Sunday, October 01, 2006

Updated Heisman Picture

Ok, I have had a night to get over the Va Tech loss...back to business(fuck GT)

1. Troy Smith QB(OSU) 16/25 186 yds 4 TDs

Smith and his #1 Buckeyes made a huge statement on Saturday by beating a Iowa Hawkeye team that for some reason "experts" were picking to beat Ohio State. I'm telling you, Ohio State has a pretty easy road intil it's time to play Michigan.

2. Adrian Peterson RB(OU) BYE

Oklahoma had a bye week but their next game is going to be great. The ol' Red River Showdown. Texas and Oklahoma...Can't wait!!!

3. Garrett Wolfe RB(NIU) 31 car 353 yds 3 TDs, 3 rec 3 yds

Garrett Wolfe is amazing, the guy gets better and better each week. He deserves the Heisman, hands down. Not just for what he's done this year, but throughout his career he's been great. 1656 yds as a sophomore, 1580 yds as a junior, and so far this year, he has 1181 yds as a senior. WOW!!! This guy will get close to 2000 yds this year and probaly won't win the Heisman and probaly won't go high in the draft. He reminds me alot like a Brian Westbrook(but a better runner) or maybe he has a little LT in him(no where near the player, just runs alot like him) Anyways this guy is a great football player and here is to Heisman Winner in 06- Garrett Wolfe.

4. Brady Quinn QB(ND) 29/38 316 yds 2 TDs

Brady Quinn led his Fighting Irish past the Boilermakers of Purdue, to a 35-21 win Saturday afternoon.

5. Calvin Johnson WR(GT) 6 rec 115 yds 2 TDs

It's time to stop being bitter and admit that my Hokies had no answer for the best Wide Receiver in the Nation.

6. Mike Hart RB(MICH) 31 car 195 yds, 1 rec 31 yds

Mike Hart
had an insane game against a good Minnesota team. Gaining what I assume is a career high with 195 yards.

7. Jonathoan Stewart RB(ORE) 12 car 142 yds yds

He's a new comer on my Heisman list. But he is probaly one of the best runningbacks in the nation. He mixes good speed with good power and ran all over Arizona State this week.

8. Mario Manningham WR(MICH) 5 rec 131 yds 1 TD

Mario Manningham started his season off very slow. But over the past 3 weeks he has become Chad Henne's #1 guy.

9. Steve Slaton RB(WVU) BYE

Steve Slaton
had a bye this week and following just an ok game at East Carolina last week, of course he's going to drop.

10. Chris Leak QB(FLA) 14/20 174 yds yds 2 TDs, 6 car. 31 yds

Chris Leak didn't have great numbers, but he lead his undefeated Florida Gators to a come from behind win against a stingy Alabama team.

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