Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mid Season Report Part 4

My Pro Bowl picks(im just doing the starters)


QB- Peyton Manning (IND)

RB- LaDanian Tomilson (SD)

FB- Lorenzo Neal (SD)

WR- Andre Johnson (HOU)

WR- Reggie Wayne (IND)

TE- Tony Gonzalez (KC)

I don't really know how to go about chosing lineman....I can't find any place that shows how many sacks are given up or anything like that.

DE- Derrick Brurgess (Oak)

DT- Luis Castillo (SD)

DT- John Henderson (JAX)

DE- Jason Taylor (MIA)

OLB- Shawne Merriman (SD)

MLB- Ray Lewis (BAL)

OLB- Jonathan Vilma (NYJ)

CB- Rasheen Mathis (JAX)

CB- Champ Bailey (DEN)

S- Sean Jones (CLE)

S- Troy Polamalu (PIT)

K- Nate Kaeding (SD)

P- Shane Lechler (OAK)

KR/PR- Justin Miller (NYJ)


QB- Donovan McNabb (PHI)

RB- Warrick Dunn (ATL)

FB- Mack Strong (SEA)

WR- Steve Smith (CAR)

WR- Darrell Jackson (SEA)

TE- L.J. Smith (PHI)

Same with the AFC....

DE- Julius Peppers (CAR)

DT- Darwin Walker (PHI)

DT- Kevin Williams (MIN)

DE- Aaron Kampman (GB)

OLB- Lance Briggs (CHI)

MLB- Brian Urlacher (CHI)

OLB- Will Witherspoon (STL)

CB- Ronde Barber (TB)

CB- DeAngelo Hall (ATL)

S- Adrian Wilson (ARI)

S- Ken Hamlin (SEA)

K- Robbie Gould (CHI)

P- Mat McBriar (DAL)

KR/PR- Devin Hester (CHI)

AFC Coach- Tony Dungy (IND)
NFC Coach- Sean Payton (NO)

Mid Season Report Part 3

Big Surprises and Huge Disappointments

Surprises so far this season

1. New Orleans Saints

No one really thought that the Saints were going to even be a decent team. But they have shocked everyone thus far. They are leading the very good NFC South and turning alot of heads. I have to admit when they started 2-0, I thought "hey, that's great but it was against the Browns and Packers...nothing speacial". But when they came back to the Superdome and smashed the heavily favored Falcons, I started to think they were for real. Like I said earlier, I don't think they are going to make the playoffs because of their remaining schedule, but I hope they prove me wrong.

2. Drew Brees

Coming off of a season-ending shoulder surgery(even though it happened in the last game of the season) alot of teams didn't think that he would be able to throw at the beginning of the season. That is the reason why the Miami Dolphins took Culpepper over Brees. But not only is he throwing the ball, he's playing at a Pro Bowl level. If he keeps up on his current pace, he will end up with 4,325 passing yards. Yeah, that's alot.

3. Michael Vick throwing???

Yes, it's true. Mike Vick is finally proving everyone wrong and passing more. You know, being a Hokie fan, I have known what he is capable of. He is the most lethal weapon in the NFL, not many players can pass for 3,000 yards and run for 1,000, which is what he is on pace for. He has probably had the the best back-to-back games of his career. First throwing for 4 touchdowns against the Steelers and getting the overtime win, then tossing 3 more scores against my Bengals. So lets recap this....first 5 games, 3 TDs and 3 INTs, last two games, 7 TDs and 2 INTs. He is someone to look at for a possible MVP honors...look out Peyton and Donovan. Because he's coming.

4. Rex Grossman

Coming into this season, Rex Grossman has played in a total of 8 games. Now he has been in the league for 4 years, that's obviously not a good thing. To add more fuel to the fire, he was out played in the Pre-season by Brian Griese. So to put it nicely, alot of Bears fans were calling for Griese to get the start. But Lovie Smith decided to go with Grossman and it's a good thing he did because Grossman has been brilliant all year(except against Arizona). He has the deep ball to Bernard Berrian covered and if he can stay consistant then he could be hoisting up the Lombardi trophy this year.

The Huge Disappointments so far

1. The Pittsburgh Steelers

Defending Superbowl champs, one of the best young quarterbacks in the game, absolute devastating defense, great coach and what does that get you? A 2-5 season. I thought that they would have a slight decline because of the loss of Bettis and Randel El, but damn. The blame can't be put on Ben Roethlisberger, I mean he had an off-season that no one should be put through. First the motorcycle accident that nearly took his life, then the emergency appendectomy, the concussion. I don't think he was quite ready and his stats definetley support that, 6 TDs 11 INTs. But the defense hasn't been that great, I mean sure they are ranked #6 in total yards per game but they are allowing 21 points per game. When you are only getting 22 per game it doesn't leave much for mistakes and that is their main problem. Turnovers are a bitch.

2. Miami Dolphins/Daunte Culpepper

Sports Illustrated's pick to go to the Superbowl this year, signed a Pro Bowl quarterback, hasn't really turned out to well. And if you ask Davey, he'll tell you that's an understatement. Culpepper rushed his recovery after completely blowing out his knee last season. He could throw, sure, but when it comes to being the mobile quarterback that he is, it wasn't there. I mean he can't even escape to the outside without getting sacked or rushing his throw and throwing a pick. So the Dolphins are reduced to using Joey Harrington, the same Joey Harrington that was cut by the Detroit Lions. Ronnie Brown hasn't been that bad this year but he is definitley not where he was expected to be. The offensive line is completely worthless this year. They only have 1 good receiver and they don't throw to Randy McMichael who is very good. Defense is actually playing pretty good, only knock on them is they are getting up there in age and they are giving up 20 points a game.

3. Edgerrin James

He was supposed to lead the Cardinals this season to maybe a playoff birth, get 1,300 yards rushing and make it to another Pro Bowl. Nope, instead he has has a rushing average of 2.8 and only 3 TDs. He did break one record this year that is pretty impressive. Most rushing attempts for the fewest amount of yards, 36 att 55 yds. He racked up that beauty against the Bears. I can't only blame Edge though, the Cardinals offensive line is horrible. They are all overweight, slow and lazy. But still, he has not played like advertised.

4. Shaun Alexander

He is the defending MVP, cover boy for Madden 07 and he got the honor of being my #1 pick. So far this season he has played in just 3 games and even in those three games he has yet to rush for 100 yards. He broke a bone in his foot against the NYG in week 3 and hasn't played since. The same guy who broke the record for rushing touchdowns in a season last year has 2...yes,just 2 TDs. Hopefully for the Seahawks and my fantasy team when he does come back(whenever that is) he is old Alexander. Damn Madden Curse!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Mid Season Report Part 2

MVP Canidates

1. Peyton Manning QB(IND)

2. LaDainian Tomilson RB(SD)

3. Donovan McNabb QB(PHI)

4. Tiki Barber RB(NYG)

5. Julius Peppers DE(CAR)

1. Peyton Manning QB

Peyton Manning is the best quarterback in the NFL, and when it is all said and done with maybe of all-time. He is off to an amazing start this season. Not only is he playing at a MVP level every week, he is doing with so many set backs. Edgerrin James leaving last off-season really left Indy in a difficult spot. Because not only was he able to run for 1500 yards but he was a great blocking back and he could catch the ball extremely well. To fill in for Edge, the Colts have Dominic Rhodes and rookie Joesph Addai. Addai is about a year away and Rhodes....is just okay. Peyton is doing it all this season, he's doing it with his arm and his legs. So far he has led his Colts to a 6-0 start.

Manning's numbers...
169-245/1,965/66.5%/15 TDs/2 INTs/107.9 rating/2 rushTDs

2. LaDainian Tomilson RB

What more can be said about LT that hasn't already been said. He is the best runningback in the league and one of the best receiving backs also. He is one of the few players that has ran for TD, caught a TD and threw a TD. He can simply do it all. Much like Peyton, alot of pressure is on LT, because he is playing with a 1st year starter at QB and really no receivers(except Gates). He is comming off of a great game against the rams where he rushed for 183 yards and caught another 57 all for 4 TDs(3 rush, 1 pass).

Tomilson's numbers...
150 att/656 yds/9 TDs/4.4 avg/35 rec/303 yds/2 TDs

3. Donovan McNabb QB

Once again Donovan didn't get the respect that he deserves. With losing T.O., alot of "experts" said that he wouldn't have anyone to throw to. But when the Eagles went out and got Donte Stallworth from the Saints and Reggie Brown becoming the #1 receiver, he has been brilliant all year. So far, Donovan has racked up 4 300 yard games(2 for 350+) and before yesterday, Donovan has thrown for at least 2 TDs. He is my pick to win the MVP and lead the NFL in passing yards and maybe even touchdowns.

McNabb's numbers...
162-277/2,312 yds/58.5%/16 TDs/5 INTs/97.3 rating/28 att/200 yds/3 TDs

4. Tiki Barber RB

Tiki Barber is a future Hall-of-Famer in my mind. He has decided that he will retire at the end of this season and he will likely get 10,000 yards rushing, 5,000 receiving yards and 1,100 return yards. Enough said. Anyways back to this season. Barber is leading the NFL in rushing and has rushed for 100 yards in 4 games including 185 yards against Atlanta. The only downfall with Barber this year is he is yet to score a touchdown.

Barber's numbers...
155 att/715 yds/4.6 avg/29 rec/242 yds

5. Julius Peppers DE

It's very rare for a defensive player to get MVP hype(unless your named Ray Lewis) but this young man out of North Carolina deserves it. He is probably the most disruptive defensive end in the NFL today. He is a freak of an athlete, big, strong, fast and smart. A scary combination for any QB. I doubt he will win the MVP but I do think he will win the Defensive Player of the Year.

Peppers' numbers...
41.0 Tack/8.0 sacks/3 FF/4 PD

PD- Passes deflected
FF- Forced fumbles
avg- Average per carry

Sunday, October 29, 2006

You Ready Davey??? HUH???

Can't wait till November 4th, Hokies vs Canes....Me vs Davey....

Mid Season Report Part 1

First I will start off with the standings thus far...

AFC East

*New England - 6-1
NY Jets - 4-4
Buffalo - 2-5
Miami - 1-6

AFC North

^Baltimore - 5-2
*Cincinnati - 4-3
Cleveland - 2-5
Pittsburgh - 2-5

AFC South

*Indianapolis - 7-0
Jacksonville - 4-3
Tennessee - 2-5
Houston - 2-5

AFC West

*Denver - 5-2
^San Diego - 5-2
Kansas City - 4-3
Oakland - 2-5

NFC East

*NY Giants - 5-2
^Philadelphia - 4-4
Dallas - 4-3
Washington - 2-5

NFC North

*Chicago - 7-0
Minnesota - 4-3
Green Bay - 3-4
Detroit - 1-6

NFC South

New Orleans - 5-2
*Atlanta - 5-2
^Carolina - 4-4
Tampa Bay - 2-5

NFC West

*Seattle - 4-3
St. Louis - 4-3
San Francisco - 2-5
Arizona - 1-7

*Division winner
^ wild card

Ok, I really wanted to pick New Orleans, but their schedule is very tough compared to Philadelphia and Carolina and I think Philly and Carolina are better. I have so much respect for New Orleans, I lived in Biloxi, Mississippi for damn near 8 years, so I hope the Saints prove me wrong.

Much more on the Mid Season report to come......

Updated Heisman Picture

1. Troy Smith QB(OSU) 14-21 183 yds 1 TD , 6 att 43 yds 1 TD

2. Brady Quinn QB(ND) 18-25 295 yds 3 TDs , 4 att 28 yds 1 TD

3. Steve Slaton RB(WVU) Bye( but plays Thursday vs Louisville)

4. Ian Johnson RB(Boise) Bye ( but plays Wednesday vs Fresno State)

5. Ray Rice RB(Rutgers) 22 att 79 yds 1 TD

6. Darren McFadden RB(ARK) 18 att 129 1 TD , 1 rec 11 yds

7. Greg Harrell QB(TX Tech) 42-62 519 3 TD 1 INT

*8. Branden Ore RB(VT) 37 att 203 yds 2 TDs , 1 rec 7 yds

9. Chase Daniel QB(MIZZ) 23-44 284 yds 3 INT , 20 att 75 yds 1 TD

10. Steve Smith WR(USC) 11 rec 258 yds 2 TDs

*Honorable Mention*

Felix Jones RB(ARK) 9 att 141 yds 1 TD

Top 25( Week 9)

1. Ohio State 9-0
2. Michigan 9-0
3. West Virginia 7-0
4. Texas 8-1
5. Louisville 7-0
6. Auburn 8-1
7. Florida 7-1
8. Tennessee 7-1
9. Notre Dame 7-1
10. California 7-1
11. USC 6-1
12. Arkansas 7-1
13. LSU 6-2
14. Boise State 8-0
15. Rutgers 8-0
16. Boston College 7-1
17. Wisconsin 8-1
18. Oklahoma 6-2
19. Clemson 7-2
20. Texas A&M 8-1
21. Georgia Tech 6-2
22. Wake Forest 7-1
23. Virginia Tech 6-2
24. Oregon 6-2
25. Missouri 7-2

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Virginia Tech vs #10 Clemson(Live Blog)

Game Over.... Virginia Tech-24 Clemson- 7

This thing is over....still 35 seconds left, but this was a great win for Virginia Tech

4:24- After a VT punt Clemson takes over deep in their own territory.

7:21- Brandon Ore did....he has 203 yards now and another 1st down.

7:49- Branden Ore is back in there trying to get 200 yards.

9:07- You'll never guess what Clemson just did.....they punted. I know I was shocked too.

9:25- Hokies punt and Clemson takes over at their own 11 yard line.

11:02: Elan Lewis is in, giving Ore a break.

12:08- Clemson is going to have to punt again.

14:48- Wow, another shitty punt for Clemson....thats 678 punts for them so far....is that a record?

End of the 3rd Quarter.

0:32- Stuckey just got killed by Adibi on a screen pass.

0:50- Tigers get a first down....then the next play Proctor almost throws an INT...

Hokies lead 24-7

2:07- Touchdown....Branden Ore...MVP MVP MVP

2:50- Branden Ore again....wow..this guy is finally shining....I love this kid.

2:59- Finally we go deep and Sam Wheeler is wide open...gain of 41 yards.

3:13- VT throws it on 1st down and Josh Morgan gets 10 yards.

4;22- Big stop for the Hokies....Clemson will be forced to punt again.

6:08- Gaines Adams sacks Glennon and Tech Punts.

6:45- Just give it to Ore, screw that reverse shit...

He was down....Hokies get the ball back.

7:06- Eddie Royal ran a reverse and then they say he fumbled it...they are reviewing it.

Clemson is forced to punt thanks to Superman(Adibi) getting another tackle.

This is the best defense we have played all season...this is grrrrreat!!!

Hokies lead 17-7


10:20- Branden Ore runs carries a Clemson defender for 10 yards and a first down.


Erin Andrews is the sideline reporter...once again..thank you ESPN.

13:20- Hokies get the ball first and move the ball 6 yards before they punt.

Start of the 3rd Quarter.

End of the 1st half...Halftime and the Hokies lead it 10-7

2:10- Branden Ore ran for a 9 yard gain, coming into the game Clemson has only given up 78 yards a game, Ore has 108 so far.

2:33- FUCK YEAH....Will Proctor fumbled the snap and Barry Booker recovered it...Hokies' Ball.

3:32- Sean Glennon tried to buy some time and he was sacked by Gaddis, he fumbled and Clemson recovered at the Tech 26.

4:28- Clemson punts yet again, they just can't hold onto the ball(kinda like my ex-girlfried...ohh...burn!!!)

After two straight holding penalties, the Hokies punt and Nic Schmitt pinned them inside the 3 yard line.

8:40- David Clowney took a 5 yard hitch and turned it into a 19 yard gain. He couldn't stay in bounds and stepped out, if he didn't he would have surely taken it all the way.

10:24- Clemson is forced to punt again, not one of their punts have looked good.

11:36- Brandon Pace remains perfect on the season, Hokies take the lead on his field goal. 10-7.

12:49: On a fake reverse, Ore picks up another 1st down.

14:20- Glennon looks good so far, he hits Eddie Royal for a first down.

14:55- Clemson is forced to punt again.

End of the 1st quarter....VT-7 CLEM-7

0:40- Brendon Hill just dropped an interception.

1:35- TOUCHDOWN HOKIES!!! Sean Glennon took it in himself...It's all tied up 7-7 now bitches.

1:45- Branden Ore ran a 40+ yard run and got bumped out at the 1 yard line.

3:00- We went for it and Glennon got it on a QB sneak.

4:40- The refs measured it and it was exactly 1 inch short....just give it to us, you pricks.

ESPN just showed one of my favorite Hokies, Lee Suggs. He got cut by the Dolphins, that's just sad.(queue Davey to insult me)

4:40- Yay!! A first down for the Hokies. Finally

5:00- Sean Glennon pulls an Emmitt Smith and dances his way to a 3rd and very short.

Kirk Herbstreit notes that Chris Fowler went to a movie last night by himself. Leave it to Herby to help raise the ole self-esteam.

Clemson now leads 7-0 with 6:09 left in the 1st quarter.

6:09- James Davis scores a rushing touchdown. Aaron Rouse misses a tackle, thank you AARON!!!

7:02- Of course they get the first down and now they are in the redzone.

7:15- Our DBs forget how to tackle...again, and that sets up 3rd and short.

7:55- And Clemson Burns it's final timeout. I love this crowd!!!

8:46- On 3rd and long, Clemson converts, and I die a little more inside.

10:04- Stuckey makes his first catch and gets a first down.

10:27- C.J. Spiller makes a good run and ends up paying for it. Macho Harris hit him hard and Spiller stayed on the ground for a little bit...but he was able to return(damn)

11:50- After a run for no gain by Branden Ore, a 9 yard catch for Josh Morgan and a loss of 1 for Ore, the Hokies punt on their first possesion.

13:02- My booii Xavier Adibi stopped Clemson's tight end shor for a first down and they are going to punt.

14:40- James Davis Stopped for no gain, I thought he was injured....damn you experts!!!

15:00- Clemson received, the 1st play Clemson was forced to call a timeout due to noise of 66,000 drunken college students....that's how we roll.

1st Quarter

ESPN just showed a Hokie fan choking a chicken....that sounds dirty...

VT is wearing all maroon, first time since 2003.

Late start because of Blogger not working...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Merriman will appeal his steroid suspension, will play next two games

Shawne Merriman has decided to appeal his pending suspension for his alleged positive test for steroids. By appealing this he will be able to play until his hearing which is set for November 7th, meaning he will play in the Chargers next two games against St. Louis and then Cleveland. Both of these games are at home.

Depending on how long the league deliberates following the Nov. 7 hearing, and how long it takes for commissioner Roger Goodell to render a decision, Merriman could play past the two games. The earliest the suspension could take effect is November 12th, when San Diego go into Cincy to play my Bengals.

Shawne Merriman and his attorney, David Cornwell, have said the positive test is the result of a supplement that was tainted and included nandrolone. Nandrolone is one of the many on the NFL's list of banned supplements.

Live Blog on Thursday.

Tomorrow I will be live blogging the Virginia Tech and Clemson game. Hopefully this one goes better than the last one. VT will win(of course), i'm going to predict the final score to be 28-24. What the hell right. James Davis(one of Clemson's many outstanding runningbacks) isn't expected to play. So hopefully that will hurt their great offense. I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Great Michael Vick

This is one of my favorite players.(college or pro)My favorite is probably the run against Minnesota, it was funny as hell to see two guys run into each other, but the best part is that the run was a game winning run in overtime.

Monday, October 23, 2006

"The next LT", Shawne Merriman,tested positive for steroids.

Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman has been notified he will be suspended for four games for violating the NFL's steroids and related substances policy, league and team sources told ESPN's Chris Mortensen.
Merriman's positive test was "definitely for steroids … not one of those supplement deals," said a source with knowledge of Merriman's suspension. Both the initial A sample and backup B sample came back positive, Mortensen reported.
Merriman's suspension originally was to be announced last Tuesday when two other NFL players -- the Falcons' Matt Lehr and the Lions' Shaun Rogers -- were suspended for violating the policy. But Merriman reserved the right to appeal his suspension, so it was not announced.
"Per the collective bargaining agreement, the Chargers aren't allowed to comment on reports or results involving the league's substance abuse policy," Chargers spokesman Bill Johnston said Sunday night.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Why can't Bloods and Crips get along??

This has nothing to do with sports, but this video has me rolling!!! It's two Russian Grandma's fighting. I think the one in the blue won....

Fantasy Basketball....Round 2

Ok, I just got done with my second draft. This one had 10 people in it and well this is who I drafted.

Vinsanity's Boiiiz

1. Dwayne Wade
2. Vince Carter
3. Chauncey Billups
4. Brad Miller
5. Raymond Felton
6. Emeka Okafor
7. Charlie Villanueva
8. Brandon Roy (rookie)
9. Marvin Williams
10. Rudy Gay (rookie)
11. Danny Granger
12. Nenad Krstic
13. Primoz Brezec
14. Jalen Rose
15. Sebastian Telfair
16. Patrick O'Bryant (rookie)
17. Quentin Richardson
18. Tyrus Thomas (rookie)
19. Gerald Green
20. Ruben Patterson

Damn, I took alot of rookies, Oh well, hopefully they aren't busts.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fantasy Basketball Draft.....Round 1

Well me and Davey just finished our 1st of 2 drafts. This one is just me and him in it, we both have two teams. These are the players I picked up for my first team.

"Call Me Vince!!!"

1. Kevin Garnett
2. Elton Brand
3. Steve Nash
4. Amare Stoudemire
5. Vince Carter (yeah boii)
6. Josh Smith
7. Yao Ming
8. Chauncey Billups
9. Ben Wallace
10. Tony Parker
11. Lamar Odom
12. Peja Stojakovic
13. Brandon Roy
14. Mehmet Okur
15. Troy Murphy
16. Raymond Felton
17. Charlie Vilanueva (UCONN)
18. Manu Ginobili
19. Ben Gordon (UCONN)
20. Rudy Gay (UCONN)

Not bad I guess. As you can see, I am a bit of a homer...3 Huskies. These are the guys on my second team.

"Random All-Stars"

1. Kobe Bryant
2. Dwayne Wade
3. Chris Bosh
4. Ray Allen (UCONN)
5. Tracy McGrady
6. Andrei Kirilenko
7. Ron Artest
8. Antwan Jamison
9. Kirk Hinrich
10. Emeka Okafor (UCONN)
11. Joe Johnson
12. Marcus Camby
13. Pau Gasol
14. Morris Peterson
15. Caron Butler (UCONN)
16. Boris Diaw
17. Marvin Williams
18. Raja Bell
19. Gerald Wallace
20. Adam Morrison

Marcus Vick is no longer unemployed!!!!

Yesterday, former Virginia Tech quarterback Marcus Vick was signed by the Miami Dolphins as a receiver/quarterback/returner. He was signed after spending the first six weeks of the season on their practice squad.

In order to make room for Vick, the Dolphins terminated the contract of wide receiver Cliff Russell. Russell only caught 2 passes for 14 yards in his three games with the Phins.

Miami signed Vick as an undrafted free agent and switched him to receiver after he was kicked off my Tech team in January following his junior year. Vick played receiver at Virginia Tech while he was waiting for his opportunity to quarterback the Hokies.

Vick will likely be the third string QB and he will be the 4th or 5th string widereceiver.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Former Hokie suspended for steroid use

The Atlanta Falcons, Matt Lehr is being suspended for 4 games for violating the league's policy on anabolic steroids and related substances.

Lehr is an integral part of a running game that averages 232.0 yards per game. The 6-2, 304-pounder is elegible to return from his suspension on Nov. 13.

"Obviously, we are disappointed, but the NFL's policies are very clear that all NFL players are responsible for what goes into their bodies -- regardless of the source," Falcons head coach Jim Mora Jr. said. "We have options to replace Matt over the next four weeks that we are very comfortable with and will implement."

This has been a great couple of weeks to be a Hokie fan. First 2 Hokies are suspended because the can't have a night out on the town without starting shit, then we lose our first game to Georgia Tech, another player is suspened for driving drunk, then we lose our second straight game to Boston College, now Matt Lehr gets suspended for juicing. Damn, this sucks.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A conversation with Davey....

Well Davey commented on the Miami fighting FIU video...

Davey: beat boston college first...then you can taunt

well I responded with this...I know, I know....buuurrrrnnn!!!!

Jay: lets see...miami wins this year...bare with me..this should be over quick.

Florida A&M-won by 41

Houston-won by 1!!!!

Florida International-won by 35

beat someone significant and then talk to me.

Oh, and I know ur gonna mention ours...but lets see...

Northeastern-won by 38

North Carolina(ACC team)-won by 25

Duke(once again..ACC team)-won by 36

Cincinnati(played OSU for 2QTs)-won by 16

Between Miami's 3 wins they have won by an average of 26 points.

Between VT's 4(better than 3..ha) they have won by an average of 29 points.

You be the judge.

Wow....Davey still wants some more.....

Davey: at least we can fight...

Jay: great comeback......

at least we can dance...brenden hill

This is Brenden Hill dancing, like an idiot, when we were losing to BC 20-3....

Davey: yeah...way to piss off Hirbstreit

Jay: HAHAHAHAHH...yeah

Miami Hurricanes vs. FlU fight

Well this is for Davey...classic Miami for ya. I guess LSU wasn't enough to get out your frustrations. NOV 4th....bring it!!!

Updated Heisman Picture

1. Troy Smith QB(OSU) 15-22 234 yds 2 TDs,3 att 10 yds

2. Adrian Peterson RB(OU) 26 att 183 yds 2 TDs, 3 rec 45 yds

3. Steve Slaton RB(WVU) 21 att 178 yds 2 TDs, 1 rec 3 yds

4. Pat White QB(WVU) 12-19 97 yds 1 INT, 15 att 247 yds 4 TDs

5. Marshawn Lynch RB(CAL) 25 att 152 yds 2 TDs, 3 rec 17 yds

6. Ted Ginn Jr. WR(OSU) 3 rec 58 yds, 1 att 16 yds, 1 ret(punt) 60 yds 1 TD

7. Mike Hart RB(MICH) 26 att 112 yds 1 TD, 1 rec 8 yds

8. P.J. Hill RB(WIS) 25 att 165 yds 2 TDs

9. Chase Daniel QB(MIZZ) 21-29 295 yds 1 TD, 10 att 33 yds

10. Brian Brohm QB(LOU) 20-37 324 yds 1 TD and 1 INT

Top 25 (Week 8)

1. Ohio State 7-0
2. Michigan 7-0
3. West Virginia 7-0
4. USC 6-0
5. Texas 6-1
6. Auburn 6-1
7. Florida 6-1
8. Notre Dame 5-1(bye)
9. Tennessee 5-1(bye)
10. Louisville 6-0
11. California 6-1
12. Clemson 6-1
13. Georgia Tech 5-1(bye)
14. LSU 5-2
15. Oregon 6-1
16. Boise State 7-0
17. Nebraska 6-1
18. Arkansas 5-1
19. Rugters 6-0
20. Oklahoma 5-2
21. Wisconsin 6-1
22. Boston College 5-1
23. Texas A&M 6-1
24. Georgia 5-2
25. Iowa 5-2

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Oklahoma wins but lose Peterson for the season.

Oklahoma beat Iowa State 34-9, but they lost their offensive juggernaunt, Adrian Peterson for the rest of the season.

Peterson broke his collarbone on a dive into the end zone Saturday, and will miss the rest of the regular season. Peterson is a top Heisman hopeful and currently 4th leading rusher in the Oklahoma history.

Peterson ran for 183 yards, 2TDs and even caught 3 passes for 48 yards.

"My goals when I got here were to win a national championship first and then have an opportunity to win the Heisman, Peterson told The Oklahoman in September. "Those are the things I want to do, but the only thing right now I know fro a fact that would keep me [at Oklahoma] next year is a major injury. God willing, that won't happen."

Well his broken collarbone isn't a "major injury" but we will have to wait and see how it affects Peterson's draft status for April's NFL Draft. So far Adrian Peterson is projected to be a top 5 pick.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Braves latest moves.

Well these are the Atlanta Braves latest transactions.

Jason Shiell has declared for free agency

John Foster was released

Wayne Franklin also declared for free agency

Ken Ray was aquired off of waivers by the Kansas City Royals

Kevin Barry was sent to the minors.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

VT-3 BC-22

No recap....read my live blog.....fuck BC!!!

Hokies vs Eagles live blog

Game over.....Boston College-22 Virginia Tech-3...ok, so I was a little off on my predicted score.

Well i'm about ready to call it a night and sit on my twin sized hello kitty bed in my tightie-whities while eating apple jacks and play some scarface. Why i'm single...beyond me.

A safety!!!!!! What the fuck!!!!! IS THAT EVEN NECESSARY!!!! SHIT

Short gain for Branden Ore on a swing pass....

Well we got the ball back on a punt....3:14 to score 17 points....can it happen.....nope..ok.

Well, the score is 20-3 and Brenden Hill is dancing around during a time out....NOT HELPING BRENDEN!!!!!

ESPN just showed a stat on the screen....last time my Hokies lost back to back games was in 2003.

Another personal foul penalty on VT. I am slowly losing all hope for sports.

Yep....it's overturned...Eagles' ball.

BC just fumbled at their own 5...fuck, they are reviewing it.

Clemson beat Temple 63-9...oh goody, we get Clemson in two weeks.

I guess it's time to play the Davey's card...and become a spoiler and try to save this season....

Another punt....this one is basically over....a 17 point game with around 5 minutes to go....yeah..its over.

And another sack for BC....I wonder if Glennon knows the meaning of throwing it away?

Two quick passes for a first down....

Kickoff goes out of bounds....Hokies get great field position....I wonder how we can screw it up this time. I'm taking bets...fumble, Int, Punt?

Tempers flaring up as Vince Hall gets in Aaron Rouse's face.

Well the Hokies will take over with 8:00 left....can we do it...probably not.

Wide open BC touchdown...Challenger again....I feel like commiting felonies now. BC 20-3.

Again with the first down thing.....clock is under 8:00 left.

Another first down for BC...time is ticking away....kinda like my dignity.

Do the Hokies enjoy making me wimper and look like an idiot?

Great....promising drive ends with a 4th and 28...and a punt.

If the screens aren't working... then they go with a shovel pass....2 yards...................

Ok..he's ok, BC punts, a nasty punt, that went 22 yards...yay for us.

Wonderful, my favorite player, Xavier Adibi, is down on the field, injured....

Thanks ESPN for showing me Josh Morgan's crotch...zoomed in..really cheered me up.

Woo Hoo....another screen play that got 3 yards...that helps....not

Branden Ore runs for another 9 10 yards and a first down.

Eddie Royal takes the kickoff past the 40 again.....

Ok, VT has only thrown the deep ball once, the touchdown that was called back, stop the fucking screens and air it out. Please!?!?!

At least we held them to another field goal...BC 13-3.

Double penalty on VT, BC gets it at the 7 yard line...

FUCK MAKE A TACKLE!!! Whitworth makes us look like an 8 year old flag football team.

Great, Glennon just got mauled by BC, and of course he fumbled, BC gets it.

Nice return for Royal, hokies have it at the 43, and then Ore ran it for 4 yards.

And of course the walk-on kicker playing in his first game(high school or college) makes it..BC10-3.

BC will attempt a FG after being stopped on 3 straight runs.

FUCK FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another interception by BC, this one off a tipped ball.

Yes!!!!!! They overturned it.....HOKIE ball!!!

Ok, they are reviewing the call......it looks like his arm might have been going foward...but we'll see.

Speechless........Glennon fumbles again...BC gets the ball.

VT takes over and Glennon hits Royal for first down screen play. BC gets caught with a 5 yard face mask.

Eagles punt and Eddie Royal muffed it but the Hokies recover it.

Matt Ryan is still throwing to Macho's side and his receiver drops the ball again.

BC runs the playaction rollout to the TE again and it picks up 6. Then they run twice and pick up the first down.

Alright, second half is starting off, and BC will be recieving....the kick is deep in the endzone, BC will take over at the 20.

Ok its halftime...VT 3 BC 7

Brandon Pace hits a 36 yard field goal. BC still leads 7-3.

FUCK those refs, they are taking away a great touchdown from David Clowney, for holding.

OMG what a catch by Josh Morgan once again another first down. Glennon rolled out to the right, he was hit by a BC guy, and he actually stayed up, he lobbed it over the middle off his back foot and Josh Morgan jumped up and caught it over two BC defenders.

Another first down, man, we keep going with the screen passes to the outside.

First down for VT after Eddie Royal took the short kickoff to the 30.

This sucks...I blame Doug Flutie!!!

FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!! Touchdown BC..... Kevin Challenger scored on you guessed it, Macho Harris.

Shit, Whitworth busted off a huge run.

BC ran a reverse but Chris Ellis destroyed them but he was called for a 15 yard face mask.

At least there was a dead ball unsportsman like conduct, brings the Eagles back into their own territory.

FUCK!!!! Glennon threw a pick on the first play, Glennon threw it right to the BC DB.

Tony Gonzalez beat Harris again but he was over thrown on 3rd and 16...BC punts again.

Hahahahaha, BC fans threw their own flag on the field, I guess they thought it was pass interference.

After VT stuffs the run, Xavier Adibi gets flagged for a 15 yard face mask.

Another first down, this one 13 yards...That playaction is killing us so far.

BC takes over and gets a first down on two pass plays.

Damn, VT goes for it on 4th and 1, and they were stopped a couple of inches.

OMG!!! Sean Glennon actually ran the ball...and didn't fumble...11 yards and another first down.

End of the 1st quarter....VT 0 BC 0

Ore again running people over with a 9 yard run.

VT starts with a quick pass to Sam Wheeler and then Branden Ore pounds his way for a 9 yard first down run.

Ok, on 4th and 20 BC will go for it....and they the BC receiver drops a sure touchdown, Hokies get the ball back with good position.

Fuck, Clowney gets another first down then he fumbled, BC takes over with great field position.

David Clowney gets 14 yards on a pass from Glennon for a Hokie first down. Then Ore gets a nice 6 yard gain.

Great punt, VT takes over at their own 3.

After 2 incomplete pass and another one that should've been picked off BC punts again.

After a delay of game and a near interception due to Josh Morgan tipping the ball, we punt again.

Damnit, first play and Sean Glennon tripped over his linemans foot.

BC punts and VT takes over at the 14 yard line.

9 yard run for Callender. Next run after that they fumbled but they recoverd.

First play for BC is a playaction pass to their TE and it gets 30 yards.

Punt goes into the endzone, BC takes over at their 20.

Ok, after a run by Ore for maybe 1 yard , another screen pass that gets a couple and a screen pass to Branden Ore the Hokies had to punt.

First play is a screen pass to Eddie Royal, he gets a 13 yards for a first down.

Kickoff goes inside the 5 yard-line and Eddie Royal returns it to the 26.

VT is receiving....I guess BC wants us to put the hurt on them early.

Erin Andrew is doing the sideline reporting.....thank you espn.

Ok, espn just started the coverage and it showed BC fans tailgating with oysters and a big eagle made of ice....???

Well the game is about to start, and I am more gitty than a school girl.

#22 Virginia Tech vs Boston College (Live Blog)

Tonight my Hokies will be facing the unranked Eagles on ESPN at 7:30 ET. I have decided since I have nothing better to do I will be live blogging the game. Also all you can see how crazy I get when I watch the Hokies play. Let's just say my family decides to leave the house, and when they lose, they just get a hotel.

Coming off of a loss last game against the Yellow Jackets, i'm sure the Hokies are going to come to play tonight. Predicted score 35-10. Why not, right?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

NYY Pitcher, Cory Lidle dies in a plane crash.

Just moments ago, a small plane piloted by New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle crashed into a 50-story condominium tower on Manhattan's Upper East Side, killing at least two people, authorities said.

Cory Lidle,34, died in the crash.

Lidle's single engine plane hit the 20th floor of the Belaire after issuing a distress call. Only one other person was killed in this horrible crash, this person was sitting next to him in the plane. I don't know the name of the person but it is said to be his flight instructor. The area that crash happened was just five miles away from the World Trade Center. Many people in New York feared that it was another terrorist attack. The crash rained down flaming debris onto the sidewalks. It is also said that at least 11 firefighters were treated with burns when they tried to put out the huge fires.

This is the official FAA report on Lidle's plane.

Cory Lidle married Melanie Varela on January 7th, 1997. He has 0ne son named Christopher Taylor Lidle, he is only seven years old.

He has played with seven Major League teams, the New York Mets, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, the Oakland Athletics, the Toronto Blue Jays, Cincinnati Reds, Philladelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees. He was traded to the Yankees on July 31st from the Phillies.

In his short stint with they Yankees, Lidle posted a 4-3 record with 5.16 ERA. He started 9 games and had 1 relief apperance.

My condolences go out to his family and friends. Rest in Peace, Cory.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

NFL Power Rankings

On ESPN, I noticed that they had their weekly power rankings up. Well this is how Sportsnation sees it so far.
1. Minnesota Vikings
2. Chicago Bears
3. Indianapolis Colts
4. San Diego Chargers
5. Tennessee Titans
6. San Francisco 49ers
8. Cincinnati Bengals
9. Buffalo Bills
10. Denver Broncos
11. Cleveland Browns
12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
13. Arizona Cardinals
14. Dallas Cowboys
15. Miami Dlophins(I guess Davey has been voting hard)
16. Philadelphia Eagles
17. Atlanta Falcons
18. New York Giants
19. Jacksonville Jaguars
20. New York Jets
21. Detroit Lions
22. Green Bay Packers
23. Carolina Panthers
24. New England Patriots
25. Oakland Raiders
26. St. Louis Rams
27. Baltimore Ravens
28. Washington Redskins
29. New Orleans Saints
30. Seattle Seahawks
31. Pittsburgh Steelers
32. Houston Texans.

Ok, either "Sportsnation" is mentally retarded or they have developed a crack addiction. Come on, 0-5 Tennessee ranked # 5!!! What??? How can Da Bears not be the clear cut #1 team. The 49ers # 6? Hey look, I could go on and on. This ranking is complete rubish.

Any who, this is the way I see.
1. Chicago
2. Broncos
3. Colts
4. Eagles
5. Ravens
6. Patriots
7. Bengals
8. Chargers
9. Falcons
10. Seahawks
11. Jaguars
12. Saints
13. Vikings
14. Rams
15. Panthers
16. Cowboys
17. Giants
18. Jets
19. Redskins
20. Chiefs
21. Bills
22. 49ers
23. Steelers
24. Cardinals
25. Dolphins
26. Packers
27. Texans
28. Browns
29. Titans
30. Buccaneers
31. Lions
32. Raiders

Mine isn't great either, but at least it's better than the other one.

Now i'm no number cruncher, at least not like this young man. But when a team is averaging 31.2 PPG on offense and only allowing 7.2, I think that is good enough to be ranked number 1. Just my unbiased opinion, of course.

Monday, October 09, 2006

I knew the sore shoulder was bullshit!!!

As many of us know Daunte Culpepper sat out of Sunday's game against the New England Patriots. There was certainly speculation to what was the reasons for benching Culpepper and it was said that he had a bruised shoulder. Sure that makes sense, I mean he has been sacked 21 times so far this season. He has been taking alot of hits so yeah, i'm sure he would be a little banged up, but I just didn't buy it. I was talking with Davey as soon as I heard that he would be benched for Joey Harrington, I immediately said "bullshit, he's not injured, they just want to play Harrington". So far this year C-Pep has went 23/39 929 yds and only 2 TDs and 3 INTs. Obviously not really the numbers that anyone was expecting to see. In fact alot of people were picking the Dolphins to make it to the Superbowl this year, at 1-4, I think it might be safe assumption that Miami won't be making the Superbowl, probably won't even make the playoffs unless they turn a complete 360 around soon.

Earlier today, reports came out that stated the real reason for Daunte getting benched was because of a heated argument that he and head coach Nick Saban had during practice on friday.

The argument came the same day that Saban told the media he had yet to name a starter for Sunday's game against the Pats. Saban eventually settled on Joey Harrington, saying Culpepper's struggles with mobility and a right shoulder bruise were the reasons he was changing starters. Bullshit!!!

Even with the change of QB's the results were the same. A Dolphins' loss. Harrington went 26/41 232 yds 0TD and 2 INTs, he also was sacked once. Like I said, the Phins' lost to the Pats 20-10.

After Sunday's game, Saban declined to comment about the argument, the Herald reported. He did, however, praise Culpepper's desire to play.

"He's a pit bull, kicking in the corner, giving his last breath," Saban said. "He'll put his career on the line for the team. I love that in the guy. I love it."

Daunte Culpepper aslo declined to comment after the game.

Whether or not who the starting Quarterback will be next Sunday against the New York Jets. I also should metion that Davey, a die-hard Miami fan(I don't know why) said that he wouldn't mind if Harrington started again.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Updated Heisman Picture.

1. Troy Smith QB(OSU) 17-20 191 yds 3 TDs, 7 car 54 yds

2. Steve Slaton RB(WVU) 26 car 185 yds 1 TD, 2 rec 23 yds

3. Calvin Johnson WR(GT) 10 rec 133 yds 1 TD

4. Ted Ginn Jr. WR(OSU) 10 rec 122 yds 1 TD

5. Brady Quinn QB(ND) 27-37 232 3 TDs

6. Garrett Wolfe RB(NIU) 29 car 162 yds 2 TDs

7. Mike Hart RB(MICH) 22 car 122 yds

8. Adrian Peterson RB(OU) 25 car 109 yds 1 TD

9. Chad Henne QB(MICH) 11/17 140 yds 3 TDs

10. Mario Manningham WR(MICH) 3 rec 75 yds 2 TDs

Top 25(Week 6)

Ok, this was one of the toughest rankings of the year. Thanks to Davey for helping me out with these(even though I didn't rank Miami.)

1. Ohio State 6-0
2. Florida 6-0
3. Michigan 6-0
4. USC 5-0
5. Texas 5-1
6. West Virginia 6-0
7. Louisville 5-0
8. Tennessee 5-1
9. Notre Dame 5-1
10. Auburn 5-1
11. California 5-1
12. Clemson 5-1
13. Georgia Tech 5-1
14. Iowa 5-1
15. LSU 4-2
16. Missouri 6-0
17. Georgia 5-1
18. Boise State 6-0
19. Oregon 5-1
20. Virginia Tech 4-1 (bye)
21. Wisconsin 5-1
22. Oklahoma 4-2
23. Arkansas 4-1
24. Nebraska 5-1
25. Rugters 5-0

Dropped: Florida State( lost to N.C. State)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

What can $230 mil get you....a 1st round exit out of the playoffs.

Ok..once again I really don't have anything to say...so

Pictures say 230,000,000 words.

A's sweep the Twins and end Brad Radke's career.

Once again football starts in 20 minutes....gotta hurry.

  • Twins can't hit.

  • A's surprisingly can hit.

  • Lets look at the DH match-up....Oak- Frank Thomas, Min- Jason Tyner?!?! enough said.

  • Milton Bradley goes deep and still a bit on the crazy side.

  • Mike Everitt(homeplate Ump) is blind!!!! Torri Hunter was safe!!!!

  • Brad Radke said this was his last game and although he didn't pitch well, I admire him for going out there injured, good luck Brad, whatever you do with the rest of your career.

Kenny Rogers pitches a gem to put Tigers up 2-1 in the ALDS.

Not much to say, because this is a late posts and football is about to start.

  • The Gambler goes 7 2/3 innings, strikes out 8 Yanks, and gives up no runs.
  • Watching Joel Zumaya is still fun...103 MPH, thats faster than my Daewoo!!!
  • The Big Unit went 5 2/3, gave up 8 hits and 5 runs.
  • A-Rod still getting booed and had his streak of 11 straight games without an RBI.
  • Go Tigers!!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

"No since in crying over spilled pills"

Well this Sunday will have the match-up that we have all been waiting for.(by "we" I mean me, I can't read minds...I mean i'm no Miss Cleo)

(fake Jamaican accent) "I'm Miss Cleo, call me now for your free reading"

I know that was probably uncalled for. Oh well, back to the post.

Dallas at Philadelphia, division rivals for years, but this isn't about rekindling a rivalry. This is about Terrell Owens v.s. the city of Philadelphia. After leaving the Eagles on, lets just say a bad note, everyone in Lincoln Financial Field will be gunning for Owens.

Fans, like this fella to my right, will be doing evey thing they can to hinder T.O.'s game. Notice the beer in his hands...and by what I have seen, I have a feeling that Eagles' and Phillies fans drink alot of beer. You kinda have to if your going to take time out of your life to root for the Phillies(from a Braves' fan) Any who, the Philadelphia police will be doubling their protection in this game, including undercover cops in the crowd, strict rules that basically said if you harm or attempt to harm or do anything other than yell obscenities at Owens' then you could face criminal charges. I bet at least one or two idiots plan to test the five-O.

I'm sure you will see plenty of signs containing stuff like this, and instead of T.O. , you'll hear O.D.

Other than all that stuff it should be a very good game. I personaly think Dallas will win. Mostly because the Eagles have so many injuries on defense and offense.

Predicted score: 28-17 Dallas

Booking # : 425598-788965 a.k.a. Chris Henry, suspended again.

Cincinnati Bengals second-year wide receiver, Chris Henry was suspened yet again. This time he was suspened for 2 games for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy.

Henry has been arrested 4 times in a six-month stretch. That has to be some kind of record, and if it's not, then give him time, i'm sure Mr. Henry can break whatever the record is. Trust me.

Coach Marvin Lewis forced Henry to sit out last Sunday's loss to the New England Patriots due to disciplinary actions. Henry could still face further league action because of other charges pending against him. Because of the suspension, Henry will be losing $41,176 of his scheduled base salary of $350,000 for 2006.

Ok, is he really wearing his Bengals' uniform in that mug shot? Wow....he doesn't even change before he commits his weekly felonies. I guess it just saves more time...

The former West Virginia star was a third-round pick in the 2005 draft. Henry also pleaded guilty Sept. 12 to a concealed weapon charge, but avoided jail time. Two of the cases are still pending.

Bengals' arrested this year: 6

A little rant by...you guessed it...Me...

Ok....these are comments by yours truely on the Braves Journal late late Thursday night...or early early Friday morning...I know, I know..back to the story...anyways I was reading a blog on AJC about my favorite player, Chipper Jones. The blog was

"should the Braves trade Chipper"
Of course not...dumbfucks...anyways I went on a bit of rant and this is actually what I had to say...

Get your own gravatar by visiting gravatar.com Jay10
#104. October 6th, 2006, at 12:40 AM.

From AJC Blog about chipper…

“I’d love to see Chipper in a Red Sox uniform if he’s not in a Braves’ one. Make a trade for Lowell and either Crisp or Hansen, and a minor pitching prospect. That would work for me.”

“It”s time for John Scoholtz.bobby cox to exit the braves. trade A.J.giles,terry p. i belive Orr is ready to play.” Orr ready to play..huh??

I feel my IQ dropping as I read these comments at AJC….

Get your own gravatar by visiting gravatar.com Jay10
#105. October 6th, 2006, at 12:41 AM.

Last one I promise…

“Chipper needs to be GONE!! A player making the money he makes needs to learn how to “suck it up” and play hurt. Instead, Chipper’s content to sit on his lazy duff and draw his paycheck!! Andrew and Francouer and McCann play hurt everyday! Trade Chipper, get rid of his enormous salary, and spend that money on someone who WANTS TO PLAY!!!”


Get your own gravatar by visiting gravatar.com Jay10
#106. October 6th, 2006, at 1:00 AM.

Ok…i’m going to go on a little rant…mostly because Chipper is my favorite player and has been since I watched my first baseball game and this guy’s comment puts me in a bad mood, don’t know why, just does.

“Chipper’s content on sitting on his lazy duff”

Ok first of all, what the hell is a duff….is he attempting start another trend for ass, isn’t “lovely lady lumps” enough man?? Hmm..I just googled “duff” and all I got was a buch of Hilary Duff fan sites…no, that can’t be right, chipper is sitting on Hilary Duff…surely E! news would have mentioned this!!!!

“draw his paychecks”

Oh, great…now the braves have to learn how to draw….Frenchy already has alot on his plate this off-season, with the possible wedding, and the whole not swinging at every pitch he sees thing..now he has to find time to take an art class…damn.


Ok….ANDRUW has been with the team for 10 years now…it’s not “Andrew” it’s ANDRUW…..U…not E…

“Trade Chipper”

WTF for….he was great this year(I know he only played in 110 games) .324 26 HR 86 RBI’s .409 OBP and a .596 SLG….who’s gonna replace that..hmm…Orr, Aybar, Prado, Pena Jr…doubt it.

Ok that is the end of this little rant…no more AJC blogs for me…

Ok I have no idea who the hell this guy is that first wrote these "comments" but I want to fight this prick....i'm talking all out bite an ankle, bitch slap, then fall to ground in the fetal position...cause that's how I roll...I can say this cause....well i'm pretty sure he doesn't know me and I bet he looks like this.

I believe all my enemies to look similar to this strapping lad to my left. HAHAHAAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!!!!!! OMG!!!!..I can't stop laughing every time I look at him....god I wonder if that's his real shirt....he looks like he's on his way to the first day of school...look at his blue lunch box...I guarantee you this..the other side has Transformers or Pokemon. Yeah......thats what it is alright...awesome.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

David Pollack update.

Ok, let me start off by saying David Pollack is my favorite Bengal on defense.(Chad on offense) When he went down with that neck injury I was really upset. Then when I later found out that he fractured his vertebra and he would miss the rest of the season and possibly end his career I was...in a way, heartbroken. I mean the kid is one of the best young run-stopping linebackers in the AFC if not in the whole NFL. His stats may not prove this but trust me, if you watch a Bengal game or even an old Georgia game, you'll see what i'm talking about.

He is currently restricted by the "halo" device which stabilizes the fractured C-6 vertebra in his neck. In a conference Thursday, Pollack said that he hopes to resume his football career with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2007, but he acknowledged that his NFL future remains very much undetermined.

"I want to be able to hold my kids,"said Pollack. "I want to be able to hold my wife's hand when we walk down the street. This puts that all in perspective."

The injury that the now 24 year old Pollack had, has not required any surgery. But his doctors haven't ruled out the possibility, at some point, he may need an operation to repair his neck. That determination won't come for at least two more monts, and until the halo is removed from his head and doctors evaluate how the fractured vertebrae has healed.

Speacialists have said to Pollack that, if he has surgery, his football career is probably over. In such cases, orthopedists have told the former first round daft pick, fusion surgery precludes having the kind of contact inherent to football, because the chances of a second fracture are increased.

"One of the doctors told me that not many people walk away from a second broken neck," Pollack said. "That kinda hit home. The big thing is, when you fuse the vertebrae, they usually fuse two together. And when that happens, the likelihood for injury is greatly increased."

This was the scene a couple of weeks ago, when Pollack suffered th injury against the Cleveland Browns. The injury happened when Pollack tackled Browns' runningback, Reuben Droughns. Pollack led with his head down and on contact his vertebrae fractured.

All I can say is good luck on your rehab David, and I hope to see you stuffing the run in 07.

Mets win....ewwwww!!!

Well the Metropolitans won game 1 against the LA Dodgers 6-5. Thanks to a great call by Dodgers third base coach to send Jeff Kent(slowest person on LAD) and J.D. Drew home literally 10 ft behind one another. And of course they both get thrown out at home. 1st time in playoff history, 2nd time in MLB history. The Mets stuck to their gameplan, out slug their opponet and in game 1 it worked. Big power suppliers were Carlos Delgado, he went 4-5 HR(1) 2 RBIs, Cliff Floyd 1-3 HR(1) and David Wright 2-4 2 2Bs 3RBIs. El Duque was scratched from the start due to a torn calf, he will most likely miss all of the playoffs. His replacement was John Maine, he went 4.1 IP 6 H 1 R(ER) 2 BB 5 Ks. Next game: Tonight at 8:19 ET on Fox.

Probable Pitchers

LAD: H.Kuo
NYM: T.Glavine

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Oakland goes up 2-0 on favored Twins.

  • I'm gonna go to sleep
  • Twins lose
  • Milton Bradley is still crazy
  • Frank Thomas is still big as hell
  • Twins still can't hit(except for Mauer and Morneau....they can hit)
  • I'm done.

Pujols and Carpenter lift Cards in game 1 (STL leads 1-0)

The Cardinals came limping into the playoffs and they had alot of spots to fill. But in game 1 of the NLDS they looked great on all aspects of the game. Pitching, hitting, and defense, all spectacular. Albert Pujols started the offense for the Cards in the 4th inning. He launced a 2-run homer off of Jake Peavy that put them up 2-0. With the three runs that the Cardinal offense put up in the 4th, that's all Chris Carpenter would need. He went 6.1 IP 5 H 1 R 1 BB and 7 Ks. He was taken out in the 7th because he had already reached 100 pitches and Tony La Rusa didn't want to over work his ACE. Juan Encarnacion, Jim Edmonds, and Yadier Molina all added 1 RBI each in the 5-1 win. Next game is on Thursday at 4:00 ET on ESPN.

Pitching Probables

STL: Jeff Weaver
SD: David Wells

Frank Thomas carries A's past Santana. (A's lead 1-0)

Barry Zito out dueled Johan Santana yesterday. Zito went 8 innings, only giving up 1 run. He was great althought he only had 1 strikeout and walked 4 Twins. Santana also went 8 innings while giving up 2 runs(both earned) and he struckout 8 guys and only walked 1 batter. Frank Thomas a.k.a. The Big Hurt, homered twice, once off of Santana in the second and then again in the 9th off of Jesse Crain, which turned out to be the game winner. The A's other run also came in the second when Marco Scutaro doubled deep to left that scored Jay Payton. Next game today at 1:09 ET on ESPN.

Pitching Probables

OAK: Esteban Loiaza
MIN: Boof Bonser

NYY 8 DET 4 (NYY lead 1-0)

The Yankees take the early lead against the Tigers thanks in part to the Captain, Derek Jeter. He went 5-5 including a solo homerun in the 8th inning last night. This marked only the sixth time that somebody had a 5 hit team in playoff history. Other major contributers were Bobby Abreu who had 4 RBIs, Jason Giambi who hit a 2-run homer in the 3rd, and Chien-Ming Wang. Wang 6.2 IP 8 H 3 R 1 BB 4 Ks. The best ground ball pitcher kept his reputation last night with Wang getting 11 ground ball outs and only 4 flyball outs. Next game is tonight at 8:09 ET.

Tonight's pitching probables

DET- Justin Verlander
NYY- Mike Mussina

2006 MLB playoffs

American League

Detroit 4
New York 8 (NYY leads 1-0)

WP: C.Wang (1-0)

LP: N.Robertson (0-1)

D.Jeter 5-5 HR(1) 1RBI 3 runs
B.Abreu 2-5 4 RBIs 1 run

Oakland 3 (OAK leads 1-0)
Minnesota 2

WP: B.Zito (1-0) S: H.Street(1)
LP: J.Santana (0-1)

F.Thomas 3-4 2HR(2) 2RBIs
R.White 2-4 HR(1) 2B 1RBI

National League

St.Louis 5 (STL leads 1-0)
San Diego 1

WP: C.Carpenter (1-0)
LP: J.Peavy (0-1)

A.Pujols 2-4 2-run HR(1) 2RBIs
C.Carpenter 6.1 IP 5 H 1 ER 1 BB 7 Ks

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Marlins make it official. Out with Girardi, in with Gonzalez

On Tuesday the Florida Marlins made it offical and fired manager Joe Girardi. This decision was made by Marlins' owner Jeff Loria beleived to be because of a disagreement that he had with Girardi about two months ago.

The dicision to let Girardi go makes no sense to me. I mean the guy won 78 games with the AAA Marlins , starting 22 rookies this year and on a $15.0M payroll. Also Girardi is considered to be a very strong candidate for the NL manager of the year. He kept the Marlins in playoff contetntion with the league's youngest team and the league's cheapest team up to the end of September where they promptly fell apart.

Another thing that doesn't really make sense about this whole thing is the Marlins let Girardi go even though he had two years left on his contract that is guaranteed. Loria is an ass-whole, plain and simple. He won't spend money on players but he is willing to throw money away just because of a little tiff he had with a manager. Makes no sense to me.

Girardi said he was fired during a brief meeting that was held in his now former office with team president David Samson, general manager Larry Beinfest and assistant general manger Mike Hill. Of course Loria didn't attend this meeting.

"They came in and said, 'We're going to make a change,"'Girardi said. He said he was given no reason on why he was being replaced.

"To harsh over what happened doesn't make any sense," said Girardi.

The Marlins announced at a press conference Tuesday that Atlanta third-base coach Fredi Gonzalez would become the replacement for Girardi. Gonzalez was also the runner-up for the Marlins' manager job last year when Jack Mckeon resigned.