Friday, January 19, 2007

Oakland Raiders (2-14)

2006 record: 2-14
Head Coach: Art Shell (fired)
Offensive Coordinator: John Shoop
Defensive Coordinator: Bob Ryan
Pro-Bowl: Derrick Burgess (DE)


The Raiders offense was one of the worst I have ever seen play. If it wasn't for their defense causing some turnovers against Arizona and the Steelers, they would've lost all 16 games. Their Offense ranked dead last in almost every category. With horrible play by two different quarterbacks and a lack luster running game, the Raiders were only able to score 12 total touchdowns on offense. They don't have many "playmakers" but the ones they did have weren't able to do anything. Randy Moss and a bad season, Jerry Porter didn't even play and Lamont Jordan was injured majority of the season. That left them throwing it to Ronald Curry, and running it with former USC stand out, Justin Fargas.


Their defense was surprisingly good. With stars like Kirk Morrison and Nnamdi Asomugha and great safety play from guys like Stuart Schweigert and Texas rookie, Michael Huff, the Raider defense was good enough to rank 3rd. Although they did rank 3rd in total yards allowed, they did allow 20.8 ppg. They have alot of veterans such as Warren Sapp, Derrick Burgess and Tyler Brayton on the defensive line, you can expect them to draft some replacements.

Special Teams

This department wasn't too bad either. Chris Carr did a very good job retuning kicks, getting over 1700 yards and long time kicker Sebastian Janikowski hit 72% of his field goals. Also Shane Lechler had a very good average per punt of 47.5. I don't think much has to change here, they have many other needs than special teams.

Draft notes

The Raiders have the 1st overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. I believe there is only three possibilities. JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn or Calvin Johnson. The best choice for them appears to be Russell. He is very big, strong, good decision making and has a cannon for an arm. If you want an NFL comparison there is no doubt that it is Daunte Culpepper. Brady Quinn is the better quarterback in terms of being NFL ready. But Russell is a better athlete and has more potential. Now on almost all of the mock drafts no one has Calvin Johnson as the #1 pick. But think about this, the Raiders don't have good receivers, sure they have Randy Moss, but he didn't play very well this season and Jerry Porter didn't even play this year.(His own choice). I have a feeling that they will release Porter some time this offseason and possibly trade Moss for at best a 3rd or 4th round pick. That would leave them with only Ronald Curry, who led them in receptions and receiving yards and Alvis Whitted as the only half way decent receivers on their roster. No doubt they will pick up a receiver in this draft, but if Al Davis is comfortable with sticking with Andrew Walter or Aaron Brooks(I wouldn't) then why not pick the best player overall in the draft.

Other positions that need to be addressed at the draft are:

2.Wide Receiver
3.Offensive Linemen
4.Defensive Tackle
5.Running Back


Look, they need help. Andrew Walter was horrible and so was Brooks. Although Brooks was better than Walter, he still couldn't move this abysmal offense. I said earlier that I think the best choice for them is JaMarcus Russell(LSU) and that is who I think they will choose. Quinn is no slouch but I think for the system in Oakland better suits Russell.


With Moss and Porter both seemingly on their ways out it leaves a big hole that needs to be filled. There are alot of talented receivers in this draft and they could probably wait till the 3rd round and still find someone that could compete as a slot receiver. Some guys to look at are Craig Davis(LSU), Jason Hill(WSU) and Dallas Baker(FLA).


Saying their offensive line was bad this year is an understatement. They couldn't block anyone and that left Andrew Walter getting sacked time after time. Some guys that would definitely help this line are Doug Free(NIU), Tony Ugoh(ARK), Ryan Harris(ND), Marshal Yanda(IOWA) and Ryan Kalil(USC).


It's not really that their defensive tackles were bad its just that they are getting old, especially Warren Sapp. They don't really have to go after one early, i'm thinking probably around the 4th or 5th rounds. Potential players they could draft are Brandon Mebane(CAL), Marcus Thomas(FLA) and Jay Alford(PSU).


Not really a big need but Lamont Jordan was injured most of the year and I don't really like their backups. Possible early second day picks are Lorenzo Booker(FSU), Tyrone Moss(MIA) and DeShawn Wynn(FLA).

Although I highley doubt anything they do this offseason will help them get back to the ways of the early 2000's it is a significant step in the right direction.

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