Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sam Mitchell takes the Coach of the Year award.

The Toronto Raptors head coach, Sam Mitchell, outlasted Jerry Sloan and last year's winner, Avery Johnson to win the NBA's Coach of the Year award. Sam Mitchell became the sixth coach in Toronto's history to an NBA's best, 20 game improvement in just one year. The Raptors finished the season winning 47 games(27 last year) and clinched the third seed in the Eastern division but it sure is a shame that they are gonna lose to my New Jersey Nets, and they already trail 1-0.

"It's a great honor," Mitchell said. "It floors you. You're thankful. Words just can't express it."

Sam Mitchell received 49 first place votes and 394 total votes, the Utah Jazz head coach, Jerry Sloan, received 39 first place votes and a total of 301 and came in second.
"We recognized him for it this morning, " forward Chris Bosh said. "But the thing I love about him is he said it was a team effort."

The Raptors next game is tonight against the Nets(which they will lose) at 7:00 PM ET on NBA TV.

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