Sunday, July 01, 2007

Vince, Don't fail me now

Ok, so after reports that the New Jersey Nets and my favorite player, Vince Carter were close to completing a new deal all of a sudden it was announced that he's decided to opt out of his remaining year on his current contract and become an unrestricted free-agent. Ok so yeah that would really suck...but then I just read on the Fanhouse and Sports Illustrated that although he's opted out he's more than likely going to stay in New Jersey. Rumors are that he's looking at getting a four-year deal worth about $60 million.

I can only hope that this is true...because I really don't want to see Vince go to another team unless say it was to the Orlando Magic or something like that. But I would rather see him stay with the Nets and screw anyone that thinks he disappears during the end of big games...*REALITY CHECK* Even though it seems as though he does sometimes*END OF REALITY CHECK*. But he's still a great player that can go out and get 25 points 5 rebounds and a couple of assists every game and is no stranger with 40+ point is he worth the money....HELL YES! And that's not just the extremely biased Jay talking here. He's actually in rehab, no it's not drugs or alcohol its more for anger, you see some fuck destroyed my...uh I mean his Panda Bear collectibles that included the extremely rare Panda Ninja Kung Fu action figure with the realistic judo chop arm motion...Fuck there I go getting off topic again.

Anyways best case scenario he stays with the Nets or signs with the Magic worst case scenario he signs with someone like the Lakers then I would have to shoot myself...and Vince do you really want that on your conscience? Didn't think so.

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