Sunday, November 12, 2006

Updated Heisman Picture

1. Troy Smith QB(OSU) 12-19 185 yds 4 TDs 1 INT , 5 car 15 yds

2. Brady Quinn QB(ND) 14-19 207 yds 4 TDs

3. Steve Slaton RB(WVU) 12 car 148 yds 2 TDs , 2 rec 4 yds

4. Ian Johnson RB(Boise State) 29 car 149 yds 1 TD , 1 Rec 12 yds

5. Ray Rice RB(Rutgers) 22 car 131 yds 2 TDs , 1 rec 4 yds


John said...

Ray Rice is a great running back he definitely should be over Ian Johnson, look at the difference in competition. Each week the Scarlet Knights have been climbing up the charts and getting better and Rice has gotten more and more respect, he deserves it. Also, where is Darren McFadden? He even plays quarterback now, this guy does everything for Arkansas. If they win the SEC he will be a serious Heisman candidate and get to go to New York.

Jay said...

very good points...all I can say is...I did these very fast just to put them up..i had a virus so i couldnt post for almost a week.