Monday, January 08, 2007

Live Blog...#2 Florida vs # 1 Ohio State (second half)

9:49- I'm calling it a night...this one is done, congrats Gainesville...job well done.

10:25- Touchdown Florida...Tim Tebow runs it in...41-14 FLA

11:05- Not posting as much, because...well this game is over...and it has been since halftime...but Florida is at the OSU 2 again.

14:15- on third down Troy Smith gets sacked again...OSU punts again.

End of the 3rd quarter

4:03- Deshawn Wynn busts through for a 17 yard run.

4:26- Troy Smith looks horrible tonight, this begs the question, Is this the worst performance by a Heisman winner?

6:18- Easy Urban, it's just 5 yard sense in busting a blood vessell.

6:59- A big sack on third down for the Buckeyes, Florida goes 3 and out again.

10:25- At least Florida is taking over way back at their own 9...average start for the Gators, their 47 yard line.

11:49- No surprise, OSU 3 and out again.

14:35- Florida gets the ball first and they go three and out. And it was a shitty punt at that.

34-14 at half time. This is unbelievable. Hopefully the Buckeyes can get something going and comeback.

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