Saturday, September 16, 2006

#14 Virginia Tech 36 Duke 0

Well my prediction was a little off, but I did get the shutout right, which is the most important score. Virginia Tech completly dominated the entire game. Both of Duke's defense and offense were overmatched and didn't start to get yards untill the back-ups were brought in once again. The total yards were VT- 421 Duke- 139.

Sean Glennon was absolutely great! He went 15/25 301 yds and 2 TDs. I said before the game that he needed to step up and that is just what he did. The Hokies only ran the ball with Branden Ore 15 times for 64 yds and a TD. So Glennon put the offense on his back and ran with it....well actually he passed with it but you know what i'm talking about. Like I said earlier Glennon threw 2 TDs, 1 was a 25 yard pass to Josh Morgan and the other was a 17 yader to Sam Wheeler.

On the ground today we had a total of 105 yards. Most of those were by Ore in the first half, Branden didn't play too much in the second half, the Hokies passed mostly, but when they did run it, the ball went to Elan Lewis and Kenny Lewis Jr. Elan had a very rough game, he carried it 6 times for just 2 yards. Kenny Lewis made his Hokie debut today and he looked very good. He was a highley touted baseball player, in fact he was in the Cincinnati Reds' organization for awhile but he said his dream was to play for Virginia Tech and he joined the team this year. He rushed the ball 6 times for 16 yards and a touchdown.

In the first quarter the great return skills of Eddie Royal shined bright when he returned a punt on two hops to the house for a 58 yard touchdown.

Of course I have to comment on the mistakes that were made. Once again there wasn't many but there was some. The first problem we had, was penalties. In all we had 7/70 yds. Most of which came on 3 15-yard roughing the passers. And 1 of those roughing the passers resulted in a concussion for Thaddeus Lewis. The other problem was a interception by Glennon. The pick didn't hurt us, but I would prefer to see no interceptions.

Next week in comes Cincy, who in the first quarter had the lead against the #1 ranked Ohio State, but in the end OSU routed them in a 37-7 win.



Davey said...

time to play some actual teams though... :D hahaha

Jay said...

hahahaaha, well playing actual teams isn't really working out for your canes. :)...we'll see nov. 4

Davey said...

fsu i guess your acc champs now..

Jay said...

yeah boiiii