Thursday, July 26, 2007

Big surprise there...

The Cincinnati Bengal's linebacker and part-time felon, Odell Thurman was denied reinstatement in the NFL today due to his ongoing problems with the police. This will be the second consecutive season that Thurman must sit out after NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell denied his petition for reinstatement.

Thurman was suspended for all of last season after skipping a drug test and later being arrested for drunken driving. He asked Goodell to reinstate him for the 2007 season, but was turned down.

Thurman will be allowed to ask for reinstatement again following the season.

Goodell's decision leaves the Bengals with two suspended players as they open training camp. Receiver Chris Henry also will miss the first eight games for repeatedly violating the league's conduct policy.

The Bengals are the league's prime example of misconduct, with 10 players arrested over a 14-month span.

Ok kids, now a show of hands, who was surprised by this news? Hmm, no one...ok then.

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