Monday, January 08, 2007

Sunday night wrap up.

Once again, Sunday was filled with plenty of football action, a big trade in baseball and a couple of interesting coaching moves.

The Big Unit involved in a Big Trade:

On Sunday the deal that sent Randy Johnson back the D-Backs was completed with Johnson agreeing to a 2-yr $26M deal. In this deal the Yankees aquired veteran reliever Luis Vizcaino, minor-league pitchers Ross Ohlendorf and Steven Jackson and minor league shortstop Alberto Gonzalez. Both teams are still waiting for all players to pass physicals.

With the Yankees dealing Randy Johnson, it may be opening a spot for Roger Clemens to make his inmate return to the most famous pinstripes in sports.

NFL Playoffs:

NYJ- 16 NE- 37

Few things are certain in this world today, but there always some that are, such as the Cubs will never win the World Series, Peyton Manning will crack under the pressure to win a Superbowl and Tom Brady and Patriots can't be beaten in January.

Until the 4th quarter this was a very close game. But when it comes down the crunch time, the Pats always deliver. After the teams traded field goals, Brady led the Pats on a 13 play drive ending with a 7 yard touchdown pass to Kevin Faulk. On the Jets second play from scrimmage after the touchdown, Chad Pennington threw a pick-6 to Asante Samuel that completely put it out of reach.

The Big contributors on offense for New England were Tom Brady (of course), his numbers were 22/34 212 yards and 2 touchdowns, and Jabar Gaffney who had never played in a post season game caught 8 balls for 104 yards.

NYG- 20 PHI- 23

This was a pretty good game. Anytime two divisional rivals match up in the playoffs you know it's going to be a good one. The Giants coming in limping after finishing 2-6 after starting 6-2 and the Eagles flying high with a 5 game winning streak. I expected the Eagles to miss the playoffs after Donovan got injured. But Jeff Garcia has been great. He's done what he's had to to get the job done. And now he has the Eagles in the 2nd round of the playoffs.

This was also the end of a Giant's career. Tiki Barber said very early in the season that he planned on retiring at the end of this season to pursue other interests. And he has stuck by his guns. So one Giant retiring and another Giant likely to be fired, meaning the Giants Head Coach, Tom Coughlin. He's a hard ass with the my way or the highway attitude, well anytime you got such personalities as Michael Strahan, Jeremy Shockey and Tiki Barber to name a few and you basically say i'm not going to put up with shit, some people may not respond very well to that. So no, Coughlin's way didn't work in New York, so I think it's that time to start over, find a new coach and try again next year.

Coach's moves galore:

The first move was Nick Saban bolting from the NFL and the Miami Dolphins for a little more pocket change at Alabama. This move happened two weeks after he said he had no intrest in the job and he was commited to the Phins.

The second big move was Rick Pitino leaving Louisville to become the new Head Coach of the Atlanta Falcons.

I would write more, but the National Championship game is about to start.

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