Thursday, July 12, 2007

Alex Rodriguez is going to be very rich soon, I mean even richer


Early reports are that Alex Rodriguez could be making $30 million a YEAR! That is just plain insane. Just for a little comparison, Rodriguez (according to ESPN) is making $27,708,525 this season and that already exceeds the Tampa Bay Devil Rays which their total salary is $24,124,200. And if he makes the reported $3o million then he will likely surpass the Florida Marlins which are currently at $30,507,000 next season.

UPDATE: Ok, well now I have a link to the reports. According to this, Rodriguez's agent, Scott Boras said his client will get a minimum of $32 million or they will walk. And that they refuse to negotiate till after the season is over.

Even if his client doesn't go the opt-out route, Boras told the Post that there are existing stipulations in the current deal that all but guarantee Rodriguez would earn a minimum of $32 million in both the 2009 and 2010 seasons.

"The way the provision operates, he either gets that or he can become a free agent after any of those seasons again," Boras told the newspaper.

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