Friday, October 06, 2006

"No since in crying over spilled pills"

Well this Sunday will have the match-up that we have all been waiting for.(by "we" I mean me, I can't read minds...I mean i'm no Miss Cleo)

(fake Jamaican accent) "I'm Miss Cleo, call me now for your free reading"

I know that was probably uncalled for. Oh well, back to the post.

Dallas at Philadelphia, division rivals for years, but this isn't about rekindling a rivalry. This is about Terrell Owens v.s. the city of Philadelphia. After leaving the Eagles on, lets just say a bad note, everyone in Lincoln Financial Field will be gunning for Owens.

Fans, like this fella to my right, will be doing evey thing they can to hinder T.O.'s game. Notice the beer in his hands...and by what I have seen, I have a feeling that Eagles' and Phillies fans drink alot of beer. You kinda have to if your going to take time out of your life to root for the Phillies(from a Braves' fan) Any who, the Philadelphia police will be doubling their protection in this game, including undercover cops in the crowd, strict rules that basically said if you harm or attempt to harm or do anything other than yell obscenities at Owens' then you could face criminal charges. I bet at least one or two idiots plan to test the five-O.

I'm sure you will see plenty of signs containing stuff like this, and instead of T.O. , you'll hear O.D.

Other than all that stuff it should be a very good game. I personaly think Dallas will win. Mostly because the Eagles have so many injuries on defense and offense.

Predicted score: 28-17 Dallas

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