Thursday, July 26, 2007

Daily Linkage...

Nothing like team unity to get the morning off to a good start....

Onto the links....

Barry Bonds is not a big fan of Bob Costas...and he doesn't care if you tell him that. (With Leather)

Tim Donaghy's bookies weren't the mob, wait they were but just the fake mob...i'm confused. (Larry Brown Sports)

The Staal brothers got a little out of hand at a bachelor party... (The Fanhouse)

How's that alternative career going Troy Hudson? Oh excuse me...T-Hud. (100% Injury Rate)

Damnit Ted Washington...have you ever heard of a courtesy flush... (

Curt Schilling's family is very albino pale...complete with turtlenecks, enough said. (Sammy's Sports Sermons)

Would you like to meet Jarrod Saltalamacchia? (The Extrapolater)

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