Monday, April 16, 2007

Another quick update.

A press conference was just held that included the President of Virginia Tech University, Charles Steger and the Chief of Police, Wendell Flinchum. They have once again changed the number of total deaths, it is now at 32 including the gunmen. It was also released that the crazed gunman did take his own life. Also it is still under investigation on whether or not he acted alone. There is conflicting reports that are saying that there might have been another gunman, the girlfriend of the gunman.

Let me also point out that there was a grade A, douche bag firing off some idiotic questions. First of all he sounded as though he was a student paper and he said "if I was in that classroom when a gunman came in, I would've probably tackled him, I mean your going to die anyways, might as well die honorably". First of all, fuck that guy, no one knows how they will react in that sort of situation. Sure you can say all you want that you would be brave, and fight the killer, but unless your thrown into that situation you just don't know what you will do. And he implied that these young men and women didn't die honorable. What the hell is that shit? What are you supposed to do when your sitting down doing your school work and all of a sudden a psycho path burst through the door shooting at everything that moves. And he would make a statement like that just hours after these brutal murders ended, while family members are still trying to find out whether or not their children are hurt or worse. Fuck that guy, inconsiderate fuck.

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