Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More news on the "disturbed" man behind the massacre at Virginia Tech

It is now being reported by CNN, that Cho Seung-Hui was in fact taken to a mental health facility by police after a pair of stalking incidents and an instant message sent to his roommate stating that he "might as well just kill himself now". I mentioned yesterday that he was taken to a counseling center, but we know know it was indeed, a mental help facility.

"The student declined to press charges and referred to Cho's contact with her as annoying," Flinchum said of the November investigation.

The sad irony of this new information is if Cho had declined to willing go to the hospital, it would have gone on his record and he would not have been able to buy the two guns that ultimately murdered 32 innocent men and women. Cho went to the mental health facility on December 13, 2005.

It is also now known that Cho bought both guns-- 9mm glock handgun and .22 caliber handgun-- in the last two months. The 9mm was purchased on March 13th from a local gun store, Roanoke Firearms, and then within the last week he purchased the .22 caliber handgun online. He later went to a pawnshop to pick it up and show his information. Nothing was out of the ordinary and he is said to have done the transactions without drawing any attention to himself. The owner of the Roanoke Firearms said that the Glock 9mm was bought for $571 with his credit card and it was an "unremarkable" purchase.

The owner, John Markell, said that Cho was "low-key" and was "clean shaven" when he purchased the handgun and 50 rounds of ammunition. The 50 rounds were in a practice box, nothing out of the ordinary, said Markell. Markell also said that Cho did not say what he wanted the gun for, but seeing as how the 9mm glock is their biggest seller and is traditionally used for practicing and self-defense, Markell and his associates had no reason to think otherwise. Markell did say that he felt horrible when he found out that one of the guns used in this brutal massacre was purchased at one of his stores.

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