Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Here's a sweet ass video to tide you over

Here's a great video of the Oakland A's mascot being challenged to a dance off by a couple of kids in a parking lot...

Mascot Dance Off - Watch more free videos

I believe those are what the kids call "sweet moves"...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sorry for the delay

Sorry for the long ass delay, but I've been extremely busy as of late and frankly I haven't been home that much. But I'll try and swing something to where I can get some posts in, possibly a Virginia Tech Hokies' preview or something.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Dolphins sign Ted Ginn

It is now being reported by the Sun- that the deal that had been reached between Ginn and the Dolphins earlier is a reported five-year deal that is worth $13 million guaranteed.

Barely missing the noon deadline for all players to report on the first official day of training camp, Dolphins first-round draft pick Ted Ginn Jr. agreed to terms on a five-year contract with the Dolphins, according to one source.

The Dolphins also chose not to comment, but another source confirmed that Ginn received approximately $13 million in guaranteed money.

The contract is expected to be signed shortly. All signed players were expected to attend a team meeting at 1 p.m., and the second source said Ginn was there. Practice begins tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. and Ginn is expected to be there.

side note: Photo taken from the NFL Fanhouse

Mark Teixeira to the Braves?...that and other possible trades

Jon Heyman over at Sports Illustrated has an interesting article on the upcoming trade deadline and the players that he thinks will be traded and where. There is a few people on his lists that I have heard rumored to be going to the Braves, so I thought i'd break it down real quick for everyone.

1. Mark Teixeira, 1B (Texas)

AVG: .299
HR: 13
RBI: 49

The Skinny:

Mark Teixeira is one of the best young, power-hitting first baseman in baseball right now and seeing as how the Rangers aren't going anywhere for awhile and they probably won't be able to afford him after this year, the likelihood that he will be traded is extremely high. Teixeira's name has been linked to blockbuster deals to the Atlanta Braves in which the would have to give up top prospect Jarrod Saltalamacchia and the Los Angeles Angels in which they would have to give up Casey Kotchman, a fellow first baseman. The only question that remains are these teams willing to give up two or three top prospects in exchange for someone who could walk after next season and command $13 million a year?

Best Guess:

My gut instinct is that Teixeira will be a Brave by time the trade deadline on July 31st ends, I mean the Angels or any team for that matter just can't match what the Braves could give the Rangers, Salty is widely regarded as the top catching prospect in baseball and is a switch-hitter just like Teixeira that has a ton of power and then include a pitching prospect and or our seventeen year-old kid at shortstop, Elvis Andrus. I just don't see how other teams can match that.

But i'm not too sure if I want this trade to go down or not, sure Teixeira is a great talent and our first baseman combo of the Mighty Thor and the 789 year-old Julio Franco is currently giving us shit, it makes sense. But I really like Salty and I don't want to see him go, I'd prefer we move him to the first base instead of trading him, I just don't want to see us trade him for Teixeira and then see Teixeira leave a couple of years later like everyone always seems to do. But even if we do trade him **most likely going to happen** I just hope we can re-sign Teixeira and keep him for awhile.

Some other players that we've been linked to are:

Livan Hernandez, SP (Arizona)
Zack Greinke, SP/RP (Kansas City)
Matt Morris, SP (San Francisco)
Steve Kline, RP (San Francisco)
Jon Garland, SP (Chicago [AL] )

Rams give Marc Bulger a lot of money

ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting that the St.Louis Rams and quarterback, Marc Bulger have agreed to a six-year $62.5 million deal.

Bulger's new deal includes $26.5 million in guaranteed money, sources said. He participated in the team's first on-field practice Friday morning after missing Thursday's meeting meeting when the Rams reported to camp.

Bulger had recently stated that he wasn't happy and wanted a new contract, he even went as far as saying he could stage a training camp holdout until they agreed to do so. But now that he has a new deal that will pay him in upwards of $10 million per year, it puts Bulger in company with the other elite quarterbacks that are making at least that. That list includes the Bengals' Carson Palmer(woot woot), the Colts' Peyton Manning, the Packers' Brett Favre, the Patriots' Tom Brady and the Falcons' Mike Vick. Although I hate the Rams, I have to give them props for doing the right thing and re-signing Bulger, he's one of the, if not the most underrated quarterbacks in the NFL and he deserves every penny.

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I'm still pinch hitting

I'll be running Blown Coverage for Davey again...but i'll bring my posts over here later in the day...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

LA is not a fan of Mike Piazza anymore

During yesterday's afternoon game between the Oakland Athletics and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Oakland's designated hitter, Mike Piazza was hit in the back of the head with a water bottle while standing in the on deck circle.

"I'm pressing charges,'' Piazza told reporters. "He's going to spend the night in jail. He hit me right in the helmet. ... It's just inexcusable at a baseball game to throw a bottle at someone. Just a joke."

The incident happened as the Athletics were staging a three-run rally in the top of the ninth inning. Piazza was standing in the on-deck circle when he was hit from behind.

The game was interrupted as Piazza used his bat to point out the fan he thought was responsible.

"It startled the heck out of me, a thump to the back of my head,'' he told reporters. "I turned around and was like, 'Was it you? Or you or you?' Everyone pointed at the guy and I said, 'You're gutless,' and he started walking out. There he goes, the bravest guy in the world. That's a complete lower level of stupidity."

The suspect, identified as Ronald Flores, 22, of La Puente, was detained and later booked by Anaheim police on assault and battery charges.

And as you can tell by his comments, Piazza was none too pleased with this fan's decision to pretty much donkey punch him with a bottle. And I normally would be upset when fans do this type of thing, but seeing as how Piazza was a New York Met for a long time, and I hate the Met's with a passion, I say touche Ronald(McDonald....hahaha) for doing something I've talked about doing but yet never had the balls to do...that and riverdancing.

What do you expect...he plays for Washington

Last night Washington National's pitcher, John Lannan made his major league debut against the Philadelphia Phillies. Well in the fifth inning of that said debut, he was ejected after hitting Chase Utley and Ryan Howard in consective at-bats.

Washington manager Manny Acta also was ejected by plate umpire Hunter Wendelstedt after Lannan's exit. It was Acta's first ejection.

Lannan allowed three runs and six hits in the first four innings. After getting the first out of the fifth, Lannan hit Utley on the right hand. Howard followed and was hit on the right shoulder. Although there were no warnings given, Wendelstedt immediately ejected Lannan.

And speaking of being hit by a pitch, here's a video of by far the worst place to be hit...DAYUM!!

Big surprise there...

The Cincinnati Bengal's linebacker and part-time felon, Odell Thurman was denied reinstatement in the NFL today due to his ongoing problems with the police. This will be the second consecutive season that Thurman must sit out after NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell denied his petition for reinstatement.

Thurman was suspended for all of last season after skipping a drug test and later being arrested for drunken driving. He asked Goodell to reinstate him for the 2007 season, but was turned down.

Thurman will be allowed to ask for reinstatement again following the season.

Goodell's decision leaves the Bengals with two suspended players as they open training camp. Receiver Chris Henry also will miss the first eight games for repeatedly violating the league's conduct policy.

The Bengals are the league's prime example of misconduct, with 10 players arrested over a 14-month span.

Ok kids, now a show of hands, who was surprised by this news? Hmm, no one...ok then.

Daily Linkage...

Nothing like team unity to get the morning off to a good start....

Onto the links....

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Round table

Here's another look into what happening around the blogosphere...

Part Mule is holding down the fort over at Blown Coverage while Davey is out teaching sea otters to play tetherball. (Blown Coverage)

Look at Epic Carnival's new Fall clothing line...I'll take one of each please? (Epic Carnival)

Looks like Shaun Rogers might be getting sued...damn him and his sticky fingers. (With Leather)

Oh those silly editors and their innuendos..."Lady Jacks off to hot start in conference"...classic! (Larry Brown Sports via 100% injury rate)

A sad sad day for out of date redneck mullets everywhere...Randy Johnson might retire. (Lion in Oil)

Mr.Irrelevant has a fancy new look...(Mr.Irrelevant)

Apparently Adrian Gonzalez received a death threat...."We are going to kill you"...told ya. (Larry Brown @ the Fanhouse)

Side Note: Look out for me tomorrow over at Blown Coverage...i'll be taking over for Kirk...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tour of the Blogosphere part three

Once again I'm going to keep up with the one night stands in which I have no intention in calling again....

What happens when fans get bored during rain delays....they slip and slide of course. (Deadspin)

Oh be still my heart....I think Braylon Edwards wants to hear about my feelings...quick do something manly!!! (With Leather)

Talk about an interesting encounter...Petros Papadakis is a waiter on his off time...and he served Lion in Oil. (Lion in Oil)

John Pyle interviews the sirs over at Nation of Islam Sports Blog. (Pyle of List)

Dodger fans aren't big fans of mascots...let alone the Giant's mascot. (Awful Announcing)

My good friend and partner in crime, Davey offically welcomes Julio Franco. (Blown Coverage)

This is Reggie Bush...when he was 10....and white.

Here's Cody Paul, a sick Pee-Wee Pop Warner runningback. This kid is seriously the next Reggie Bush...look at him, he's making kids bow to him. Oh and his name is Cody Paul once again...two first names huh...interesting technique mom and dad...oh and look at #20...his last name is Tyler...very original. Anyways here's a video of his amazing moves, I hear he's already committed to know how they like em young. But that's just a rumor of course.

and just for shitts and giggles, here is the famous Reggie Bush High School tape...enjoy!

UPDATE: I accidentally forgot to give proper respects to Milk was a bad choice for the video...

Monday, July 16, 2007

What's happening around the blogosphere part 2

I did this last week and it went well so what the hell, i'll do it again.

Braves' Ledezma is stuck in Venezuela due to a "laundry accident". (Lion in Oil)

The Phillies lost their 10,000th game last night...HA! (The Fanhouse)

"Let it all hang out, fellas."--Adam LaRoche's message to the Braves (100% Injury Rate)

Greg Oden writes about his night at the ESPY's and of course the playmates. (Greg Oden @ Yardbarker)

"I was excited to meet everyone there, but the two that I smile about the most are Kendra from "The Girls Next Door" and Sarah Underwood "Playmate of The Year" -- she is from Oregon ;). They were two of the finest women I have ever met, hands down."

Detroit makes Cory Redding the highest paid defensive tackle in the NFL. (ESPN)

Looks like the Net's passed on Jermaine O'Neal at the NBA Draft this year. (Fan Nation)

Rich Hill does a sweet Kip impression from Napoleon Dynamite and lets us know that Mark Derosa is training to be a cage fighter. (Larry Brown Sports)

Davey has a hilarious post about Chip and Joe's wonderful commentary during yesterday's game. (Blown Coverage)

Come on Fernando...keep your head in the game. (Awful Announcing)

Here's a bonus video, of Rerun from "What's Happening", to use a phrase that all the cool kids are using these days, getting "jiggy with it". See, i'm hip.