Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Florida dominates and win their first title since 96'.

Coming into the game I thought Ohio State would win a close one, based on the Troy Smith/Ted Ginn factor. And on the opening kickoff Ted Ginn returned it 93 yards for a touchdown. So at that point I was like "ok, this is going to go well" but then Florida promptly drove down the field and tied it up. From that point on it was all Florida.

Anytime they needed a first down, Chris Leak was there to get it. Anytime they needed a big stop, that greedy defense was there. And anytime Florida needed to get pumped up, Emmitt Smith was there to do a shimmy. Florida dominated in all aspects of the game, Offense, defense and special teams.

Besides Leak and all those great receivers, the defense put on one of the best performaces i've ever seen. Their d-line could not be blocked, the linebackers mixed in blitzing with covering extremely well and the defensivebacks shut down Anthony Gonzalez and others. The Heisman winner, Troy Smith looked horrible, he couldn't do anything. His offensive line gave him no time to throw, anytime he was able to throw, he was getting hit. Most of his passes were off his back foot, and he turned the ball over twice. Once an interception by Reggie Lewis and the second a fumble at OSU's 5 yard line.

Chris Leak won the MVP and it was much deserved. Leak went 25/36 213 yards and 1 TD. Leak was the number 1 recruit a couple years ago ahead of guy you may have heard of, Reggie Bush, and for the most part his career has been a little bit of a dissapointment in some Gator fan's eyes. Not to me though, I mean if I remember correctly, Leak has most of the Gator's passing records. But before last night, the big knock on him was he never won the big game, well you can scratch that off the list now because Chris Leak is a National Champion.

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