Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New details on the Va Tech killer.

Two of Cho Seung-Hui's former roommates told a reporter(I forgot his name) that he had stalked and harassed at least three different women in the Virginia Tech dorm. In two instances the police were called. And on one of the calls he sent an email to his roommates saying that he "might as well kill himself". His two roommates informed police about these comments and Cho was taken to a counseling center for a day or two. It was also said that he told people he had an imaginary girlfriend, called "Jelly" and she was a supermodel. His imaginary name was "spanky" and he had fantasies about "Jelly" and "Spanky".

Also CNN has just released the official warrant that the police used in order to search the dorm room of Cho Seung-Hui.

Here is a list of the findings by the police inside the dorm room.

1. Tools
2. Documents
3. Computer Hardware
4. Computer Software
5. Weapons
6. Ammunition
7. Explosives
8. Materials used in the manufacturing improvised/commercial explosive devices
9. Instructional manuals for criminal acts of mass destruction acts of terror
10. Included books and tapes(audio and video)
11. Writing utensils and/or paper similar to that which were used to communicate threats to Virginia Tech Campus in the recent past.

"This search warrant is issued in relation to an offense substantially described as the following:
18.2-31 Capital Murder"

Here is another more in depth list of the findings of the dorm room. (excuse me if some of the spelling is off, the handwriting is barely legible.

1. Chain from top left closet shelf
2. Folding knife & combination pad lock
3. Compaq computer serial CND331001L from desktop
4. Assorted documents, notepads, writings from desktop
5. Combination Lock
6. Dremec tools & case
7. Nine books, two notebooks, envelopes from top shelf
8. Assorted books & pads from lower shelf
9. Compact disks from desktop
10. Items from desktop & drawer Winchester moitz(?) tool, 3 notebooks, mail, checks & credit cards
11. Items from 2nd door, Kodak decimal camera, keys, CITI bank statement
12. Two cases of compact disks from dresser top
13. Drive Sea Gate 80 6.B.
14. Six sheets of green graph paper
15. Mirror with blue plastic hosing
16. Dremec tool box with receipt/ 17. Dell Latitude service tab BR3X181

Here is the link for the official police warrant.


The reporter's name is Gary Tuckman(SP?) also more was said about Cho. The guy was seriously very disturbed, he never talked unless he was behind the computer, he slept with the lights on, he continuously stalked girls including the friends of his roommates, he took pictures of people without permission or explanation. And not even the presence of the police would stop him.

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