Monday, September 18, 2006

It looks like the Chargers will be adding another QB.

The San Diego Chargers are about to ink a deal with the Tennessee Titans, that could be finalized as soon as Tuesday. The deal would send unhappy quarterback Billy Volek to the Chargers for a 2007 6th round draft pick. The Titans have been asking for a 5th round pick for a couple of weeks now, but the teams agreed to wait to finalize anything until they played each other Sunday.

The only thing complicating the negotiations is Billy Volek's no-trade clause. That means even though Volek has asked to be traded and even though he's been demoted to third string behind Kerry Collins and 1st round draft pick Vince Young, he still holds the power whether he is dealt and where.

The Chargers currently only have two quarterbacks on their roster, starter Phillip Rivers and rookie Charlie Whitehurst. They have said that they would like to add an experienced backup and they would like to keep three quarterbacks on their roster.

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