Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tour of the Blogosphere part three

Once again I'm going to keep up with the one night stands in which I have no intention in calling again....

What happens when fans get bored during rain delays....they slip and slide of course. (Deadspin)

Oh be still my heart....I think Braylon Edwards wants to hear about my feelings...quick do something manly!!! (With Leather)

Talk about an interesting encounter...Petros Papadakis is a waiter on his off time...and he served Lion in Oil. (Lion in Oil)

John Pyle interviews the sirs over at Nation of Islam Sports Blog. (Pyle of List)

Dodger fans aren't big fans of mascots...let alone the Giant's mascot. (Awful Announcing)

My good friend and partner in crime, Davey offically welcomes Julio Franco. (Blown Coverage)

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