Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Amobi Okoye likes his Tea(bags).

I have made it clear that the Cincinnati Bengals need a defensive tackle in the 2007 NFL Draft. I have also mentioned that they guy I want is Amobi Okoye. Okoye is a 19 year-old phenom out of the University of Louisville. He is a 6'1" 317 lb beast that is extremely strong, surprisingly fast for an interior lineman and would go a long way in helping our horrible run defense.

Not only can Okoye stop the run, he is also a good pass rusher, recording 8 sacks last season. Some draft sites have said that he is ideal for a nose tackle in a 3-4 scheme, but I think he would look just fine in our orange and black.

"The NFL Draft has never seen a player quite like this and even though he is a very good prospect now it's his upside that is really intriguing." said NFL Draft Countdown.

Well during a week 3 game against Miami(FL), Amobi Okoye and Tyrone Moss had a sit down conversation. One that was probably extremely uncomfortable for each involved. I'm more so for Moss. Anyway here is what was conversed between the two.

(Before I get started, let me say this is 100% false, meaning I made this up...so no letters on how Okoye is a good Christian boy who would never say that type of thing. Enjoy)

Okoye: Yeah boy, you better get used to looking at me while your on your back, cause your gonna be there all day!

Moss: Um, Ok...You can probably get up now. The play is over...the whistle blew.

Okoye: So! Are you trying to say your not enjoying your self?

Moss: Well, since you asked. No. No i'm not. It just so happens i'm not a big fan of having a 320 lb pound man sitting on me with his crotch in my face.

Okoye: Oh don't be jealous because I get all the ladies, they call me "Big Sexy".

Moss: What the hell does that have anything to do with this current situation?!

Okoye: Uh huh, I knew it, your just mad because i've been getting college chicks since I was 16.

Moss: Yeah, let me tell...i'm so jealous. Ok, now will you please get off me, they are waiting for us.

Referee: Ok guys, come on...get up.

Moss: Yes, that has been what i've been trying to tell him...

Okoye: Hey quick question...promise you won't tell anyone and you won't laugh.

Moss: Fine...what?

Okoye: Promise me.

Moss: *mumbles to himself* Are you fucking kidding me...Fine Amobi...I promise.

Okoye: Ok, you know how I said I've been getting college girls since I was 16?

Moss: Yes...you made sure everyone heard you say that.

Okoye: Well I have kind of developed a bit of a rash and I thought that since your down there, you know, you could check it out for me.


Okoye: What...not a good time or something?

Moss: NO...it's never a good time for me to check a rash for you...are you insane.

Okoye: I knew it...too soon

Moss: (just slowly shakes his head) I didn't come to Dade County for this shit.

Okoye: Ah well...let's play some football.

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