Sunday, April 15, 2007

Week in Review

I haven't been home for the past week, you see I was fired from my latest gig as Don Imus' joke writer. Apparently one of my "jokes" didn't go over too well, or something like that, to be honest i'm usually wasted by noon. Anyways I guess i'll go ahead and stick with blogging about sports and jokes about my ineptness in the bedroom, because you know what they say, if you can't laugh at yourself then everyone will fucking laugh at you anyway, or something like that. Damn I should really pay attention more.

Anyways there has been a lot going on in sports, We have had Super Prospect, Kevin Durant declare for the NBA, lots of injuries in baseball, trade talks starting back up between the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs, and of course the racist comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team from radio shock jock, Don Imus. Tiger is defeated by a relatively no name, the Denver Broncos cutting Pro-Bowl linebacker, Al Wilson, and the Atlanta Braves are the best team in baseball( boo yah bitches).

Let's start off with the Don Imus comments he made on his radio show. He was basically talking about watching a few minutes of the Women's National Championship game between Tennessee and Rutgers and he said that he noticed the players on Rutgers looked "rough" because they had tattoos and then went on to call them "some nappy headed ho's". Now obviously these remarks are ignorant and absurd and he should be fired. I can't really say if he is a racist, because I have never listened or watched his show before, I know who he is but I don't know if he is racist, but his comments were extremely offensive to the young women of the Rutgers basketball team, their coach, the parents of the players and his listeners. He definitely deserves to be fired for his comments. He later appeared on Reverend Al Sharpton's radio show to discuss the situation. Now i'm not going to go into detail about Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, i'll leave that to Jason Whitlock. But I will say there is a poll on the link I posted above that asks " What are the Motives of Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton?" To Help themselves or help resolve the situation? And the vote is overwhelmingly in favor for the "Help themselves", by a vote of 94% to 6%(almost 51,000 votes so far). But let's not get into politics.

Texas Longhorn forward, Kevin Durant has ended speculation and has decided to forgo his sophomore season and declare for the NBA draft. Durant is widely regarded as either the best or second best prospect(depends on who you ask) right now and is drawing comparisons to Tracy McGrady and Kevin Garnett. I think he's right in the middle of those two superstars, he better offensively then Garnett but not quite as good grabbing boards(although he had 11 rpg I believe) and is a better rebounder but not as good as a scorer as McGrady. I'm not surprised one bit that he has decided to declare seeing as how he won the Freshman of the Year, and both Player of the Year awards this year scoring over 25 ppg and 11+ rpg. He is assured to be a top 2 pick in this years draft it really depends on who gets the number one selection and it depends on if Ohio State Center, Greg Oden, will declare. He has said it's still up in the air on whether he'll stay or go.

Now i'm not a big golf fan, but I am a Tiger Woods fan. And when I do watch golf I want to see the guy win every tournament. And by watch it, I mean watch the highlights on Sportcenter. Now who had a 31-year old no-name golfer from Iowa winning the Masters? If your hand is up then you are a liar, unless you did pick him, then I apologize for calling you a fibber. In case you hadn't heard, it was not Tiger Woods that won the Masters, it was non other than Zach Johnson. This is Johnson's first career Major Championship victory. ESPN's Jason Sobel had this to say... "Some will say this Masters lacked spark, lacked a great champion. But Johnson was the best player over 72 holes this week. He deserves this victory." And I have to say, I agree with him.

In a somewhat surprising move the Denver Broncos have decided to go ahead and release Pro-Bowl linebacker, Al Wilson. They had attempted to trade Wilson to the New York Giants but the deal fell through shortly after being announced. I don't necessarily know all the exact reasons on why they would release a player like Wilson other than to relieve some salary cap. Whoever does pick him up is going to have a playmaker on defense, that's for sure. I expect the Giants to remain suitors and the Buffalo Bills might make a play for him aswell. I wouldn't mind it if my Cincinnati Bengals acquired him, as far as I know he isn't a problem player so it would be a great fit.

There have been quite a few big names headed or already on the Disabled list this season. Some recent guys that are headed to the DL are Yankee's pitchers, Mike Mussina and Carl Pavano, Toronto Blue Jay's closer, B.J. Ryan and L.A. Angel's starter, Kelvin Escobar made his yearly stint on the DL last week. Already this season guys like Phillie's starter, Freddy Garcia, D-Back's starter, Randy Johnson, Pirate's third baseman and last season's NL Batting Champ, Freddy Sanchez, Atlanta Braves often injured(as of late) starter, Mike Hampton is lost for the season with another elbow injury, Rookie of the Year candidate last year, Josh Johnson of Florida have already been on the DL to name a few.

I'm sure if you swing by Davey's blog you will have noticed that the trade talks between the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs have started up again. The Dolphins desperately want quarterback, Trent Green and the Chiefs really want to get rid of the 36-year old veteran. So what's the hold up? Well the Dolphins are offering a 2007 7th round draft pick and the Chiefs are requesting a 2007 2nd round pick. Obviously they are no where near close to settling. The Chiefs are mental if they think they are going to pry the Phins 2nd round picks for someone who the Chiefs will inevitably release. I'm quite sure they will work something out by the end of this week and they will come to agreement with something in the middle, most likely a 5th round selection or so. The dolphins are in need of a quarterback as it is now being reported that DaunteCulpepper's day's "are numbered". So with the possible releasing or trading of him it will leave Miami with Cleo Lemon and some other scrub. Davey also is getting more excited then a pubescent girl with tickets to a Hilary Duff Concert at the idea of drafting Michigan State's quarterback, Drew Stanton in either the 2nd or 3 round later this month.

And finally we come to the Atlanta Braves. The Braves are currently tied as the best team in baseball, sharing their 8-3 record with the Los Angeles Dodgers. And unlike last season when we had to rely on our offense and no pitching(except for Smoltz) this season we are doing it all with pitching and average offense. We currently have two pitchers with ERA's under 1.00 including Tim Hudson who was tied with Chicago Cub's, Rich Hill with an 0.64 ERA(Hudson pitched today giving up only 1 run in 7 innings of work). The other is lefty, Chuck James who's ERA is at 0.82. James will be pitching tomorrow versus the Washington Nationals. Along with those two, John Smoltz is as expected, great and Kyle Davies is pitching like he did when he first came up from the minors a few years ago. But of course one guy just has to ruin the party and that guy is Mark "Fuckin" Redman. He has lost both of his starts and is sporting an ERA of 12.96. No wonder he was still available. But besides him the pitching has been pretty good. Rafael Soriano and Bob Wickman have both been lights out(except for one bad outing by Soriano), Mike Gonzalez is one crazy Mo-fo, and I wouldn't have it any other way and even Chad Paronto has been great(although he is now on the DL). I have been very impressed with Kelly Johnson's defense, his offense is slow right now, but he's coming along and i'm not worried about it, Brian McCann has been nothing short of amazing, Chipper Jones has been pissing excellence lately especially from the right side and Edgar Renteria is leading us in batting average. Jeff Francoeur is off to a way better start than last year and Matt Diaz is hitting well, why he's not starting everyday is beyond me. Now onto the dissappointments offensively so far. Ryan Langerhans, who is in front of Diaz on the depth chart(because of superior defense) is hitting a cool .100, Scott Thorman is off to a slow start, .150 but does have a game winning homerun, Craig Wilson is splitting time with Thor and is only hitting .143 and has yet to bat anyone in and Chris Woodward is about as useful as me providing something useful to society. But overall I am more than impressed with how we are playing and I feel great on how are season is going to end up. I would like to find a replacement for Mark "Fuckin" Redman, I would rather be raped by a Gorilla than watch him pitch. Damn, some of the stuff I think about. Anyways I will be posting a lot more, hopefully, seeing as how the NFL draft is like two weeks away and I still have 10 teams to review.

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