Saturday, September 30, 2006

#11 Virginia Tech vs. #24 Georgia Tech

Well since I guess were done destroying "cupcakes", (right Davey?) it's time to play a really good team. The Hokies have been getting attention and are expected by many, even Davey, a canes' fan, to win the ACC championship. While the yellow jackets were only expected to well, send a top 3 player to the NFL draft. (Calvin Johnson)

GT played a great game against at the time the #2 ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish. This game was a unexpected defenseive struggle, but in the end the Fighting Irish were able to pull out a 14-10 win. After that game the Yellow Jackets came back with impressive wins against not so impressive teams. First GT beat Samford 38-6, then they beat Troy(who actually has a pretty good "D") 35-20. Last Thursday Georgia Tech played their first ACC opponet of the year. They absolutely destroyed Virginia 24-7. I know I know, you look at the score and say "It's only a 17 point loss,surely that isn't enough to use the words 'absolutely destroyed" but let me through a couple on numbers at ya. I won't really throw them..cause that's how accidents happen. Safety First!!!!

Total Yards- GT-374 UV-181
Total Rush Yards- GT-144 UV- 66
Total Pass Yards- GT- 230 UV-115
I think you get what i'm talking about. Right??

Georgia Tech probaly isn't our biggest fans....expecially since we kinda put a hurtin' on them last year. We were able to get outta there with a 51-7 win. I know, talk about a nail bitter.

This is from Sports Illustrated

Saturday, 3:30 p.m. ET (ABC)
No. 24 Georgia Tech (3-1) at No. 11 Virginia Tech (4-0)
Oh, cruel ACC scheduling gods. For some reason you've seen fit to send the Yellow Jackets to Blacksburg in consecutive seasons. Last year's trip resulted in a 51-7 Hokies demolition. What could possibly cause a 44-point turnaround in one year's time? I have no idea. Just go with it.
Georgia Tech 19, Virginia Tech 17

Well sir, I will certainly not "just go with it". In fact I believe I will have to disagree with your predicted score. don't even understand your own reasons for picking Georgia Tech winning(with they won't)

Ok, there has been a little talk about this GT defense. I don't understand why!! All they do is blitz, that's it...just blitz, no speacial formations or anything, just send anywhere from 4 to 7 guys. That's their defense....real hard to stop that huh? Oh, no here comes an extra guy that we were soooo not expecting, lets leave an extra blocker, um, I don't bout a fucking runningback....NOTRE DAME!!!!

Ok.....predicted score 21-10 VT....bitches!!!


Davey said...

hahaaaha....crazy v-tech guy

Jay said... know it