Friday, July 06, 2007

Thing's i've learned from watching Eddie George sing.

While browsing's Extra Mustard, I realized that there was a link to a video of my all-time favorite football player singing. Yes back in the day I was a huge Tennessee Titan fan and an Eddie George fan, but since they decided to have a little fire sale and released/traded most of my favorite players i've sinced moved on. But anyways here's a quick run down of some things i've learned while watching Eddie George sing.

1. I would've never guessed the end result of a 240 pound man consuming alcohol for an extended time would be an all night karaoke concert in which he sung Def Leppard, Gun n Roses and Bon Jovi. Who would've thunk it.

2. Surprisingly Eddie George singing 80's classic's wasn't the most disturbing part of the it was the middle-aged gentlemen doing something similar to dance (I would've classified it more as a squatting seizure, but that's just me.) while trying to impress a young lady with his "skills".

3. The look on those poor, poor kid's face's say it all...Eddie, what the fuck were you thinking?

Yeah see, I wasn't kidding when I said a "quick run down". But there you have it, a very disturbing look into a former Heisman winner and former NFL Star's life and how he spends retirement.

If you can't see the video for some reason, you can watch it here.

UPDATE: Holy shitt!!! That weird middle-aged guy in the orange shirt was non other than my nemisis, Chris Weinke...I hate that guy and now I hate him even more for being old and creepy...just like my grandpa.

UPDATE #2: Ok..well the video is on auto play and it's annoying, so I took it off. Click the links if you want to watch it.

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