Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Round table

Here's another look into what happening around the blogosphere...

Part Mule is holding down the fort over at Blown Coverage while Davey is out teaching sea otters to play tetherball. (Blown Coverage)

Look at Epic Carnival's new Fall clothing line...I'll take one of each please? (Epic Carnival)

Looks like Shaun Rogers might be getting sued...damn him and his sticky fingers. (With Leather)

Oh those silly editors and their innuendos..."Lady Jacks off to hot start in conference"...classic! (Larry Brown Sports via 100% injury rate)

A sad sad day for out of date redneck mullets everywhere...Randy Johnson might retire. (Lion in Oil)

Mr.Irrelevant has a fancy new look...(Mr.Irrelevant)

Apparently Adrian Gonzalez received a death threat...."We are going to kill you"...told ya. (Larry Brown @ the Fanhouse)

Side Note: Look out for me tomorrow over at Blown Coverage...i'll be taking over for Kirk...

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