Monday, January 08, 2007

Live Blog...#2 Florida vs #1 Ohio State

End of the first half

:23- Touchdown Florida....Tim Tebow throwing it to Andre Caldwell. 34-14

1:28- Troy Smith stripped by Jarvis Moss, and Florida takes over at the OSU 5.

1:53- missed Jim Tressell going for it on 4th and 1 at his own 30 and he didn't get it. Well Florida promptly took over and and Chris Hetland hit another field goal. 27-14.

6:00- Chris Hetland actually made a field goal...43 yards and Florida extends the lead. 24-14.

6:35- A huge screen play for Harvin, this guy is fast...i'm talking Devin Hester fast.

9:14- Florida forces a three and out again.

9:47- And for the first time tonight, the Gators will have to punt.

10:59- Another first down for the Gators...OSU can't stop them right now.

13:32- Touchdown Buckeys... Troy Smith leads the buckeyes on a very nice drive, capped off on a 18 yard run by Antonio Pittman. 21-14 FLA

14:56- Touchdown Florida. This time by DeShawn Wynn from 3 yards out. 21-7 FLA

End of the 1st Quarter

:27- Once again, another Florida first down thanks to Andre Caldwell on a reverse.

1:14- Chris Leak is still perfect, 8-8 as he finds Jemalle Cornelius for 18 yards.

1:43- Chris Leak is looking absolutely brilliant, another long pass to Cornelius Ingram.

2:49- On 3rd and 14, Troy Smith got hit as he threw the ball and Reggie Lewis picked it off. Things are not going well for the Buckeyes.

3:34- Derrick Harvey ran down Troy Smith for a loss of 9 yards...but he is down with an apparent knee injury....he's up and he just ran off the field, i'm glad he's not hurt.

4:06- Antonio Pittman rushed for a first bigger news, Ted Ginn is walking gingerly to the lockeroom.

5:41- Anthony Gonzalez gets the return again but this time, it was actually a good return.

The booth reviewed it and to me and the commentators, his knee was clearly down before he crossed the line, but it looks like the ref didn't see it that way, touchdown stands.

5:51- Touchdown Florida, this time it's Percy Harvin on an option. 14-7 FLA

6:47- Florida comes out firing again, a 20 yard completion to Cornelius Ingram, down to the 7 yard line.

8:28- After another personal foul on OSU, FLA will start with great field possession again, this time at OSU's 35.

9:08- The Buckeyes first drive...incomplete pass, rush of 4 yards by Troy Smith and a nasty looking sack...Buckeyes forced to punt.

10:21- This time, the Gators stay away from Ginn, and after a 8 yard return, Anthony Gonzalez got "JACKED UP"

10:31- Touchdown Gators!!! Chris Leak to Dallas Baker "The Touchdown Maker" 14 yards out. 7-7.

11:40- Chris Leak's pass is complete to Billy Latsko for an 11 yard gain and another 1st down.

14:14- The first play from scrimmage is a pass to Percy Harvin for 5 yards.

14:33- Florida's opening kickoff was a very good one as well, OSU's kicker had to take Brandon James down by the facemask, the 15 yard variety.

14:44- On the opening kickoff, Ted Ginn Jr. returned it all the way for a touchdown. 7-0 OSU.

Start of the 1st Quarter

Gators won the toss and elected to kick.

As the Gators ran out on the field an elderly man in a snazzy yellow blazer(circa 1940) was in front of them and he just got trampled...hahahhahahahahaha...I mean...I hope he's ok.

The Buckeyes are decked out in their white away jerseys and the Gators are in their home Blues.

My favorite player of all-time and 1995 Heisman winner, Eddie George is also doing the pre-game show and he is such a giving person, he brought Emmitt Smith an OSU visor and a sweater vest...I don't Emmitt took them, seeing as how he went to Florida, but it was a nice thought.

As Fox was introducing Emmitt Smith, for some reason Mr. Smith decided it would be a good idea to do a wasn't.

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