Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Top 25

Tonight when I was talking on The Braves Journal, I saw a fellow commentator's mock top 25. Seeing 4-Seam's rankings got me thinking of mine. So here they are.

1. Ohio State
2. Auburn
3. Texas
4. Notre Dame
5. West Virginia
6. LSU
7. USC
8. Florida
9. Miami(FL)
10. Louisville
11. Florida State
12. California
13. Iowa
14. Michigan
15. Virginia Tech
16. Clemson
17. Oklahoma
18. Georgia
19. Nebraska
20. Penn State
21. Tennessee
22. TCU
23. Alabama
24. Oregon
25. Boise State

Go ahead Davey, inform me that I put Miami(FL) in front of my Hokies. Just remember, this is my opening kickoff top 25, when it all comes down to it Virginia Tech will be hoisting the ACC championship trophy. I don't know why ESPN and other major sports providers are still putting Oklahoma in their top 10. They lost their starting quarterback and one of their best Offensive lineman. Without a proven starter at qb, there will be no one to take some pressure off of Adrian Peterson, And there is going to be a huge gap in that front 5. I have West Virginia ranked #5....for now. I am very interested to see if Pat White and Steve Slaton can provide the same spark they did last year as Freshman. With Texas much like VT, there is a quarterback situation. The have named redshirt freshman Colt McCoy as there starter, and if he provides steady play at qb and with that running core, Texas could be looking at a very bright season. Ohio State is my #1 team. They have two legitimate Heisman canidates at Troy Smith and Ted Ginn Jr.(By the way i'm taking Troy Smith) If the defense holds up then I beleive you will see OSU playing for the National Championship. Auburn, what can you say. Kenny Irons, I love this guy, probaly one of the best runningbacks in the nation.(Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch make a pretty good case for that title as well.) Brandon Cox, solid QB and looks like he will have a huge year throwing it to the gifted WR Courtney Taylor. I'm going to go ahead and pick Ohio State and Auburn for the National Championship game. But don't get me wrong, Virginia Tech will make alot of noise this year, if Sean Glennon proves to be the right choice(which I think he will) at qb, Virginia Tech will be in the top 5. Mark it down!!!


Davey said...

Just informing you that you have Miami in front of Va Tech..

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