Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Packers and Texans swap young backs

On Wednesday night the Green Bay Packers sent Samkon Gado to the Houston Texans for Vernand Morency.

Samkon Gado, who only started 2 games in four years at 1-AA Liberty,was handed the starting job last year for the pack, when Ahman Green and Najeh Davenport suffered season-ending injuries. He was great in his short time as the starter. He played in eight games, including five starts, he gained 582 yards on the ground on just 142 carries. He also added 6 touchdowns. Coach Gary Kubiak has said he plans to use Gado for short yardarge and maybe even more. "I thik he's already proven that he can be an every down back," said the Texan's general manager Rick Smith. "He's a kid that is a power type back with good speed and balance and agility. So to put him in this offense will be an asset to us. " I personally like Samkon Gado, i thought he did a great job for the packers last year and he will ok in Houston. I wonder if the Texans are still saying the right choice was Mario Williams. especially since Reggie Bush gained 141 total yards in a WIN. Something the Texans don't know to much about.


Davey said...

Jay Jay laying the smack down!!

Jay said...

hahahaha....yeah booiii