Saturday, January 06, 2007

Reitsma....$2.05???Bill Bavasi is an idiot!

I guess the Seattle Mariners felt they didn't have enough former Braves pitchers that have not lived up to their potential and have had their fair share of injuries.

Today they signed Chris Reitsma to a 1 yr $2.05M contract with a 2008 team option for $2.7M.

Now this makes absolutely no sense to me. Reitsma, the same guy who hid an injury for half the season, that ended up needing season-ending surgery, the same guy who's ERA was almost 9.00, the same guy that made more Braves fans consider suicide than Dr. Kevorkian. I can speak from personal experience, when Reitsma came in for the 9th, I knew he would walk the first two guys, give up a couple of singles and eventually flush another would be win right down the shitter.
But yeah, let them give him 2 million dollars more than he deserves, M's fans can look forward to the 8th inning to be hell for the next year, he'll get your hopes up by throwing 90+ mph and then you'll realize that it's about 5 inches off the plate. So good job Mr. Bavasi, i'm sure you made your fans proud.

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