Thursday, July 12, 2007

What's happening around the Blogosphere

Much like smoking cigarettes, all the cool kids are doing it so I will too. And by that I mean having daily links to the most interesting posts from different blogs at least according to me.

The only thing funnier than the video are the comments. (With Leather)

Is Rashard Lewis worth $110 million? (Blown Coverage)

Miss Gossip gets a interview with Greg Oden and she gets right to the hard hitting questions. (AOL Fanhouse)

Tony Parker is still least in France. (We are the Postmen)

Looks like Dan Patrick already has a new job....and boy is it exciting. (The Big Lead)

Jamaal Magloire stayed at the same hotel as J.E. Skeets and Tas Melas in Montreal. (The Basketball Jones)

Ok about the comments thing, they are fucking hilarious, some of my favorites are:

Atari1977 says: Good thing she was carrying her LifeAlert bracelet!

Weed against Speed says: She hasn't had balls in her face since Grandpa died 10 years ago.

Dr. Thunder says: my grandmother went the same way

Oh and the video was posted by the great J.E. of my favorite bloggers.

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