Friday, July 13, 2007

Mark Cuban may buy the Cubs afterall

According to reports, Mark Cuban, the Owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has submitted his name to a lengthy list of possible suitors to buy the Chicago Cubs.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Mark Cuban says that he has submitted his application to Major League Baseball to purchase the Cubs. Cuban, who has owned the NBA's Dallas Mavericks since January of 2000 and is known for his free-spending ways, told the newspaper he sent the paperwork in last week.

Cuban's efforts to enter the already crowded field to purchase the team is being met with some speculation. The Tribune summed up Cuban's efforts to buy the team in its Thursday edition as follows: "And while Internet billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has expressed interest, most observers think Major League Baseball would balk at a potential owner as unpredictable and outspoken as Cuban."
Cuban has been one of the most charismatic owner's the NBA has seen and if he were to buy the Cubs' he would bring that same element to the MLB. Cuban is never shy about letting his feelings be known and isn't afraid to tell the commissioner that he thinks he's wrong. As I'm sure David Stern knows all to well. The move would be great for the Cub's as well, he's the type of owner that will stop at nothing to win, and that means he's willing to spend money and he usually spends it well. This should get interesting very soon, to see if he's approved and how he goes about handling the MLB.

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