Tuesday, July 10, 2007

That's a helluva an award

According to ESPN, the Seattle Mariners and Ichiro Suzuki (yes I forget he has a last name too) are close to agreeing on a new deal that would pay him around $120 million over five years and he would get a significant yearly pay raise, he's making $10 million and he would be getting around $20 million.

This is a hell of a reward seeing as how Ichiro won the All-Star MVP tonight as he became the first person in history to hit an inside the park homerun during the All-Star game. And from what he said it was the first time he's ever hit one. I won't go into too much detail about the All-Star game, Davey has already handled that quite nicely over at Blown Coverage. But here's a quick run-down of everything you need to know about the game.

1. The game was really boring in my opinion.

2. I take that back, well kind of, the bottom of the ninth inning was very entertaining, I haven't seen someone with such bad facial get beaten up like that since Bruce Vilanch hacked off that muskrat on his face that he called a beard.

3. I don't get what LaRussa was drinking when he made that lineup...um...too soon? Fuck it..that was a weak lineup! Bond's hitting second?!? Carlos Beltran hitting 3rd?!? Prince Fielder, the guy who is leading the national league in homeruns with 29, hitting 6th?!? Been boozing up lately there Tony?

4. This doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the actual game but I want to trade for Alex Rios, really bad. I've been a big fan of him for a while now and I think he would look great in Atlanta and seeing his performance, yes I know it was just a Homerun Derby but I don't care. We've got to find a way to get him.

All I can say about that contract is damn! If Ichiro is going to be pulling down that then there is no way in hell we're going to be able to hold on to Andruw Jones after this year. Looks like the "Jones' Boys" will be no more. A sad sad day for Braves fans everywhere.

UPDATE: Well this story is starting to make it's rounds lately and apparently the total contact is closer to $100 million to the $120 I said earlier.

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