Friday, November 17, 2006

Legendary Michigan Coach,Bo Schembechler, passes away.

On the eve of aguragbly the biggest game in college football, Michigan vs Ohio State, Legendary Michigan coach, Bo Schembechler, passed away just moments ago. He was taken to Providence Hospital after collapsing at a WXYZ news studio, where he was taping his show, The Big Ten Ticket.

Coach Schembechler has had 2 major heart attack and 2 quadruple bypass surgeries and just two weeks ago, he had a pace maker implanted.

He is the pride of Michigan, thought by many to have resurrected the greatest rivalry in all sports. In his 21 seasons at Michigan, he led the Wolverines to a 194-48-5. In his bowl games Bo went 5-12. Bo Schembechler, dead at the age of 77.

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