Friday, September 01, 2006

My 2nd Draft

Well earlier today I entered in my second fantasy football draft. I was surprised to see that I had the #1 pick, although there was only 6 other players. After my first draft a couple of weeks ago was pretty much a wash, me and my boiii Davey decided to enter together. Well anyways, I was on the clock with a very tough decision to make. Who should I take #1? I had it down to three lucky candidates, Shaun Alexander, ladainian tomlinson and Larry Johnson. I was reluctant to take LJ, due to the losses of Willie Roaf and Tony Richardson, I didn't really have a reason not to take LT, but I didn't take him either, drumrolls please, my number 1 pick was Shaun Alexander. I am a little worried about the loss of Steve Hutchinson but I couldn't pass up the 1,800+ yards and the 28 total TDs. My whole goal of this draft was to make smart picks that would help me throughout the whole season, but that was thrown out of the window as soon as I was on the clock. I was able to pick up two of the best defenses. Why? I like to have a choice of which defense I send out, and if need be I can use one of them for trade bait. Not only that I am projected to lose every game! Oh, well I guess I can chalk this up to a learning experience. Anyways here is my team, and I still can't see why I suck so bad.

Tom Brady QB NE

Jake Delhomme QB CAR

Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI

Anquan Boldin WR ARI

Matt Jones WR JAC

Shaun Alexander RB SEA

Carnell Williams RB TB

Ben Watson TE NE

Derrick Mason WR BAL

Laurence Maroney RB NE

Randy McMichael TE MIA

Donald Driver WR GB

John Kasay K CAR

Chicago Defense

Seattle Defense


Davey said...

It could be worse... you could've had my team.

Jay said...