Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hokies vs Eagles live blog

Game over.....Boston College-22 Virginia Tech-3...ok, so I was a little off on my predicted score.

Well i'm about ready to call it a night and sit on my twin sized hello kitty bed in my tightie-whities while eating apple jacks and play some scarface. Why i'm single...beyond me.

A safety!!!!!! What the fuck!!!!! IS THAT EVEN NECESSARY!!!! SHIT

Short gain for Branden Ore on a swing pass....

Well we got the ball back on a punt....3:14 to score 17 points....can it happen.....nope..ok.

Well, the score is 20-3 and Brenden Hill is dancing around during a time out....NOT HELPING BRENDEN!!!!!

ESPN just showed a stat on the screen....last time my Hokies lost back to back games was in 2003.

Another personal foul penalty on VT. I am slowly losing all hope for sports.'s overturned...Eagles' ball.

BC just fumbled at their own 5...fuck, they are reviewing it.

Clemson beat Temple 63-9...oh goody, we get Clemson in two weeks.

I guess it's time to play the Davey's card...and become a spoiler and try to save this season....

Another punt....this one is basically over....a 17 point game with around 5 minutes to go....yeah..its over.

And another sack for BC....I wonder if Glennon knows the meaning of throwing it away?

Two quick passes for a first down....

Kickoff goes out of bounds....Hokies get great field position....I wonder how we can screw it up this time. I'm taking bets...fumble, Int, Punt?

Tempers flaring up as Vince Hall gets in Aaron Rouse's face.

Well the Hokies will take over with 8:00 left....can we do it...probably not.

Wide open BC touchdown...Challenger again....I feel like commiting felonies now. BC 20-3.

Again with the first down thing.....clock is under 8:00 left.

Another first down for BC...time is ticking away....kinda like my dignity.

Do the Hokies enjoy making me wimper and look like an idiot?

Great....promising drive ends with a 4th and 28...and a punt.

If the screens aren't working... then they go with a shovel pass....2 yards...................

Ok..he's ok, BC punts, a nasty punt, that went 22 yards...yay for us.

Wonderful, my favorite player, Xavier Adibi, is down on the field, injured....

Thanks ESPN for showing me Josh Morgan's crotch...zoomed in..really cheered me up.

Woo Hoo....another screen play that got 3 yards...that helps....not

Branden Ore runs for another 9 10 yards and a first down.

Eddie Royal takes the kickoff past the 40 again.....

Ok, VT has only thrown the deep ball once, the touchdown that was called back, stop the fucking screens and air it out. Please!?!?!

At least we held them to another field goal...BC 13-3.

Double penalty on VT, BC gets it at the 7 yard line...

FUCK MAKE A TACKLE!!! Whitworth makes us look like an 8 year old flag football team.

Great, Glennon just got mauled by BC, and of course he fumbled, BC gets it.

Nice return for Royal, hokies have it at the 43, and then Ore ran it for 4 yards.

And of course the walk-on kicker playing in his first game(high school or college) makes it..BC10-3.

BC will attempt a FG after being stopped on 3 straight runs.

FUCK FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another interception by BC, this one off a tipped ball.

Yes!!!!!! They overturned it.....HOKIE ball!!!

Ok, they are reviewing the looks like his arm might have been going foward...but we'll see.

Speechless........Glennon fumbles again...BC gets the ball.

VT takes over and Glennon hits Royal for first down screen play. BC gets caught with a 5 yard face mask.

Eagles punt and Eddie Royal muffed it but the Hokies recover it.

Matt Ryan is still throwing to Macho's side and his receiver drops the ball again.

BC runs the playaction rollout to the TE again and it picks up 6. Then they run twice and pick up the first down.

Alright, second half is starting off, and BC will be recieving....the kick is deep in the endzone, BC will take over at the 20.

Ok its halftime...VT 3 BC 7

Brandon Pace hits a 36 yard field goal. BC still leads 7-3.

FUCK those refs, they are taking away a great touchdown from David Clowney, for holding.

OMG what a catch by Josh Morgan once again another first down. Glennon rolled out to the right, he was hit by a BC guy, and he actually stayed up, he lobbed it over the middle off his back foot and Josh Morgan jumped up and caught it over two BC defenders.

Another first down, man, we keep going with the screen passes to the outside.

First down for VT after Eddie Royal took the short kickoff to the 30.

This sucks...I blame Doug Flutie!!!

FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!! Touchdown BC..... Kevin Challenger scored on you guessed it, Macho Harris.

Shit, Whitworth busted off a huge run.

BC ran a reverse but Chris Ellis destroyed them but he was called for a 15 yard face mask.

At least there was a dead ball unsportsman like conduct, brings the Eagles back into their own territory.

FUCK!!!! Glennon threw a pick on the first play, Glennon threw it right to the BC DB.

Tony Gonzalez beat Harris again but he was over thrown on 3rd and 16...BC punts again.

Hahahahaha, BC fans threw their own flag on the field, I guess they thought it was pass interference.

After VT stuffs the run, Xavier Adibi gets flagged for a 15 yard face mask.

Another first down, this one 13 yards...That playaction is killing us so far.

BC takes over and gets a first down on two pass plays.

Damn, VT goes for it on 4th and 1, and they were stopped a couple of inches.

OMG!!! Sean Glennon actually ran the ball...and didn't fumble...11 yards and another first down.

End of the 1st quarter....VT 0 BC 0

Ore again running people over with a 9 yard run.

VT starts with a quick pass to Sam Wheeler and then Branden Ore pounds his way for a 9 yard first down run.

Ok, on 4th and 20 BC will go for it....and they the BC receiver drops a sure touchdown, Hokies get the ball back with good position.

Fuck, Clowney gets another first down then he fumbled, BC takes over with great field position.

David Clowney gets 14 yards on a pass from Glennon for a Hokie first down. Then Ore gets a nice 6 yard gain.

Great punt, VT takes over at their own 3.

After 2 incomplete pass and another one that should've been picked off BC punts again.

After a delay of game and a near interception due to Josh Morgan tipping the ball, we punt again.

Damnit, first play and Sean Glennon tripped over his linemans foot.

BC punts and VT takes over at the 14 yard line.

9 yard run for Callender. Next run after that they fumbled but they recoverd.

First play for BC is a playaction pass to their TE and it gets 30 yards.

Punt goes into the endzone, BC takes over at their 20.

Ok, after a run by Ore for maybe 1 yard , another screen pass that gets a couple and a screen pass to Branden Ore the Hokies had to punt.

First play is a screen pass to Eddie Royal, he gets a 13 yards for a first down.

Kickoff goes inside the 5 yard-line and Eddie Royal returns it to the 26.

VT is receiving....I guess BC wants us to put the hurt on them early.

Erin Andrew is doing the sideline reporting.....thank you espn.

Ok, espn just started the coverage and it showed BC fans tailgating with oysters and a big eagle made of ice....???

Well the game is about to start, and I am more gitty than a school girl.


Davey said...

losing at halftime??

That's wrong Jay..

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