Monday, April 16, 2007

Hokie's coaches speak out.

Virginia Tech Hokie's football coach, Frank Beamer and basketball coach, Seth Greenberg have released statements to

Coach Frank Beamer had this to say...

"How could one person cause so many senseless deaths? I'm in shock," Beamer told ESPN's Joe Schad. "This is such a caring, friendly place. This is a college town. And now one person has an impact like this?" "We found out this morning and our assistant coaches have been trying to reach all of our players. We're trying to find out if everybody is OK. The players are going to be going home to their apartments and dorms."

"We all heard so much about Columbine and this is worse," Glennon told Schad. "It's sickening. It's sickening to know that 22 of the students that I go to class with are dead.

"Any and every loss is tragic. I'm just praying that none of the victims are my teammates. I've been trying to call as many as I can. And so far, so good."

"I wish this guy was alive," Glennon said. "I wish we could find out why he did this. But he's sad. He took the easy way out." "It's hard to say how this will impact our community or our team. What I know is that one person has affected at least 22 families and countless friends. And it's senseless. All so senseless," Beamer said.

Coach Seth Greenberg had this to say...

"I'm numb right now thinking about the parents coming to campus to identify their children,'' said Greenberg, who was able to get a call out to on Monday. "It's hard to put into words. What would drive someone to do this? "This is the most peaceful, tranquil and safe environment,'' Greenberg said. "But this shows that there is nowhere that you're safe from tragedy or this type of senseless violence. It's devastating.'' "We're trying to make sure all our guys get a hold of their families first,'' Greenberg said. "That's the first thing to put the parents at ease. It has to come from their kids. We're all trying to contact people but we can't get out on the phone or through text messages and it's driving us crazy.''

CNN is now reporting that this shooting is the deadliest shooting incident of any kind in U.S. History.

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