Thursday, December 28, 2006

Zito isn't a Met and that excites me.

Today Barry Zito agreed to a 7 yr $126m contract with the San Fransico Giants. There was a lot of talk that Zito would be in the big apple by the start of the season either with the Mets or the Yankees. I am obviously a huge Braves fan so him not being a Metropolitan is huge.

After not winning the NL East for the first time in 14 years last year, we've been trying to make alot of moves to put us back in the mix. Well with are small budget and are unwillingness to go after free-agents that don't suck(Sturtze!), the only way to get solid players is by trading.

Here are some current trade rumors involving my beloved Braves:

ATL- Melky Cabrera
PIT- Adam LaRoche
NYY- Mike Gonzalez

I don't really like this trade. It would basically be us giving up a top power 1B that happens to be a lefty, something that almost every team wants. We could get alot more than just Melky, we would have to get at least Scott Proctor and maybe even a young pitcher from the Pirates for us to get somewhat full value for LaRoche.

ATL- Mike Gonzalez and Jose Castillo
PIT- Adam LaRoche (and maybe Kyle Davies)

This deal makes no sense for us. Why would we give up one of the best 1B in the NL and a decent young starting pitcher for an extremely good closer and a below average second baseman?( We have about 5 of them that are cheaper and can do more than Castillo) No thanks.

ATL- Chone Figgins and Casey Kotchman
LAA- Adam LaRoche

Ok, this deal is most likely dead. The Angels just recently signed Shea Hillenbrand, who is a left-handed 1B. So their need for LaRoche is not as strong as it once was. I'm actually fine with this deal fizzling, i'm not a huge fan of Figgins and Kotchman wouldn't start over say Thorman. Figgins is nice because he can play almost every position well, he can leadoff and he is very fast but he's not a good hitter.

ATL- Chris Ray and Hayden Penn
BAL- Adam LaRoche

This is by far my favorite of all the deals. Chris Ray is very young and he saved 33 games while keeping his ERA below 2.80. That is very impressive for only being 24. Hayden Penn on the other hand has proven to just be decent, maybe a 4 or a 5 starter at best. But we are in a need for another starter so he would help.

ATL- Rocco Baldelli
TB- Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Yunel Escobar (also rumored in this deal Chuck James and/or Kyle Davies)

I would like to get Baldelli because he is young, good and can hit very well. But Tampa Bay has a reputation of asking for way to much and it eventually kills the deal completly. Them asking for James is way too much, he's one of our better starters and we are in no position to give him up. I would prefer to keep Salty, because he may just be the best catching prospect in all of baseball, but with his down season last year due in part to lots of injuries, his value may have dropped a little bit.

In a perfect world I would like to somehow get Melky Cabrera and Chris Ray, but that is basically impossible. So if I had to choose I would go for the Baltimore trade and then maybe even trying to flip Penn and package him with Escobar or Salty to Tampa for Rocco Baldelli.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

So far so good...

Well so far it's still very early in the Bowl games, but my record is very good. I am 4-1 with 1 game still going on. I kinda blew it with the Troy vs Rice game, I mean I was way off, just plain embarrassing, like almost as embarrassing as getting a busted lip that bleeds for 15 minutes because your 3 year old sister decides to jump off the couch and do a diving headbutt landing right on my...I mean your mouth while you weren't paying attention...that totally didn't happen today...

I'm still waiting for the "real" bowls to start...the BCS bowls. But their is going to be a very good game on tomorrow, Hawaii vs Arizona State. I'm picking Hawaii because of Colt Brennan...if you're not Christmas shopping or trying to keep that family member who has had a few to many out of the hospital/jail...if you know what I mean, then check this game out, Brennan could set two records tomorrow...Most touchdown passes in a season and Most touchdowns in a the way,he's only a junior.

So Happy Holidays to everyone...I have to go get this lip looked at....damnit...I mean, gotta go do some last second shopping.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

2007 Pro Bowl Selections...

AFC Roster


*Peyton Manning (IND)
Carson Palmer (CIN)
Philip Rivers (SD)


*LaDainian Tomlinson (SD)
Larry Johnson (KC)
Willie Parker (PIT)


*Lorenzo Neal (SD)

Wide receivers:

*Chad Johnson (CIN)
*Marvin Harrison (IND)
Andre Johnson (HOU)
Reggie Wayne (IND)

Tight ends:

*Antonio Gates (SD)
Tony Gonzalez (KC)

Offensive tackles:

*Willie Anderson (CIN)
*Tarik Glenn (IND)
Jonathan Ogden (BAL)


*Alan Faneca (PIT)
*Will Shields (KC)
Brian Waters (KC)


*Jeff Saturday (IND)
Nick Hardwick (SD)

Defensive ends:

*Jason Taylor (MIA)
Derrick Burgess (OAK)
*Aaron Schobel (BUF)

Defensive tackles:

Casey Hampton (PIT)
*Richard Seymour (NE)
*Jamal Williams (SD)

Outside Linebackers:

*Shawne Merriman (SD)
*Terrell Suggs (BAL)
Adalius Thomas (BAL)

Inside Linebackers:

Zach Thomas (MIA)
*Al Wilson (DEN)


*Champ Bailey (DEN)
*Rashean Mathis (JAX)
Chris McAlister (BAL)

Strong safeties:

*Troy Polamalu (PIT)

Free safeties:

John Lynch (DEN)
*ED Reed (BAL)


Brian Moorman (BUF)


Nate Kaeding (SD)

Kick return:

Justin Miller (NYJ)

Special teamer:

Kassim Osgood (SD)

NFC Roster


*Drew Brees (NO)
Marc Bulger (STL)
Tony Romo (DAL)


*Frank Gore (SF)
Tiki Barber (NYG)
Steven Jackson (STL)


*Mack Strong (SEA)

Wide receivers:

Anquan Boldin (ARI)
Donald Driver (GB)
*Torry Holt (STL)
*Steve Smith (CAR)

Tight ends:

*Alge Crumpler (ATL)
Jeremy Shockey (NYG)


*Jammal Brown (NO)
*Walter Jones (SEA)
Chris Samuels (WAS)


*Shawn Andrews (PHI)
*Steve Hutchinson (MIN)


*Olin Kreutz (CHI)
Matt Birk (MIN)

Defensive ends:

*Julius Peppers (CAR)
*Will Smith (NO)
Aaron Kampman (GB)

Defensive tackles:

*Tommie Harris (CHI)
Kris Jenkins (CAR)
*Kevin Williams (MIN)

Outside linebackers:

*Lance Briggs (CHI)
Julian Peterson (SEA)
*DeMarcus Ware (DAL)

Inside linebackers:

Lofa Tatupu (SEA)
*Brian Urlacher (CHI)


*Ronde Barber (TB)
*DeAngelo Hall (ATL)
Lito Sheppard (PHI)

Strong safeties:

Roy Williams (DAL)
*Adrian Wilson (ARI)

Free safeties:

*Brian Dawkins (PHI)


Mat McBriar (DAL)


Robbie Gould (CHI)

Kick return:

>Devin Hester (CHI)

Special teamer:

Brendon Ayanbadejo (CHI)


Monday, December 18, 2006

Live Blog (Bengals @ the less than Reputable Colts) second half.

Game Over.....Colts beat the Bengals 34-16

1:32- Dwight Freeny just made Carson fumble again...recovered by Bengals.

1:59- I still don't understand why were running the ball and doing screens....throw it deep...stupid

4:30- Dwight Freeny forced another fumble...but this one was recovered by the Bengals...

4:41- Tick, Tick , Tick....the clock just winding down now...this was a bad loss tonight...

5:30- Ricky Proehl dropped a ball forcing the Colts to add to their lead with another FG... Indy-34 Cin-16...

8:21- Rhodes is just running over us right now...pick up of 16.

11:14- Chad Johnson dropped a first down ball and the Bengals forced to punt.

11:27- The call was upheld...still Bengals ball...3rd and 10.

11:27- Palmer hit as he throws again....Indy is challenging that it was a fumble...not an incomplete pass.

12:18- after 2 back-to-back almost interceptions....the Colts go three and out.

13:07- Great, another field goal that doesn't really help us....Indy-31 night gets a little worse.

13:42- Ok, can someone please explain to me why we are still running/swing passing the ball when were down by 18?

Start of the 4th Quarter

2:10- Chad Johnson just went to the locker that takes away another weapon...come on....get it together Carson.

2:16- Another TD for Indy...this time to Reggie Wayne....Indy-31 Cin-13

3:33- Right now the Colts are just completing passes at will...we need a turnover....bad.

5:43- The Indy D all of sudden is play very well...pressuring Carson and making him throw earlier and/or off the back foot....not good....not good at all for my Bengals.

6:36- Manning to Marvin round 3....ok, I would really like for that combo to stop for the night...Ind-24 Cin-13

7:24- Joseph Addai just busted off a 40+ yard run to take the Colts to the 5 yard line...great move having him on my bench...

9:14- After a stop on 3rd down, Cincy will have to settle for another Shayne Graham field goal...Ind-17 Cin-13

10:31- Much like myself, it takes Rudi Johnson a couple of seconds to find the hole...but when he does....he pounds it...oh yeah

11:28- T.J. Houshmanzadeh with a big gain....first down Bengals.

12:07- Indy elected to go for it on 4th and 1 and they were stuffed.

14:47- The Colts received it and after a 6 yard dump pass to Rhodes....Joe Theisman used the word "niftiness" ...that makes me want to break his leg.

Start of the Second half

Live Blog (Bengals @ Less than Reputable Colts) 1st Half

0:00- And Carson gets stripped again.

0:01- The Bengals will get one more shot at a 50+ hail mary.

0:13- Manning to Marvin round 2....not helping me boys... Indy-17 Cin-10

0:17- Peyton ran again...this time he looked more like himself running...a loss of 3.

3:54- Manning just took off for a 14 yard run...he runs like an old guy with a plastic hip...but it got the job done I guess.

5:07- Peyton Manning is finally sacked...I have to felt good seeing him drop to his knees and accept it.

6:35- Jeff Sunday...I mean Saturday was called fora big penalty that took away a big play.

6:49- Touchdown Bengals....that was the one of the easiest rushing touchdowns you'll ever see. Cin-10 Ind-10

8:10- Reggie McNeal....yes that McNeal, rushed for a first down.

8:58- Terrence Wilkins muffed the punt and the Bengals recovered now we get it back at the Colts' 25.

9:09- I'm speechless....a three and out for the Colt's defense...

10:25- Manning to Marvin...again....Colts 10-3...

11:05- Wow, I haven't seen a hole close that fast since....umm let's leave that one alone.

12:28- Joseph Addai runs for a first down and the Colts are in the redzone again.

14:51- Marvin Harrison makes Jonathan Joseph look like....well a rookie.

Start of the 2nd Quarter

End of the 1st Quarter.....Cincinnati-3 Indianapolis-3

0:54- Troy Walters with a nice return...Kevin Kaesviharn has about 68 tackles already, he's in every play.

1:01- The former Hokie bangs it through again...Shayne Graham ties it with a short field goal...Cin-3 Ind-3

1:05- Chris Henry just dropped a touchdown, and Davey just shed a single tear.

2:52- First Down Chad...get used to hearing that tonight.

3:33- Rudi Johnson just ran over and through Cato June and Robert Morris for a big first down.

6:27- Rudi Johnson picks up a short first down. Yep, Colts still can't stop the run.

8:03- Ben Utecht drops the first down so they have to settle for a Vinatieri feild Goal.... Cin-0 Ind-3

8:07- Indy is forced to use their first's 3rd and 6.

9:42- The Colts pick up a first down, and I hate them a little more.

12:35- First play for Indy and it's a 6 yard pass to Ricky Proehl.

12:44- Carson Palmer dropped back right into a wall named Dwight Freeny, he fumbled and the Colts recovered. 1st Down Indy.

12:51- During the Timeout, the Colts challenged the catch and it was catch for Chad.

12:51- Carson's second pass is for 22 yards to Chad...Chad got up a little slow so Marvin Lewis called a timeout.

13:27- On Rudi Johnson's second run, he fumbled but of course, the great Chad Johnson recovered it.

14:17- Chad Johnson introduced the Bengal's offense...hey look Keyshawn, he actually knows their names.

15:00- Bengals received first and returned it to their own 41 yard line.

1st Quarter

Tony Kornheiser's comb over is probably the worst thing on television since...well last week when Tony Kornhiser was on t.v.

Ben Stiller is wearing a Peyton Manning jersey...great now Davey has to take back his copy of "Along Came Polly".

Chris "You're With Me Leather" Berman projected the score to 60-50 Colts...hmmm okay.

Chad Johnson's neat shoes will definitely get him a purdy little fine.

Live blog tonight (Cincy @ Indy)

Well I have nothing else to do, so I am going to live blog the big game tonight. What fun.

Is it possible to blow a 77 point lead?

Well Davey mentioned that he is currently locked in a tight contest in the semi-finals of our fantasy playoffs. Well not me, Davey was nice enough to end my misery and he knocked me out last week. Most people would be angry if their best friend knocked you out of the playoffs, they would stand outside that friends window contemplating murder while they slept...but good thing I don't hold grudges.

Well I am just trying to lock up a 5th place spot right now, I currently have a 77 point lead and for most that would be a definite win, but not yours truely, I have been know to give away a 40+ lead on the final game so I wouldn't put it past me. And it really doesn't help that he's still has three guys available. Carson Palmer, Marvin Harrison and T.J. Houshmanzedah, so you can see why i'm sweating just a tad.

To top things off, I am a huge Bengal fan, so I want Carson to light up the Colts, but I guess as long as he just throws touchdowns to Chad and booking no. 4758-61543 aka Chris Henry I will be fine.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The news is not good for David Pollack...

Well last week I posted about David Pollack getting his halo device removed and we would ahve to wait aobut a week to find out if he had to have neck surgery to completly heal his broken neck.

If the title didn't tip you off, well, it turns out he will have to have the spinal fusion surgery. All though it is good news that he will recover, the surgery will pretty much end his career. Although the neck will be repaired the risk for another broken neck is highley likely. And doctors said if you break your neck once you may be able to play football again, but if you break your neck twice you may not be able to walk again.

I have said many times that Pollack is one of my favorite football players and I am really upset by this news. The fan in me wants to see him back on the field, but their is nothing more important than family and if playing football again risks him being able to do something that is taken so for granted as walking or one day being able to play with your kids then there is no way he can risk that.
So, good luck with the surgery David. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

Fast Times at Redneck High....

Well since nothing is really happening in sports right now, let me take this moment to present to all of you....

Fun With Google: The Redneck addition

First off, this was a very special day for me and Davey. It was our prom and we took these lovely ladies. I'm the dashing fellow on the left in the snazzy white suit that my Grandfather was buried in....don't ask me how I got....let's just say alcohol was involved. Davey's date couldn't find a dress, and she was debating on going nude, but her Pa thought that would be in bad taste, so he took down his confederate flag and made her that sexy little number.

As some of you may know, it's hard out here for hick. So obviously Davey and myself couldn't afford the "traditional" hot tub. So we came up with this brilliant idea. We filled up one of the many bath tubs in his front yard with water and we put it over the fire at our hoot-in-nanny.

Here I am on a hot date. It's hard to complain when this is the alternative.

Now when some of you go out to check out women, you go to a night club....not Davey, he goes to the local women's prison to look for chicks just getting released. His moto is " hey, they just got out of prison, they'll do anyone."

Card games have recently became very popular. So I had the great idea to come up with my own card game. The picture is curtisy of Bill, sadly he's no longer with us. He got into a riding lawnmower accident, we tried to tell him 350 horsepower was enough, but hicks will be hicks.

These are Davey's dogs. Blue, Ed and Napoleon. Davey really cares about his dogs, so he decided to put them on the same dental plan as him.

Have you ever wondered what a cup holder looks like in the south. Well just place your beer in between the nearst pair of breast you can find and there ya go.

Davey isn't a big fan of Santa, and he lets him know exactly how he feels.

I was really worried about North Korea testing nukes, so I decided to build my own storm shelter.

What's more important to a redneck than a 12 pack of bud and a nascar race on the tv? Well nothing but his wedding day is a close 2nd.

This is Davey's wedding day, oh come on Davey, don't be camera shy.

Now some brides throw their bouquets, not my blushing bride. She keeps it straight trailer park, lift her up, tap the keg and lets party.

Since down here in the south, were not really known for our smarts, so we had to have the two people who graduated 4th grade to teach our curious youth sex ed.

I was a little mad at Davey for awhile, because he stopped listening to our native country music for an 80's album that just came in a couple of days ago. Well he immediatley took family portraits with his new dew.

Last but certainly not least, here is Davey's drunk 2nd cousin twice removed modeling some redneck maternity wear.

Well that's all for now, I hope you enjoyed.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Well it's almost that time....

Well it's almost that time. I am going to be turning 18 next month and I have been told....several times that it's about damn time I find a job. Well I wouldn't go as far as saying I have any job "skills" or actually any skills at all.(unless being able to leave cops and doctors speechless...I decided it would be a brilliant idea to be the first person to race a vacuum cleaner naked inside of a jiffy lube...long story short it ended with 8 stitches on my no-no part, a broken fibula and 10 years of thearpy.)

I have it narrowed down to potential career paths for myself.

1. Professional Chipmunk Wrangler

Now I know some of you may be wondering what exactly a PCW is. Well it's only the coolest most awesomest job there is and I get to wear that sweet ass uniform. Basically you sit in this truck and you wait until you see these little demons come out from their lairs to cause all sorts of shenanigans.(including shoving nuts that don't belong to them in their not those nuts...get your mind out of the gutter...purposly getting people to mistake them for soft and cuddely squirrels and then when you try to pet them they steal your rings, bite you and run away like little bitches....and I want my justice friends ring back, it took me 312 boxtops to get it) Anyway, when they come out, you gotta "wrangle them up and put them in cages and sell them to this weird guy...I don't know what he does with them, but i'm sure it's nothing mean or strange.

2. Eater for the Bulimic

I doubt this profession exists....yet. But hey, I figure they have readers for the blind so I could eat for a bulimic person...I could sing them songs as I eat their strudels and cupcakes. Of course I don't want to become hideoulsy overweight so I may have to think about that one.

3. Hooker

If all else fails, do what my great great great grandmother says to do.....hook. But I would have to learn how to run from cops in 4 inch heels, while trying to hold on to money and keep my skirt on....speaking of skirts, does this skirt make my hips look big?

Well with these options...I can look forward to an interesting 2007.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Top 25 (NCAAB)

1. UCLA 8-0
2. Pittsburgh 10-0
3. North Carolina 7-1
4. Ohio State 8-1
5. Florida 8-2
6. Duke 9-1
7. Wisconsin 9-1
8. Connecticut 8-0
9. Alabama 8-1
10. Witchita State 7-0
11. Arizona 7-1
12. Kansas 8-2
13. Texas A&M 7-2
14. Washington 7-1
15. LSU 5-2
16. Gonzaga 9-2
17. Oklahoma State 11-0
18. Butler 10-1
19. Memphis 7-2
20. Air Force 10-1
21. Nevada 7-1
22. Marquette 9-2
23. Michigan State 9-2
24. Oregon 7-0
25. Clemson 10-0

I'm going to talk a little about my Huskies, the Connecticut version. When I first saw what the starting roster was going to look like this season, I was a little worried. I never lost faith, I just thought they would come in 3rd or 4th in the Big East. We only have 1 senior on the UConn roster and he doesn't even play, we have 1 junior, much like our lone senior, he doesn't play either. But we do have alot of talent, we have tons of great atheletes that have alot of potential. We lost our whole starting line-up and even the best bench player in the nation last year. Rudy Gay, Josh Boone, Hilton Armstrong and Marcus Williams all were selected in the NBA draft and Denham Brown and Rashad Anderson also graduated. But like I said earlier we have alot of talent and it has propelled us to a great start.

#12 A.J. Price PG - A.J. is our starting point guard. Some of you may remember last year when Marcus Williams was suspended for the first 15 games or so by Jim Calhoun for stealing laptops with the intent to sell them. Well there was another Huskie involved in that and that was Price. He was suspended the whole year though. He has came back and he is proving that he can run this team.

A.J.'s numbers.... 13.9 ppg, 5.1 apg, 2.5 rpg

#11 Jerome Dyson SG - Jerome is the first of our many outstanding freshman. He is a highflyer with good range. He lacks the size of a 2 guard but he makes it up with solid defense and the ability to penetrate and cut to the basket extremely well.

Jerome's numbers.... 13.6 ppg, 2.6 apg, 3.4 rpg

#1 Marcus Johnson G/F - Marcus is the first of 3 returning players that had playing time last year. Out of the three Marcus had the least amount of playing time. He isn't really a great scorer but he can come out and get you 10 points or so and he plays hard and he makes it on the highlight reel with some of his dunks. I think he is going to improve though, he has decent range, he just doesn't shoot that much.

Marcus' numbers.... 9.3 ppg, 1.6 apg, 4.4 rpg

#4 Jeff Adrien F - Now it's time to talk about my favorite player on this team. He got the most playing time out of the returning players last year, because of his vesitility. He is only 6'6" but he plays power forward. That means he plays against guys that average around 6'9". That should explain why he is so versitile. He is the type of player that if needed he could play 4 out of the 5 positions. He is a very good passer, but he just doesn't get alot of assists. He plays bigger than he is, he is a tremendous athlete with great scoring ability, an outstanding rebounder and an excellent shot blocker. Add all those together and what do you get? My favorite player.

Jeff's numbers.... 13.3 ppg, .4 apg, 10.6 rpg, 1.9 blk

#34 Hasheem Thabeet - Hasheem is one of prized freshman. He is absoulutley huge, he stands at 7'3" and about 270 lbs. I can't remember having someone that tall in quite awhile. He has struggled a little bit though. Both scoring and rebounding aren't quite there yet, but trust me, he will come along. One of the most amazing stats from Hasheem so far is his blocks per game. He averages 5.1 blocks a game. I know, you're impressed, well so am I. Anyway, give him some time and the points and rebounds will improve.

Hasheem's numbers.... 6.5 ppg, .5 apg, 7.0 rpg, 5.1 blk

Best bench players...

#3 Doug Wiggins(freshman) PG - 6.8 ppg, 2.3 apg, 1.9 rpg
#24 Craig Austrie G - 5.5 ppg, 1.3 apg, .9 rpg
#21 Stanley Robinson(freshman) F - 5.5 ppg, .8 apg, 4.8 rpg

Sunday, December 10, 2006

David Pollack has stabilizing halo removed...

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker, David Pollack, finally got his stabilizing halo removed on Thursday. He had been wearing it for the last 3 months, when he broke his neck in week 2 against the Cleveland Browns.

It has been very hard the last 3 months for the Pollack family. David hasn't been able to shower, driver, or move from his waist up. David's main goal was to be out of the halo by Christmas so he could turn his head to open presents.

When asked how it felt to take a shower for the first time in 11 weeks and 3 days.

"I stayed in the shower until I was good and pruned," Pollack said. "I think I washed my hair and body seven times."

But getting the halo removed is just the fist step. The Pollack family will still have to wait till Friday to find out if he will have to have spinal fusion surgery. If he has to have the surgery, then his career would be over, if he doesn't then their is still a chance. I hope he doesn't not only because he's one of my favorite players, but I don't like seeing anyone have their career's taken away from them. Good luck David, and I hope to see you in a Bengal's uniform soon.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Final Heisman Update.

Before we get started, I made a mistake. I said earlier that I had had Troy Smith #1 on my Heisman list the whole season. Well, I just checked all my Heisman post and was shocked to find out that in Week 4 I had Adrian Peterson ranked #1 and Smith #2. It's not a big deal, if you look at the stats, Peterson deserved it, but I was pretty sure I had Smith #1 the whole time, oh well.

At 7:55 PM, one of Troy Smith's biggest dreams came through. He was awarded the 2006 Heisman Memorial Trophy. He deserved it, after the season that he had, it was hard to argue that he shouldn't have received it. But the most important stat that you won't see in the stat books, the one stat that won him the most highley regarded award in all of College Football, was his leadership. When Jim Tressell needed someone to step up, Troy was there, whenever The Ohio State needed a score, Troy was leading them.

I have been watching the Heisman presentation for many years now and never have I heard a speach quite like Troy's. I mean Reggie's last year was outstanding, when he was talking about his step dad, brought a little tear to my eye. But Troy's was great. I have never heard some one give most of the credit to his offensive line, he even named all of them.(Unlike MeShawn) Troy Smith is a senior and in April he will be going to New York once again for the NFL Draft. Right now he's projected to be late first or an early second round pick. I pretty much agree with that, but I think he will be a very good pro, he will probably be a slash player kind of like Kordell Stewart and Antwan Randel El. But eventually he could be a starting quarterback, hopefully.

The votes, like I thought, weren't even close. Troy broke the record previously held by last year's winner, Reggie Bush, with 86.7% percent of the first place votes. Also his total point value(2,540) ranked third all-time. Only behind a couple of Trojans, O.J. Simpson( 2,853) and Reggie Bush(2,541).

Final votes:

1. Troy Smith QB(OSU) 1st-801, 2nd- 62, 3rd-13, Total- 2540

2. Darren McFadden RB(ARK) 1st- 45, 2nd- 298, 3rd- 147, Total- 878

3. Brady Quinn QB(ND) 1st- 13, 2nd- 276, 3rd- 191, Total-782

4. Steve Slaton RB(WVU) 1st- 6 2nd- 51 3rd- 94, Total- 214

5. Mike Hart RB(MICH) 1st- 5, 2nd- 58, 3rd- 79, Total- 210

Friday, December 08, 2006

Big week in Baseball.

Well as you may know, this week was one of the busiest/frustrating times in baseball. The Winter Meetings. It's basically when GMs gather in a hotel and make deals and god only knows what else. I'm not saying that they aren't doing their job, i'm just saying shit can happen when you get a couple of prune daiquiris in ya. This year the meetings were held at Disney Land. That way the GM's could attempt to feel young again by riding roller coasters, stay up past their bed times(8 pm), etc. I'm sure they had the time of their lives in between trades/signings. Those GMs are all old(except for Epstein...he's young so he doesn't count) so I would imagine this was their average days...

3:30 AM: Wake up at the crack of too damn early.

3:32 AM: Try and find your tentures so you don't scare the little kids.

3:45 AM: Get dressed in their finest suits and finest suspenders(John Schuerholz...) and start to walk downstairs to catch breakfast.

3:58 AM: Still walking.

4:25 AM: Stop for a potty break...old people pee alot.

4:47 AM: Yep, still walking.

5:03 AM: Finally they arrive and find out that they are serving their favorites...Bran cereal, prune juice, Flintstone vitamins and a hearty glass of ensure. Life is good.

5:45 AM: Finish breakfast and they all go to a room to talk trades.

11:27 AM: Stop for a lunch break and go to the theme park.

12:49 PM: Decide to go back to the hotel becasue of all the GM's complain that Goofy scared the shit out of them, literally. Someone forgot the depends.

1:32 PM: Arrive back at the hotel but one GM almost falls out of the car and breaks a hip.

2:41 PM: Start up the talks again....

5: 27 PM: Eat dinner, Oh goody its mac and cheese night, and applesauce for desert.

6:40 PM: Nothing else to do so decide to call some "entertainment" and more of the delicious daiquiris.

7:02 PM: The "entertainment" arrives and it nearly kills about 26 of the GM's because it was a stripper...and when they were asked if they wanted entertainment they thought it would be a good game of risk.

7:58 PM: A long and interesting day comes to an end and its off to bed for these very busy and tired little tikes.

That was my vision of a average day in the life of the GM's at Disney Land.

Of course there always has to be one knucklehead that has to over do it. Cubs' GM, Jim Hendry had to undergo an Angioplasty Wednesday. I'm not sure what triggered this but it was probably because he just realized how much money he had spent over the last couple of weeks.

Other news:

John Schuerholz pulled off one of the best trades in some time. He shipped injury plagued and less than average starting pitcher, Horacio Ramirez to Seattle for a stud reliever, Rafeal Soriano. Seattle was desperate for starting pitching that is the only reason why I can think that they would accept a trade as lopsided as this one...touché John....touché.

Monday, December 04, 2006

If Reggie McNeal finds out he's wrong he'll punch you in the chest...

What's it been, like a month, a month and a half since a Bengal was arrested? Well what's a winning streak without a felony, that's what I always say. I'm sure Reggie was just doing his part to ensure that we keep this streak going.

Reggie McNeal is a rookie wide receiver out of Texas A&M. Early Sunday morning he was arrested outside of Houston night club, The Red Door, after he was refused entrance into the club.....because it was closed. Well apparently Reggie felt that the club should still be open and the two police officers that denied his entrance were in the wrong. So instead of walking away he decided that the best thing to do would go up to the officers and punch one of them in the chest. So not only are you a back up at a position that you don't even play, now you are going to get charged with resisting arrest in a city that you probably should'nt be in....ok, just making sure I have everything in order.

So, just for shits and giggles(still no idea where I heard that, just like it) lets make a small list of the Bengals that have been arrested/suspended this season.

LB) Odell Thurman: League substance abuse policy violation
LB) A.J. Nicholson: Burgalry, grand theft
DE) Frostee Rucker: Spousal battery
WR) Chris Henry: where to begin....three counts of Unlawful transaction with a minor, Speeding, Operating a vehicle under the influence, Felony possession of a concealed firearm, Possession of Marijuana.
G) Eric Steinbach: Boating under the influence
DT) Matthias Askew: Resisting arrest (he was dismissed from the team)
WR) Reggie McNeal: Resisting arrest

What can I say, gotta love em, but sometimes they make me so Furrey-ious.(for those of you that don't know, I got that awesome pun from Davey, he says its the worst but I think it's one of the best, I had a seizure from laughing so hard, I fell out my chair and hit my head on the side of the desk. It's ok, don't worry i'm beginning to remember most things from my past again....I think.)


"3rdQ 1:20 - Miami's defense forces another punt and they are firmly in control at the moment. Mike Furrey is furrey-ious on the sideline and that was officially the worst pun you will ever hear"

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Come on, let's say it together " Playoff"!!!

Real quick here is the list of all of the Bowl games and I guess i'll go ahead and make my picks...

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia

TCU vs. Northern Illinois

My pick: TCU

Pioneer Pure Vision Las Vegas

BYU vs. Oregon

My pick: BYU

R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl

Rice vs. Troy
My pick: Rice Bowl
South Florida vs. East Carolina
My pick: South Florida
New Mexico
New Mexico vs. San Jose State
My Pick: San Jose State
Bell Helicopter Armed Forces
Tulsa vs. Utah
My pick: Tulsa
Sheraton Hawaii
Arizona State vs. Hawaii
My pick: Hawaii
Motor City
Middle Tennessee State vs. Central Michigan
My pick: Central Michigan
Florida State vs. UCLA
My pick: UCLA
PetroSun Independence
Oklahoma State vs. Alabama
My pick: Alabama
Pacific Life Holiday
California vs. Texas A&M
My pick: Texas A&M
Rutgers vs. Kansas State
My pick: Rutgers
Gaylord Hotels Music City
Clemson vs. Kentucky
My pick: Clemson
Brut Sun
Oregon State vs. Missouri
My pick: Missouri
AutoZone Liberty
Houston vs. South Carolina
My pick: South Carolina
Texas Tech vs. Minnesota
My pick: Texas Tech
Champs Sports
Purdue vs. Maryland
My picks: Maryland
Meineke Car Care
Navy vs. Boston College
My pick: Boston College
Texas vs. Iowa
My pick: Texas
My pick: VIRGINIA TECH (duh)
MPC Computers
Miami (FL) vs. Nevada
My pick: Miami (FL)
Tennessee vs. Penn State
My pick: Tennessee
AT&T Cotton
Auburn vs. Nebraska
My pick: Auburn
Toyota Gator
West Virginia vs. Georgia Tech
My pick: West Virginia
Capital One
Arkansas vs. Wisconsin
My pick: Arkansas
Rose Bowl presented by Citi
USC vs. Michigan
My pick: Michigan
Tostitos Fiesta
Boise State vs. Oklahoma
My pick: Oklahoma
FedEx Orange
Louisville vs. Wake Forest
My pick: Louisville
Allstate Sugar
Notre Dame vs. LSU
My pick: LSU
Cincinnati vs. Western Michigan
My pick: Western Michigan
Ohio vs. Southern Miss
My pick: Southern Miss
Tostitos BSC Championship Game
Florida vs. Ohio State
My pick: Ohio State

Mario who???

Last April when the Houston Texans had the number draft pick, everyone thought they would take Reggie Bush. Well everyone but the Houston Texans. When it came time for them to make their pick they chose Mario Williams, defensive end out of North Carolina State University. WHAT??? You pass up the Heisman trophy winner and future great, Reggie Bush for a good lineman?

So far this season Reggie Bush hasn't been, as a whole, great. But he has been very good returning kicks and slowly but surely inching closer to that receptions for a rookie record. But he hasn't really shown what we all thought we would. The multiple touchdowns, the ankle breaking moves, the type of runs that make you say "wow". Well....he's back.

Entering Sundays game vs. San Francisco, Reggie Bush's numbers have been good, not great but good. But he blew up that stat books with his crazy game against the niners. 10 carries 37 yards 3 TDs , 9 receptions 131 yards and 1 TD and 4 return yards. 142 total yards, 4 total touchdowns and some of the sweetest 9 yard runs you'll ever see.

Updated Heisman Picture

1. Troy Smith QB(OSU) IDLE

Troy Smith is going to win the Heisman, I don't think that their is any doubt about that. Throughout the whole season he has been very consistant through the air and the ground. He has transformed himself into a pure passer that has the ability to escape. Last year he had 16 passing touchdowns, this year, he has tossed 30. Passing yards, he's only up around 300, but he has really proven that he can stand in the pocket and let plays develop, if you don't believe me then look at his rushing yards. Last year he had 136 carries for 611 yards and 11 TDs, this year, he only has taken off 62 times for 233 yards and 1 touchdown. 2006 Heisman winner= Troy Smith.

2. Darren McFadden RB(ARK) 21 car 73 yds, 2 rec 27 yds, 1-3 2 yds 1 TD, 1 INT

To be completely honest with all of you, it took me quite a few games to see the light. Well, I have seen the light, and it can do it all. Run, pass and catch, the next LT. McFadden is only a sophomore, so he has at least 1 more year to make another run for the Heisman. I think the votes would be alot closer if it wasn't for Darren's inconsistantley this year. He has had 5 games this year that he has failed to rush for 100 yards. That hurt's his campaign expecially since 3 of the 5 were conference games(including last night against Florida) and in the first game of the season for Arkansas he only racked up 42, and that was against USC.

3. Brady Quinn QB(ND) IDLE

Quinn was on alot of people's Heisman list at the beginning of the season and he really hasn't done much to say he shouldn't still be towards the top. I mean if you look at his numbers, he has had only had 1 bad game. It's true that that "one bad game" happened in week 3 against Michigan. Quinn ended up throwing 3 interceptions and the Figting Irish lost their first game of the season. So, no Heisman for Quinn, but he will be a very rich man come April. He is projected by many Mock Drafts to be the number 1 pick.

4. Colt Brennan QB(HAW) 37-50 401 yds 2 TDs 2 INTs , 14 car 11 yds 1 TD

Much like Texas Tech, Hawaii just keeps putting out quarterbacks that can just sling it 50+ times and 300+ yards a game. Well Colt Brennan may just be the best. He is just 1 touchdown shy of the record for most touchdowns in a season with 53 which was set by Houston's David Kingler in 1990 (54). He still has one more chance to break it, in the Hawaii Bowl. I don't think he's going to win the Heisman just because he's not the best player in the Nation. But I do think he's one of the best quarterbacks and will have his name in the history books when this season is done.

5. Mike Hart RB(MICH) IDLE

Mike Hart has been very good this whole season. He is a big reason why the Wolverines have only 1 loss(and that was to OSU). He just comes out their every Saturday, gets his 120+ and a TD, when your QB can count on his runningback coming out day in and day out and be as consistant as Hart is....well see Henne's numbers. Henne has been able to play without all the pressure on him alone because Hart was healthy this year. Hart went to another level this year but not he's not Heisman level...yet. It's going to be very interesting to see if he stays for his senior year, or he opts out and goes pro. I think he'll stay, but I guess we'll see.

So a little recap....

2006 Heisman winner = Troy Smith

2007 Heisman winner = Branden Ore??? (I know, I know....probably McFadden)

Top 25 (Week 14)

1. Ohio State 12-0 (Big 10 Champs)
2. Florida 12-1 (SEC Champs)
3. Michigan 11-1
4. LSU 10-1
5. Louisville 11-1 (Big East Champs)
6. Wisconsin 11-1
7. Boise State 12-0 (WAC Champs)
8. Oklahoma 11-2 (Big 12 Champs)
9. USC 10-2 (PAC 10 Champs)
10. Auburn 10-2
11. West Virginia 10-2
12. Arkansas 10-3
13. Virginia Tech 10-2
14. Notre Dame 10-2
15. Wake Forest 10-3 (ACC Champs)
16. Texas 9-3
17. Rutgers 10-2
18. Tennessee 9-3
19. BYU 10-2 (MWC Champs)
20. California 9-3
21. Texas A&M 9-3
22. TCU 9-2
23. Nebraska 9-4
24. Boston College 9-3
25. Houston 10-3 (C-USA Champs)

Other Conference Champs:

MAC- Central Michigan 9-4
Sun Belt- Troy 7-5

Saturday, December 02, 2006

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's.... the Virginia Tech defense?

Damn skippy! I have a new title for the awesome Virginia Tech Hokie defense, The Fantasic Three( I could only afford three jumpsuits...).

1. Xavier Adibi = Superman

Xavier Adibi makes Superman look like Adam Morrison after that loss to UCLA last year. Not many people know this, but Adibi is Superman's love child, Adibi was conceived after a late Duran Duran show in Topeka, Kansas.(That's how he rollzz)I'm super duper serial!!! Go ahead, take a close look, you'll see the resemblence. "X" can do it all, when he's not forcing opponets to contemplate retirement he flies(did I mention that he can fly? Hmm, probably should mentioned that, oh well) over to differant countries just to have sex with only the most gorgeous women and pillage those countries and take their gold and shit (and that hasn't happened since like 1850, so you know they were like " what the does pillage mean? I think it's a type of biscuit, then why is he taking your watch?...but you know, in differant accents)

2. Victor "Macho" Harris = The Flash

The Flash has nothing on Macho Harris, Harris and Flash had a race last Tuesday. Not only did Macho win, he got his Christmas shopping done, saved a girl scout from a grizzly bear, went through the adoption process and adopted a baby from Antigua and named him Steve and renewed his driver's licenes at the DMV all before The Flash heard "Go". Yeah, I know...your jealous he's not on your team.

3. Vince Hall = Captain America

What more can you say, the man can do no wrong. But unlike Captain America, Vince Hall doesn't need a stupid shield, he doesn't need any armor(wait, do pads count?) I'm not sure if there is a player that hits harder or reads the quarterback better than Hall. Shit, he came out of his mom watching game tape and even takled the doctor for smacking his heinie to hard(thats right, I said heinie, so what, you wanna fight about it?....But just don't hit me too hard, I tend to bruise easy and is there anything less attractive than a grown man weeping? I thought so.)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Just one of those days at the office...

Have you ever been searching on-line and you stubble across a story that just grabs your attention? Well that happened to me with this one.

The story is basically just talking about how Rex Grossman was talking shit to Darren Sharper and Dwight Smith after a game winning touchdown that Grossman threw wehn he wasn't breaking a fibula.

I don't know exactly what Rex could've said that would get to Sharper and Smith, I mean look at them. Sharper is a three-time Pro Bowl safety, Smith is...well he's an ok guy.(never met him, but what the hell). Rex is a good quarterback when he's not in rehab(not for drugs, but for injuries...but then again, i'm sure he took pain killers, and those are sorta like drugs, I know they are drugs, but they're not drug drugs. Does that make any sense? Probably not, but whatever, bare with me. Anyways, back to the post....I know, I know.) But seriously, Rex must of said something that irked Sharper(probably a yo momma joke)if he's going to the media to bitch about it. This is football, quit crying about him hurting your feelings and settle it on the field.(That's what I would've said, if he wasn't so big.) Don't cry and bitch to the media, knock him in the mouth!!!( Yeah, but don't actually hit him too hard, you'll get flagged and cost your team 15 yards, there is rules against that, gosh!) So my expert advice would be, Darren, stop whinning and Rex, try not to break a femur.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More bad news for Miami Athletics.

Nothing else could to Miami, right?


CORAL GABLES, Fla. (AP) -- The unarmed man shot to death by New York police
hours before his wedding was the nephew of Miami basketball coach Frank Haith.

Haith called the death of 23-year-old Sean Bell a "tremendous shock to me and
my family."

"Sean was a good kid who was looking forward to getting married and beginning
a new chapter in his life," Haith said in a statement. "Our family is
devastated, but I would prefer to wait until all the facts are known before
commenting further."

Bell was killed and two of his friends were wounded Saturday after his
bachelor party at a strip club in Queens. Suspecting one of the men had a gun,
police fired 50 shots at the group's vehicle. The men were unarmed.

Haith will attend Bell's funeral Friday, the school told The Miami Herald on
Monday night. Haith was expected to coach the team when it played at
Northwestern on Tuesday. He is scheduled to return to the team for its Atlantic
Coast Conference opener Sunday at home against Georgia Tech.

I am a diehard Hokie fan and I hate Miami, but even I feel horrible for the University. If the horrible season that triggered the firing of Larry Coker, the whole thing with Willie Cooper getting shot and Brandon Meriweather returning fire before the season and the tragic murder of Bryan Pata wasn't enough, now this. Come on, when is this going to end?

The most disturbing thing about this story is, the fact that the police "thought" they were armed so they fired 50 shots!!! I want to hear from these cops, I want to know what he did for those cops to fear for their lives. It went from one of the happiest moments for a family for a truely horrible time. My prayers to his family.

Monday, November 27, 2006

10 ways to ruin your Fantasy Football team.

10. Crack is a hell of a drug!

9. Never, under any circumstances, take my advice. Davey can verify that for you. He asked me if he should take Lee Evans, I said no, because he has J.P. Losman throwing to him. And he promptly goes for 265 yards and 2 TDs.

8. Never decline a trade with an insucure league manager. Ever since I declined his trade, I have been on a 5 game losing streak...coincidence...I think not.

7. Pre-Draft rankings/gameplans before you draft are stupid. If you are anything like me(if you are, i'm sorry.) I spent along time ranking my players, trying to get last second inside soon as the draft started...I started sweating, stuttering and much like my performances in the bedroom, it just ended with crying, appolgizing and criticism about my decision making.(Sorry Amber, I thought you said you were into trying differant things)

6. When you are selecting a league to join, I would suggest joining a league that you know absolutely no hurts less when a stranger insults you.

5. Small Leagues are better. I am in 2 leagues right now. The first one is a large league(16), my second league is small(6). Well if you are in a small league, the chances that you will get better players is much higher(unless your me. Then you get stuck with starting players that retired 6 years ago). If you are a fantasy guru, then go for the big leagues...if you are like me, then you are asked to just quit while you are ahead.

4. Don't always believe the "experts". "Don't take Brees, he can't throw, take Daunte, he can scramble".Some of these guys know about as much about football as I do about strip aerobics.( I only took 3 classes)

3. Don't be a homer. If all you do is draft your favorite players then you will be spending alot of time at the bottom of the barrell. I should know, Akili Smith is getting me shit.

2. Check you teams daily!!! I neglected to this week and...well..anytime your bench out scores your starting lineup, well you got a problem.

1. The number one way you can ruin your fantasy football team is.....drumroll please...Pass up LaDainian Tomlison for Shaun Alexander. I neglected to take into consideration that Alexander lost his best offensive lineman, Steve Hutchinson, I wasn't worried about the Madden curse, and I neglected LT's greatness. I don't care who is available, if LT is there TAKE HIM!!!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Updated Heisman Picture

1. Troy Smith QB(OSU) Look, I have had him #1 the whole season, he's going to win.

2. Darren McFadden RB(ARK) 21 car 182 yds 2 TDs,2-2 33 yds,1 rec 7 yds

3. Brady Quinn QB(ND) 22-45 274 3 TDs , 11 car 74 yds

4. Ian Johnson RB(BOISE) 31 car 147 yds 3 TDs

5. Ray Rice RB(RUTG) 23 car 107 1 TD

Top 25 (Week 13)

1. Ohio State 12-0
2. USC 10-1
3. Florida 11-1
4. Michigan 11-1
5. LSU 10-2
6. Louisville 10-1
7. Wisconsin 11-1
8. Boise State 12-0
9. Arkansas 10-2
10. Oklahoma 10-2
11. Aurburn 10-2
12. Rutgers 10-1
13. Norte Dame 10-2
14. Virginia Tech 10-2
15. West Virginia 9-2
16. Wake Forest 10-2
17. Texas 9-3
18. Nebraska 9-3
19. Tennessee 9-3
20. BYU 10-2
21. Hawaii 10-2
22. California 8-3
23. Georgia Tech 9-3
24. Texas A&M 9-3
25. TCU 9-2

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Fighting Gobblers-17 Hoo's-0

I had a great post written but my computer froze up before I got to save it, so now you have to deal with this....

Another dominating game for the Hokie defense. We held UVA to 112 total yards, allowed only 5 first downs and forced 2 turnovers. I said earlier that I expected Branden Ore to play and of course he didn't. But that's ok, I want him to have all the time that he possibly can for our Chick-Fil-A bowl game. In his absence was freshman runningback, Kenny Lewis. Lewis was very good today, going for 19 carries for 79 yards. George Bell also got playing time and played very well, he racked up 41 yards on 14 carries and got the only rushing touchdown of the day. Sean Glennon made 1 mistake today, an interception early in the first quarter that resulted for nothing for the Cavs. Other than that one bad throw, he was very accurate and went 12-18 for 148 yds and 1 TD, he also chipped in with 31 yards on the ground.

Brandon Pace added to his Virginia Tech record with his 22nd straight field goal in the third quarter. But in the fourth quarter he lined up for a 47 yard attempt, the only problem is his career longest is 46, so I was extremely worried, but I still had faith in him. It was a good snap, a good hold, but it was just wide right.(does that bring back in good memories Davey?) During the game the guys in the booth mentioned that with Brandon Pace's third quarter field goal he moved into first place all-time in FG PCT. I don't remember the guy who he passed but he was old, like 1930 old.

So it looks like we are Chick-Fil-A bowl bound. Who we will face is still up in the air, i'm thinking it's going to be Georgia. Which is more than ok with me.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Chick-Fil-A or bust...

Well when I was browsing around ESPN this evening, I stubbled upon this. It's a list of all the bowls this year and the projected teams that will play in them. Some I agree with, some I disagree with. And by disagree I mean, I hope it doesn't happen. Here's a small list of thoughts on this, enjoy.

1. The FedEx Orange Bowl

The projected matchup is Georgia Tech vs. Louisville. First of all that would mean GT would win the ACC, which I would rather not happen(some of you may remember, I had a couple of choice words about GT's effort against my Hokies). Although I am positive Louisville would come out victorious, I would prefer nothing good happen to GT(such as a BCS bid).

2. Chick-fil-A Bowl

Ok, this is apparently our bowl. Both Ivan Maisel and Mark Schlabach have predicted My Hokies to play in this bowl, but there is a dispute on who we will play. Maisel says Tennessee and Schalabach says Georgia. Honestly I don't care who we play, I feel our defensive and our speacial teams are better than both of them. Offense, there is still some questions. Sean Glennon hasn't necessarily been the most consistant quarterback but when he's on...he's on. Both UT and UGA both kinda have a runningback by commitee, now i'm not to familar with the runningback situation in Tennessee but they have 3 possible starters, LaMarcus Coker, Montario Hardesty and Arian Foster. To be honest the only one that I have seen play is Arian Foster, but i'm not worried. In Georgia I am defintely aware of their trio of good runningbacks. Kregg Lumpkin has distanced himself as the starter but Danny Ware and Thomas Brown are just as good. Trust me, I would take Branden Ore over all of them, and i'm not just being biased(I swear).

3. BCS Championship Game

Both Maisel and Schalabach say it's going to be Ohio State and USC. And I have to say I agree with them. I'm not a big fan of USC at all, to be honest I think they are overrated. But i'm not really in favor for a re-match so I guess I have to settle for USC. If I had my choice, it would be Ohio State vs. Florida. But unless USC loses at least 1 game and Florida wins the SEC(likely) and the voters jump Florida over Michigan, I don't see it happening.

That's all for now....maybe i'll do a couple more later.

The Forgotten Game Recap.

I haven't done a Hokie recap in awhile, I don't really know why, I just haven't. But since I can't find anything exciting to write about, what the hell, i'll do one now.

#19 Virginia Tech-27
#14 Wake Forest- 6

Ok, this was another dominating victory for the Fighting Gobblers. We had to do this one with out future Heisman hopeful, Branden Ore though. After having a very impressive 3 straight games with at least 2 touchdowns snapped last week against Kent State, Ore only had 1 carry for 5 yards against Wake Forest. At the end of that carry, Ore's left leg folded awkwardly underneath him as he went down, and he was helped to the sideline where he pounded his fist on a table while being examined by team officials. He stayed on the sidelines on crutches for the rest of the game, but should play in the Hokies final regular season game this Saturday against rival Virginia.

Elan Lewis led the way with 74 yards on the ground and even George Bell got playing time.(he quit the team for awhile because of constant injuries to his knees.) Besides our defense, Sean Glennon really stepped up and had one of his best games as a hokie. Glennon went 14/21 252 yds and 2 TDs, including a 53 yard TD pass to Josh Morgan and another TD pass to Eddie Royal this one for 49 yards. My favorite player Xavier Adibi, chipped in with 35 yard fumble return for a TD and a season low, 2 tackles.

Full Recap

Monday, November 20, 2006

Updated Heisman Picture

1. Troy Smith QB(OSU) 29-41 316 yds 4 TDs 1 INT, 4 car 12 yds

2. Brady Quinn QB(ND) 22-30 218 yds 4 TDs 1 INT, 5 car 32 yds

3. Steve Slaton RB(WVU) 23 car 215 yds 2 TDs, 6 rec 130 yds 2 TDs

4. Darren McFadden RB(ARK) 26 car 84 yds, 1-1 16 yds

5. Ray Rice RB(RUTG) 18 car 54 yds 1 TD

*Ian Johnson RB(Boise) did not play(injured)

Top 25 (Week 12)

1. Ohio State 12-0
2. Michigan 11-1
3. USC 9-1
4. Florida 10-1
5. Arkansas 10-1
6. Notre Dame 10-1
7. West Virginia 10-1
8. LSU 9-2
9. Louisville 9-1
10. Wisconsin 11-1
11. Boise State 11-0
12. Texas 9-2
13. Oklahoma 9-2
14. Aurburn 10-2
15. Rutgers 9-1
16. Georgia Tech 9-2
17. Virginia Tech 9-2
18. Boston College 9-2
19. Tennessee 8-3
20. BYU 9-2
21. Wake Forest 9-2
22. California 8-3
23. Clemson 8-3
24. Nebraska 8-3
25. Hawaii 9-2

Friday, November 17, 2006

Legendary Michigan Coach,Bo Schembechler, passes away.

On the eve of aguragbly the biggest game in college football, Michigan vs Ohio State, Legendary Michigan coach, Bo Schembechler, passed away just moments ago. He was taken to Providence Hospital after collapsing at a WXYZ news studio, where he was taping his show, The Big Ten Ticket.

Coach Schembechler has had 2 major heart attack and 2 quadruple bypass surgeries and just two weeks ago, he had a pace maker implanted.

He is the pride of Michigan, thought by many to have resurrected the greatest rivalry in all sports. In his 21 seasons at Michigan, he led the Wolverines to a 194-48-5. In his bowl games Bo went 5-12. Bo Schembechler, dead at the age of 77.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

See rumors can be hurtful...

As some of you may know, there has been a recent trade rumor with my Atlanta Braves that made me drool and soil myself. The rumor either started late last night or early this morning and it stated that the San Diego Padres would send SP Jake Peavy and RP Scott Linebrink to the Atlanta Braves for 2B Marcus Giles, SP Horacio Ramirez and C Jarrod Saltalamacchia. This potential blockbuster trade was first reported here. When I read this, sure I was excited by the possibilities, but it was a little hard to believe that the Padres would be willing to part with their ace and potential Cy Young winner. But the more it was discussed on the BravesJournal, I dismissed that idea and it started to make alot more sense. The Padres have a big hole to fill at 2nd base, which Giles would fill nicely, Salty is a stud prospect, thought by many to be the best catching prospect out there and HoRam is a young, talented pitcher that has just had his share of injuries(probably a throw in). The more and more I thought about the possibilities that we could land Peavy and Linebrink, the more drool flowed from my stationary jaw. Later on I found out that Linebrink wasn't in the talks, but I didn't really care at that point. I wanted Peavy...bad!!! Besides that one site, I couldn't find anyother sites to support this rumor. After alot of searching, it finally paid off, on they had a post basically confirming what had been said earlier, that the deal was close to being done, then AJC mentioned it on a blog, then it was mentioned on a fan forum of the Braves(which should never be trusted). But of course I trusted it, along with everything else. So like the smug bastard I am, I called/emailed everyone I know(all three of them)bragging, singing ridiculous jingles that were quite putrid and had come to me in the time it took me to dial the number. Running outside and knocking on random doors of Cardinal fans and slapping them in the face, screaming expletives that made no sense but followed by "we have Peavy and you don't" so it's all good. And of course like every thing else in my life it was false, not true, a downright lie. So now I am reduced to refusing to answer my phone out of fear of the tounge lashing that I will receive from the elderly women two houses down from me that took offense to my comment I made to her. Personally I have no idea what made her so angry and violent, all I said was "Hey lady, now you have something in common with the Mets, you'll both be buried in a couple of months". So it looks like my Braves will not have the services of Mr. Jacob Edward Peavy. And I know have a court hearing in the morning, overall a bad day.

Monday, November 13, 2006

College basketball is back....

Since i'm a week late on my NCAABB picks, I guess i'll go ahead and do them now.

These are my choices for All-Americans:

C-F Joakim Noah (FLA)

F Tyler Hansbrough (UNC)

F Alando Tucker* (WIS)

G Brandon Rush (KAN)

G Dominic James (MARQ)

*Player of the year

My Final Four picks:


North Carolina



National Champion:

North Carolina

Boise State's Ian Johnson, hospitalized.

Ian Johnson was hospitalized with a partially collapsed left lung after Boise State's 23-20 win on Saturday vs San Jose State. Johnson is the nation's leader in touchdows and second in rushing yards. He isn't expected to leave O'Connor Hospital in San Jose, California until Tuesday, the school said. His status for Saturday's home finale against Utah State is still uncertain.

"They're going slow as heck to make sure everything is good," Boise State head coach Chris Petersen said Monday morning. "Nothing has really changed since he went in there."

After the game, Johnson declined to speak to reporters and was taken to the hospital for evaluation. He didn't accompany the team back to Boise.

Petersen said when he got into the locker room, Johnson didn't feel well and was complaining of back pain. When he was taken to the hospital it was originally to make sure it was not an injury to his spleen.

Ian Johnson's numbers this season are:

222 att (5th) 1,466 yds (2nd) 21 TDs (1st)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Updated Heisman Picture

1. Troy Smith QB(OSU) 12-19 185 yds 4 TDs 1 INT , 5 car 15 yds

2. Brady Quinn QB(ND) 14-19 207 yds 4 TDs

3. Steve Slaton RB(WVU) 12 car 148 yds 2 TDs , 2 rec 4 yds

4. Ian Johnson RB(Boise State) 29 car 149 yds 1 TD , 1 Rec 12 yds

5. Ray Rice RB(Rutgers) 22 car 131 yds 2 TDs , 1 rec 4 yds

Top 25 (week 11)

1. Ohio State 11-0
2. Michigan 11-0
3. Florida 9-1
4. USC 8-1
5. Notre Dame 9-1
6. Arkansas 9-1
7. West Virginia 8-1
8. Rutgers 9-0
9. LSU 8-2
10. Louisville 8-1
11. Texas 9-2
12. California 8-2
13. Boise State 10-0
14. Wisconsin 10-1
15. Oklahoma 8-2
16. Auburn 9-2
17. Wake Forest 9-1
18. Virginia Tech 8-2
19. Georgia Tech 8-2
20. Boston College 8-2
21. Maryland 8-2
22. Tennessee 7-3
23. BYU 8-2
24. Clemson 8-3
25. Nebraska 8-3

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Finally my computer is fixed, all is good in the world....posts will be coming tonight.

Friday, November 10, 2006

In case of emengecy....

Davey showed this to me...and it is hilarious!!!!

It's basically a comic strip on ESPN's Page Two about what to if you have to deal with Terrell Owens. A MUST READ!!!

My favorite is probably Scenario 6, for obvious reasons.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

No new posts for awhile....

Just to let my 2 1/2 fans know, aparently my computer got a virus so i'm not going to posting till i get the problem fixed.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Virginia Tech vs. Miami Highlights

For anyone who missed the Tech, Miami's the highlights.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Updated Heisman Picture

Since the season is winding down I am going from 10 candidates to 5.

1. Troy Smith QB(OSU) 13-23 108 yds 1 INT, 11 car 37 yds

2. Brady Quinn QB(ND) 23-35 346 yds 4 TDs

3. Steve Slaton RB(WVU) 18 rush 156 yds 1 TD 2 Fumbles, 3 rec 74 yds

4. Ian Johnson RB(Boise) 24 car 136 yds 2 TDs , 2 rec 8 yds

5. Ray Rice RB(Rutgers) BYE

Top 25 (week 10)

I'm a little late on the rankings because I was at a party.....but anyway, here ya go.

1. Ohio State 10-0
2. Michigan 10-0
3. Louisville 8-0
4. Texas 9-1
5. Florida 8-1
6. Aurburn 9-1
7. California 8-1
8. USC 7-1
9. Notre Dame 8-1
10. West Virginia 7-1
11. Arkansas 8-1
12. LSU 7-2
13. Tennessee 7-2
14. Boise State 9-0
15. Rutgers 8-0
16. Wisconsin 9-1
17. Oklahoma 7-2
18. Wake Forest 8-1
19. Georgia Tech 7-2
20. Virginia Tech 7-2
21. Oregon 7-2
22. Maryland 7-2
23. Boston College 7-2
24. Texas A&M 8-2
25. Nebraska 7-3

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Blackout restrictions....

Once again due to Blackout Restrictions, I will not be getting the Hokie and Cane game tonight. I will have to settle with only audio via Yahoo which I guess is better than nothing. Instead of seeing the Great Hokies play I am reduced to seeing a Big 12 matchup between Texas A&M vs Oklahoma. By the way, I am picking A&M to win that one.

Mid Season Report Part 5( final)

Obvioulsy I had to make some changes(cause my Bengals lost)

Playoff Predictions


First Round:

(6)San Diego @ (3)Baltimore

Winner= (3)Baltimore

(5)Cincinnati @ (4)Denver

Winner= (5)Cincinnati

Second Round:

(5)Cincinnati @ (1)New England vs

Winner= (1)New England

(3)Baltimore @ (2)Indianapolis

Winner= (2)Indianapolis

Championship Round

(2)Indianapolis @ (1)New England

Winner= (1)New England


First Round:

(6)Carolina @ (3)N.Y. Giants

Winner= (6) Carolina

(5)Philadelphia @ (4)Seattle

Winner= (5) Philadelphia

Second Round:

(6)Carolina @ (1)Chicago

Winner= (1)Chicago

(5)Philadelphia @ (2)Atlanta

Winner= (2)Atlanta

Championship Round:

(2)Atlanta @ (1)Chicago

Winner= (1)Chicago


New England vs Chicago



It's pretty even between these two teams. Chicago obviously has the Defense advantage and New England has the Offense. I think New England is more experienced in the playoffs, this will be a great game but I am pick the Patriots to pull it out.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Searching for a Steroid Abuser

This is one of my favorite skits on Mad TV...maybe Bud Selig should take up his technique.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mid Season Report Part 4

My Pro Bowl picks(im just doing the starters)


QB- Peyton Manning (IND)

RB- LaDanian Tomilson (SD)

FB- Lorenzo Neal (SD)

WR- Andre Johnson (HOU)

WR- Reggie Wayne (IND)

TE- Tony Gonzalez (KC)

I don't really know how to go about chosing lineman....I can't find any place that shows how many sacks are given up or anything like that.

DE- Derrick Brurgess (Oak)

DT- Luis Castillo (SD)

DT- John Henderson (JAX)

DE- Jason Taylor (MIA)

OLB- Shawne Merriman (SD)

MLB- Ray Lewis (BAL)

OLB- Jonathan Vilma (NYJ)

CB- Rasheen Mathis (JAX)

CB- Champ Bailey (DEN)

S- Sean Jones (CLE)

S- Troy Polamalu (PIT)

K- Nate Kaeding (SD)

P- Shane Lechler (OAK)

KR/PR- Justin Miller (NYJ)


QB- Donovan McNabb (PHI)

RB- Warrick Dunn (ATL)

FB- Mack Strong (SEA)

WR- Steve Smith (CAR)

WR- Darrell Jackson (SEA)

TE- L.J. Smith (PHI)

Same with the AFC....

DE- Julius Peppers (CAR)

DT- Darwin Walker (PHI)

DT- Kevin Williams (MIN)

DE- Aaron Kampman (GB)

OLB- Lance Briggs (CHI)

MLB- Brian Urlacher (CHI)

OLB- Will Witherspoon (STL)

CB- Ronde Barber (TB)

CB- DeAngelo Hall (ATL)

S- Adrian Wilson (ARI)

S- Ken Hamlin (SEA)

K- Robbie Gould (CHI)

P- Mat McBriar (DAL)

KR/PR- Devin Hester (CHI)

AFC Coach- Tony Dungy (IND)
NFC Coach- Sean Payton (NO)

Mid Season Report Part 3

Big Surprises and Huge Disappointments

Surprises so far this season

1. New Orleans Saints

No one really thought that the Saints were going to even be a decent team. But they have shocked everyone thus far. They are leading the very good NFC South and turning alot of heads. I have to admit when they started 2-0, I thought "hey, that's great but it was against the Browns and Packers...nothing speacial". But when they came back to the Superdome and smashed the heavily favored Falcons, I started to think they were for real. Like I said earlier, I don't think they are going to make the playoffs because of their remaining schedule, but I hope they prove me wrong.

2. Drew Brees

Coming off of a season-ending shoulder surgery(even though it happened in the last game of the season) alot of teams didn't think that he would be able to throw at the beginning of the season. That is the reason why the Miami Dolphins took Culpepper over Brees. But not only is he throwing the ball, he's playing at a Pro Bowl level. If he keeps up on his current pace, he will end up with 4,325 passing yards. Yeah, that's alot.

3. Michael Vick throwing???

Yes, it's true. Mike Vick is finally proving everyone wrong and passing more. You know, being a Hokie fan, I have known what he is capable of. He is the most lethal weapon in the NFL, not many players can pass for 3,000 yards and run for 1,000, which is what he is on pace for. He has probably had the the best back-to-back games of his career. First throwing for 4 touchdowns against the Steelers and getting the overtime win, then tossing 3 more scores against my Bengals. So lets recap this....first 5 games, 3 TDs and 3 INTs, last two games, 7 TDs and 2 INTs. He is someone to look at for a possible MVP honors...look out Peyton and Donovan. Because he's coming.

4. Rex Grossman

Coming into this season, Rex Grossman has played in a total of 8 games. Now he has been in the league for 4 years, that's obviously not a good thing. To add more fuel to the fire, he was out played in the Pre-season by Brian Griese. So to put it nicely, alot of Bears fans were calling for Griese to get the start. But Lovie Smith decided to go with Grossman and it's a good thing he did because Grossman has been brilliant all year(except against Arizona). He has the deep ball to Bernard Berrian covered and if he can stay consistant then he could be hoisting up the Lombardi trophy this year.

The Huge Disappointments so far

1. The Pittsburgh Steelers

Defending Superbowl champs, one of the best young quarterbacks in the game, absolute devastating defense, great coach and what does that get you? A 2-5 season. I thought that they would have a slight decline because of the loss of Bettis and Randel El, but damn. The blame can't be put on Ben Roethlisberger, I mean he had an off-season that no one should be put through. First the motorcycle accident that nearly took his life, then the emergency appendectomy, the concussion. I don't think he was quite ready and his stats definetley support that, 6 TDs 11 INTs. But the defense hasn't been that great, I mean sure they are ranked #6 in total yards per game but they are allowing 21 points per game. When you are only getting 22 per game it doesn't leave much for mistakes and that is their main problem. Turnovers are a bitch.

2. Miami Dolphins/Daunte Culpepper

Sports Illustrated's pick to go to the Superbowl this year, signed a Pro Bowl quarterback, hasn't really turned out to well. And if you ask Davey, he'll tell you that's an understatement. Culpepper rushed his recovery after completely blowing out his knee last season. He could throw, sure, but when it comes to being the mobile quarterback that he is, it wasn't there. I mean he can't even escape to the outside without getting sacked or rushing his throw and throwing a pick. So the Dolphins are reduced to using Joey Harrington, the same Joey Harrington that was cut by the Detroit Lions. Ronnie Brown hasn't been that bad this year but he is definitley not where he was expected to be. The offensive line is completely worthless this year. They only have 1 good receiver and they don't throw to Randy McMichael who is very good. Defense is actually playing pretty good, only knock on them is they are getting up there in age and they are giving up 20 points a game.

3. Edgerrin James

He was supposed to lead the Cardinals this season to maybe a playoff birth, get 1,300 yards rushing and make it to another Pro Bowl. Nope, instead he has has a rushing average of 2.8 and only 3 TDs. He did break one record this year that is pretty impressive. Most rushing attempts for the fewest amount of yards, 36 att 55 yds. He racked up that beauty against the Bears. I can't only blame Edge though, the Cardinals offensive line is horrible. They are all overweight, slow and lazy. But still, he has not played like advertised.

4. Shaun Alexander

He is the defending MVP, cover boy for Madden 07 and he got the honor of being my #1 pick. So far this season he has played in just 3 games and even in those three games he has yet to rush for 100 yards. He broke a bone in his foot against the NYG in week 3 and hasn't played since. The same guy who broke the record for rushing touchdowns in a season last year has 2...yes,just 2 TDs. Hopefully for the Seahawks and my fantasy team when he does come back(whenever that is) he is old Alexander. Damn Madden Curse!!!