Thursday, October 26, 2006

Virginia Tech vs #10 Clemson(Live Blog)

Game Over.... Virginia Tech-24 Clemson- 7

This thing is over....still 35 seconds left, but this was a great win for Virginia Tech

4:24- After a VT punt Clemson takes over deep in their own territory.

7:21- Brandon Ore did....he has 203 yards now and another 1st down.

7:49- Branden Ore is back in there trying to get 200 yards.

9:07- You'll never guess what Clemson just did.....they punted. I know I was shocked too.

9:25- Hokies punt and Clemson takes over at their own 11 yard line.

11:02: Elan Lewis is in, giving Ore a break.

12:08- Clemson is going to have to punt again.

14:48- Wow, another shitty punt for Clemson....thats 678 punts for them so that a record?

End of the 3rd Quarter.

0:32- Stuckey just got killed by Adibi on a screen pass.

0:50- Tigers get a first down....then the next play Proctor almost throws an INT...

Hokies lead 24-7

2:07- Touchdown....Branden Ore...MVP MVP MVP

2:50- Branden Ore guy is finally shining....I love this kid.

2:59- Finally we go deep and Sam Wheeler is wide open...gain of 41 yards.

3:13- VT throws it on 1st down and Josh Morgan gets 10 yards.

4;22- Big stop for the Hokies....Clemson will be forced to punt again.

6:08- Gaines Adams sacks Glennon and Tech Punts.

6:45- Just give it to Ore, screw that reverse shit...

He was down....Hokies get the ball back.

7:06- Eddie Royal ran a reverse and then they say he fumbled it...they are reviewing it.

Clemson is forced to punt thanks to Superman(Adibi) getting another tackle.

This is the best defense we have played all season...this is grrrrreat!!!

Hokies lead 17-7


10:20- Branden Ore runs carries a Clemson defender for 10 yards and a first down.


Erin Andrews is the sideline reporter...once again..thank you ESPN.

13:20- Hokies get the ball first and move the ball 6 yards before they punt.

Start of the 3rd Quarter.

End of the 1st half...Halftime and the Hokies lead it 10-7

2:10- Branden Ore ran for a 9 yard gain, coming into the game Clemson has only given up 78 yards a game, Ore has 108 so far.

2:33- FUCK YEAH....Will Proctor fumbled the snap and Barry Booker recovered it...Hokies' Ball.

3:32- Sean Glennon tried to buy some time and he was sacked by Gaddis, he fumbled and Clemson recovered at the Tech 26.

4:28- Clemson punts yet again, they just can't hold onto the ball(kinda like my ex-girlfried...ohh...burn!!!)

After two straight holding penalties, the Hokies punt and Nic Schmitt pinned them inside the 3 yard line.

8:40- David Clowney took a 5 yard hitch and turned it into a 19 yard gain. He couldn't stay in bounds and stepped out, if he didn't he would have surely taken it all the way.

10:24- Clemson is forced to punt again, not one of their punts have looked good.

11:36- Brandon Pace remains perfect on the season, Hokies take the lead on his field goal. 10-7.

12:49: On a fake reverse, Ore picks up another 1st down.

14:20- Glennon looks good so far, he hits Eddie Royal for a first down.

14:55- Clemson is forced to punt again.

End of the 1st quarter....VT-7 CLEM-7

0:40- Brendon Hill just dropped an interception.

1:35- TOUCHDOWN HOKIES!!! Sean Glennon took it in himself...It's all tied up 7-7 now bitches.

1:45- Branden Ore ran a 40+ yard run and got bumped out at the 1 yard line.

3:00- We went for it and Glennon got it on a QB sneak.

4:40- The refs measured it and it was exactly 1 inch short....just give it to us, you pricks.

ESPN just showed one of my favorite Hokies, Lee Suggs. He got cut by the Dolphins, that's just sad.(queue Davey to insult me)

4:40- Yay!! A first down for the Hokies. Finally

5:00- Sean Glennon pulls an Emmitt Smith and dances his way to a 3rd and very short.

Kirk Herbstreit notes that Chris Fowler went to a movie last night by himself. Leave it to Herby to help raise the ole self-esteam.

Clemson now leads 7-0 with 6:09 left in the 1st quarter.

6:09- James Davis scores a rushing touchdown. Aaron Rouse misses a tackle, thank you AARON!!!

7:02- Of course they get the first down and now they are in the redzone.

7:15- Our DBs forget how to tackle...again, and that sets up 3rd and short.

7:55- And Clemson Burns it's final timeout. I love this crowd!!!

8:46- On 3rd and long, Clemson converts, and I die a little more inside.

10:04- Stuckey makes his first catch and gets a first down.

10:27- C.J. Spiller makes a good run and ends up paying for it. Macho Harris hit him hard and Spiller stayed on the ground for a little bit...but he was able to return(damn)

11:50- After a run for no gain by Branden Ore, a 9 yard catch for Josh Morgan and a loss of 1 for Ore, the Hokies punt on their first possesion.

13:02- My booii Xavier Adibi stopped Clemson's tight end shor for a first down and they are going to punt.

14:40- James Davis Stopped for no gain, I thought he was injured....damn you experts!!!

15:00- Clemson received, the 1st play Clemson was forced to call a timeout due to noise of 66,000 drunken college students....that's how we roll.

1st Quarter

ESPN just showed a Hokie fan choking a chicken....that sounds dirty...

VT is wearing all maroon, first time since 2003.

Late start because of Blogger not working...

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