Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's magic time baby! Fun with google

It's another slow sports day relatively speaking so Davey and I through the power of messenger, have decided to bring back a fan favorite at our fine establishments, Fun with Google. Basically it just gives us a chance to flex our comedy skills I guess or more so our ability to type in random shit and find awkward pictures that make us giggle like pre-pubescent girls.

So here we go, Fun with Google: Random Shitt Edition

This first picture may bring up some memories that Chicago Bears' quarterback Rex Grossman may not want to. Some of you may remember when I found some rather unusual pictures from the Super Bowl in which Sexy Rexy was violently thrusted against his will on live T.V. by Robert Manthis, who I should mention is a rather large individual. But as this picture clearly shows, this was not the first time a large man has come into contact with Mr. Grossman's hiney(yes I said hiney). It's ok, i'm sure he took it all in stride.

To keep the doggy style penetration going here's a rather odd picture that is sure to bring up plenty of "what's he doing to her mommy" questions from our curious youth at the local Zoo. Just a few ideas of what you could say are:

Mom: I wouldn't know hunny *gives a death stare towards husband*.

Mom: You see darling, the boy panda slipped on some water and was about to fall down but the girl panda caught him using her rear end, you know for better support.

This one is from my own family collection as a youth my parents were really big in keeping me active despite the fact that I had no athletic ability whatsoever. But alas everytime there was a sporting event they would trot me out there and watch me get my ass handed to me, and to be honest I'm beginning to think they were enjoying it just a bit. This picture is of me during basketball tryouts and as you can imagine, I didn't quite make the cut, some bullshit about poor hand eye coordination. Whatever I think it was because they were jealous by my superior body.

As children me and Davey always wanted to be super heroes. But sadly that dream never came true, until that is when Davey surprised me when he came to my house dressed up as Diabetes Guy. It was grand fun, you see Diabetes Guy was equipped with super fast roller blades that allowed extreme mobility, you know for running down bad guys and stuff. He also had an ammo belt filled with our childhood favorites such as snickers. It was all fun and games until the chocolate melted and Davey later skinned his knee chasing down a guy who parked in a handicap spot. Sure the guy was old and had a walker and blind in one eye, but he had no reason to take that spot, come to think of it maybe he did deserve the spot. Oh well.

Well I'm going to cut these shenanigans short seeing as how I have some shit to do, but i'll update with more pictures soon enough.

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