Thursday, January 25, 2007

Booking # 457-64164 is at it again...those crazy kids.

Today Judge Douglas Grothaus sentenced Cincinnati Bengal's wide receiver, Chris Henry to 90 days in jail for providing alcohol to minors. Judge Grothaus is requiring Henry to serve 48 hours of the sentence, and if he messes up one more time in Kenton County, he will serve the remaining 88 days.

This latest arrest stems from a night back in April where Henry was in a Covington hotel room where minors were drinking. The prosecution said Henry was the adult who rented the hotel suite that night, drove the car to the store where the alcohol was bought and accordingly bears the responsibility under Covington ordinance for the conduct of others who were drinking in the room, which happened to include three females who were all underage.

In addition to the jail time Henry must:
  • Pay a $250 fine plus court costs.

  • Have no criminal activity for two years.

  • Not consume alcohol or drugs for two years.
  • Report to the Kentucky Alternative Program for drug and alcohol assessment.

  • Give two speeches - one at Two Rivers Middle School and one to Holmes High School athlete - on the dangers of drugs and alcohol and how they have negatively affected his career.

Right after Henry plead guilty to the charge of "permitting possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on premises," the judge let it be know just how he felt about Chris Henry's behavior.

"You brought most of this on yourself, if not all of it," Judge Grothaus said. "You embarrassed yourself. you embarrassed alot of people, teammates, friends and family, the city, the fans and myself."

Grothaus told Henry he was "a cancer" with no respect for himself, his teammates or the community.

"Mr. Henry, it's time to grow up," said Grothaus.

Overal Chris Henry has been arrested 4 times in the last 7 months. It's time to stop all this nonsense, he needs to learn how to be a man and stop getting into trouble or he will be cut.

Here is a video taken from the courtroom yesterday.

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