Saturday, April 28, 2007

Draft Notes (updated)

And your #1 pick is......

According to ESPN's Michael Smith, the Oakland Raiders have contacted JaMarcus Russell's camp and informed him that he will be their selection with the 1st overall pick. There was talks with the Cleveland Browns, who reportedly covet Russell, about about a swap with the Raiders that would give the Browns the first overall pick, but the talks fell through because the Raiders and Al Davis wanted too much in return. The trade was believed to be a #1 and #3 swap and in addition to the position change, the Browns would send their 1st round pick last season, Kamerion Wimbley and multiple draft picks. If that deal were to happen, it would be evidently more clearer that the Raiders would be taking Brady Quinn. But like I said, that fell through and the Raiders will be taking Russell unless an unseen blockbuster trade is made before their 15 minutes are up.

The Patriots might have already made their choice in the first round

The New England Patriots hold two 1st round draft picks this year because of their trade last season with the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for receiver, Deion Branch. Recent reports are that the Pat's may have at least one of their picks done with. The Patriots look like they will be taking inside linebacker, David Harris, out of Michigan. They love Harris and he's been rising up draft boards lately, the Pats look for Harris to be the replacement for Teddy Bruschi in a few years.


Could Adrian Peterson miss the whole 07' season?

This comes from the AOL Fanhouses' Ryan Wilson:

One of the big issues heading into today's draft was that there are maybe 15 players worthy of a first-round grade. This explains why just about every team wants to trade down. But an emerging story line involves Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson and the extent of his injured collarbone. Here's the Mike Mayock during the NFL Network's pre-draft coverage:

Mayock: The runningback thing really facinates me. I spoke to two teams earlier today; both teams told me that the medical on Adrian Peterson's collarbone is pretty significant. You may have to re-break the bone, insert a plate. If so, he's probably '08. And if you try to play him this year, there's a chance it could re-break.

So, if you're looking for a runninback-- and our guy Marshall [Faulk] told us yesterday--it might be Marshawn Lynch ahead of Adrian Peterson because of the injury.... I have never seen so much intrigue at the top end of the draft.

Wow. We heard reports about Peterson's collarbone, but nothing this serious. If these rumors are true (and rumors are always true), you have to think the Browns have scratched Peterson off the list at No. 3, and now it's down to Brady Quinn or Joe Thomas (assuming either are available). Or better yet, maybe a trade down. Or, as the NFL Network's Adam Schefter just reported, Cleveland might try to trade up ... all the way to No. 1. Oakland is asking for too much -- at least from the Browns' perspective -- so that plan is on hold ... for now.

In my opinion, it could mean the Browns and Vikings shy away from Peterson, but if you really think about it, why? They both have starting runningbacks as it is, and Peterson--healthy or not-- would only serve as the second back in a dual back system. So if they want to go ahead and pass up Peterson, let them. I'm sure the Miami Dolphins(and the Bills/Packers/Titans), and Davey, would be more than happy to pick him up.


Will Randy Moss be in New England before the day is over?

According to's Adam Schefter
, the Raiders have resumed trade talks with the New England Patriots over disgruntled receiver, Randy Moss. The Patriots offered the Raiders a second-day pick in this years draft, which Al Davis immediately shot down, but now he may be reconsidering it. The Raiders do NOT want Moss on their team no longer and it seems like the only team Moss wants to play for is the Patriots. The Raiders asked Moss to restructure his contract in order to make it easier to trade the Pro-Bowler, but he quickly declined. He did say that he will be more than happy to restructure his contract which calls for him to make $9.75 million this season, for the Pat's, he said the only thing he wants to do right now is win a Super Bowl and he believes the best place for him to succeed in that journey is in New England.


It looks like we know the top four selections in this year's draft before it has even started

Well according to Mr. Schefter, the Browns in all likelihood, will be taking Joe Thomas, left tackle out of Wisconsin with their 3rd overall pick. This of course, is assuming that the Raiders do indeed take Russell at number one and the Lions take Calvin Johnson at #2. This also could mean that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, unless they try to trade for Johnson, would take Gaines Adams at number four and possibly Adrian Peterson or Jamaal Anderson at #5. Good stuff from Schefter.

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