper just missed a 3-run homer, but it was ruled a ground rule double and KJ scored. Next up was Andruw, who hit another opposite field hit, this one scoring Harris. Braves now lead 3-2

Top of the 7th inning: Three up three down for Smoltz, he's been great these past few innings.

Bottom of the 6th inning: Andruw singled and then caught everyone off by stealing a base(1st of the season). He then advanced on a ground out by McCann but we were unable to get him in with a couple of groundouts. Oh and Maddux was relieved by Cla Meridith.

Top of the 6th inning: Smoltz fought back after giving up the lead-off double, he got a couple of ground balls and finally he struck out Brayan.

Bottom of the 5th inning: Long inning, first Woodward singled, then Smoltz bunted him over to second, then he advanced to third on a wild pitch, then KJ struck out, Big Willie came through again with an RBI single and then a stolen base but Chipper struck out to end the inning. San Diego leads 2-1

Top of the 5th inning: Another three up three down inning for Smoltz, he struck out Maddux and got a couple of groundouts.

Bottom of the 4th inning: Three up three down for Maddux. He's looking great tonight, great for him, bad for us.

Top of the 4th inning: Three up three down for Smoltz, Brayan did double but he tried to stretch it and was thrown out at third.

Bottom of the 3rd inning: Maddux walked Harris and Chipper reached on an error by Blum, but the Braves got nothing as Jones flied out to left.

Top of the 3rd inning: Much like the second, Smoltz got two quick outs before Adrian Gonzalez took him deep. Then Smoltz was able to come back and strike Cameron out. San Diego leads 2-0

Bottom of the 2nd inning: A couple of balls were hit hard, like Thor's, it was maybe a foot short. Francoeur did get a single, but other than that, Maddux cruised easily again.

Top of the 2nd inning: Started off great, didn't quite end as well. Smoltz struck out the first two batters he faced and then on a 2-2 pitch, Blum hit a solo homerun. And then Maddux came up and was able to fight through the glare off of Smoltz's head and he hit a single right up the middle on the first pitch he saw. But Smoltz recovered and got a ground out to end the inning. San Diego leads 1-0

Bottom of the 1st inning: Good inning for Greg Maddux, he did walk Chipper however, but Andruw flew out to center, no harm done. Let me just say, for the record it's weird rooting against Maddux, but ya gotta do whatcha gotta do.

Top of the 1st inning: Easy inning for John Smoltz, can't say the same for Woodward. Woodward made an error on the first ball he saw but it didn't hurt as Chipper was able to gun down the other Giles, Brian, as he tried to stretch a single into a double. Gonzalez grounded out to second and before that, Sledge popped up to second.

Tonight's Line-ups

San Diego

1. Marcus Giles 2B
2. Terrmel Sledge LF
3. Brian Giles RF
4. Adrian Gonzalez 1B
5. Mike Cameron CF
6. Russell Brayan 3B
7. Geoff Blum SS
8. Rob Bowen C
9. Greg Maddux P


1. Kelly Johnson 2B
2. Willy Harris LF
3. Chipper Jones 3B
4. Andruw Jones CF
5. Brian McCann C
6. Jeff Francoeur RF
7. Scott Thorman 1B
8. Chris Woodward SS
9. John Smoltz P

Nets and Bulls fall to 0-2

Yeah, so far the second round is not being too kind to my teams, as they have both fallen behind to 0-2. The Chicago Bulls are currently getting a colonic with a rusty hook every other night from Detroit Pistons and for the Nets, well to say that they are getting dominated on the boards would be a severe understatement.

I have figured out, with my superior math skills(adding and subtraction, it's a bitch) I have found that the Nets have been out rebounded by the Cavaliers overall, 100-69 and on the offensive side of the ball, Cavs are also destroying the Nets on the offensive boards, 39-12. Obviously something must change and soon. I feel that we will play better now that we're going back home and hopefully we can tie this bitch up, SON!

There isn't much to say about the Bulls and Pistons series. This one has every inkling that it's going to be a four game sweep. The Bulls haven't shown anything, at least to me, that leads me to believe that they can somehow salvage this. Chicago is a very young team and they were very impressive in their four-game sweep of the reigning NBA Champions but they are very inexperienced, talented, but inexperienced and if the Pistons and Spurs have shown to everyone over the past few years, it's experience and defense(it's cliche, but it's true) wins Championships.

Andruw Jones breaks out of slump and leads Braves

Atlanta kept with the theme of lose one-win one last night as they defeated the San Diego Padres, 3-2. Braves rookie, Anthony Lerew, got the start, it was his first of his big league career. He made the most of it too, he went 6 innings, giving up two runs(both off of solo homeruns) while striking out seven and only walking two batters. Also those two solo shots, were the only hits he gave up. I think it's safe to say that Mr. Lerew has earned himself a couple more starts. Lerew had his fastball up around 95 mph or so, a pretty nasty change up and he showed off a new pitch, a two-seam sinker that Atlanta's pitching coach, Roger McDowell, showed him.

"It's been my bread and butter since I started throwing it," Lerew said.

Said Cox: "That's the best I've ever seen Anthony. All he's got to do is throw that sinker like he's throwing it, throw the changeup and he's in business."

Lerew did make a mistake in the third inning, a mistake that Mike Cameron was more than willing to take advantage of. Lerew left a pitch up and over the middle of the plate and Cameron absolutely crushed it to left field for the first of two homeruns by the Padres. The second came in the fifth, this one to Padres' left fielder, Terrmel Sledge, also was hit very well and to left. I also should mention that the Padres spot starter, Justin Germano, pitched very well too, he was also called up before the game from AAA, much like Lerew.

As the title says, Andruw Jones finally broke out his slump, which reached to 0-21 before his RBI double in the 6th inning which scored Edgar Renteria. Before this game, he had been hitting .048(1-21) with no homers, only one RBI, just four walks and seven strikeouts in the month of May. But besides Andruw, the offense hadn't really been able to get going for us, that is until Heath Bell stumbled in the 8th inning. He gave up a lead-off single to the pinch-hitter, Matt Diaz, and then a triple to Edgar Renteria and then what proved to be the game-winning RBI single to non other than Andruw Jones. Oh and before I forget, I mentioned yesterday that Andruw had been trying to pull everything in sight, well both of his hits were to the opposite field. Goes to show you, if you settle down and stop trying to over exert yourself, good things will follow.

Our bullpen was once again, just plain filthy. Tyler Yates relieved Lerew in the seventh and need just nine pitches to retire the Padres. Followed behind him was Mike Gonzalez, who picked up the win, he also had a scoreless inning in which he did give up a single, but no harm done. And finally, Rafael Soriano, who is by far the nastiest guy in our bullpen right now, he picked up another save with his scoreless ninth in which he struck out two of the three batters he faced.

WP: Mike Gonzalez(2-0)
LP: Heath Bell(0-1)
SV: Rafael Soriano(3)

HR: SD- Mike Cameron(1) and Terrmel Sledge(4)

Our next game is tonight and it is a must see, best friends and teammates for 11 years will be going at each other for the first time. We have John Smoltz going and the Padres have Greg Maddux pitching. It starts 7:35 pm ET on FSN South. Be there!

Side Note: The Braves have designated Steve Colyer for assignment. He has exactly 10 days to either accept the assignment and return to Richmond or he can choose to become a free-agent.