Thursday, April 05, 2007

No need for extra baseball today.

Unlike the previous two games, the Atlanta Braves didn't need extra innings to complete the 3-game sweep of the Philadelphia Phillies. Braves starter, Chuck James pitched 5 strong innings allowing just one run, striking out five and walking just one batter. James probably could've went at least another inning, but seeing as how he had already thrown 92 pitches, Bobby Cox went to his rebuilt bullpen. The Braves offense jumped on Phillies starter, Adam Eaton in the first inning when the greatest catcher ever created, Brian McCann hit a 2-run single that scored Chipper Jones and Edgar Renteria. By the way, before I continue, I would like to give Brian McCann's parents a big thumbs up, keep up the good work, we could use another left fielder. Just saying. Our offense struck again in the 5th inning, putting up 6 runs. Kelly Johnson got his first hit of the season, a 2-run homer off of Adam Eaton. Two batters later, Andruw Jones got his first RBI of the young season, scoring Chipper Jones off of a double to deep center. Also knocking in his first run of the year was often criticized on the Braves Journal, Jeff Francoeur's RBI single. And the final two runs came courtesy of Scott Thorman's 2-run double.

Everything went smoothly until the bottom of the ninth, when Macay McBride relieved Tyler Yates. McBride walked the bases loaded and was only able to get one out, a Chase Utley fly out. To avoid anymore damage done by McBride, Cox called for his bullpen and in came Chad Paronto. Paronto, although he's pitched great in the previous two games, didn't fair any better as he walked the first batter he saw and walked in the a Phillies run. He was able strike out Aaron Rowand before walking Shane Victorino and forcing Bobby Cox to go to his bullpen yet again, this time in favor for the electric right arm of Rafael Soriano. Soriano needed only one pitch to end the game as he got Carlos Ruiz to pop out to Edgar Renteria.

So there you have it, the self proclaimed "team to beat in the East" was swept in three games to their hated rivalry. Oh and also, Philadelphia has some pretty shitty fans. First of all they boo their own players, mostly Pat Burrell. Now i'm not saying I like Burrell, cause I don't, but still you gotta feel bad for him a little, I mean the guy is currently leading them in batting average (.364), but yet you wouldn't know it by the fans reaction to him coming to bat. And the other thing I would like to weigh in on is the constant drunk idiots throwing shit on the field. The whole entire game there was paper, plastic bags, and cups constantly being thrown on the field and coming into play. Also towards the end of the game, some pussy threw a beer bottle at Braves' left-fielder Ryan Langerhans. Luckily the fan had an arm like their pitchers and missed. Ha, burrrrrn!!!

WP: Chuck James (1-0)
LP: Adam Eaton (0-1)
SV: Rafael Soriano (1)

HR: Kelly Johnson 1(1)
RBI: Kelly Johnson 2(2), Brian McCann 2(6), Andruw Jones 1(1), Jeff Francoeur 1(1), Scott Thorman 2(3)

The Braves next game will be our Home Opener on Friday versus the fucking New York Mets at 7:35 PM et. We will be handing the ball to recently signed, Mark Redman and the Mets will be going with Oliver Perez.

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