Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ethan Thomas doesn't take gabarge from anyone.

History does repeat it self, in the case of Ethan Thomas and Brendan Haywood hating each other. Now there have been many cases of teammates disliking each other, but i'm quite sure that Kobe and Shaq never threw fisticuffs, Bill Romanowski and every single player that he played with threw down. Ok, excuse that last one, good ole' Billy had a habit of destroying careers one uppercut at a time.

Any who, Thomas and Haywood have an extensive history of throwing punches that has resulted in Haywood being suspended last season for 1 game and now this latest incident has Thomas being suspended for 2 games for "conduct detrimental to the team".

During practice yesterday, the two centers were tangled under the rim, when Haywood threw an elbow, Thomas felt it was intentional and then threw a punch at Haywood. The two traded blows until teammates were able to separate them.

Wizard's head coach Eddie Jordan and Brendan Haywood were both not available for comment, but Ethan Thomas was more than happy to give reporters his side of the story.

"I am trying to find my rhythm after missing a month with this ankle injury, trying to put together some decent games, feeling good to be a part of everything that the team is accomplishing, and this cat decides to hit me with a cheap shot during practice and I reacted. I could have turned the other cheek. I guess I didn't," Thomas told the Post.

"Why on earth would he throw an elbow at his own teammate? Save that for Tyson Chandler or Eddy Curry. Kwame Brown would be more than happy to trade blows with him," Thomas told the Times. "I know the difference between an accident and a cheap shot."

Ethan Thomas also said that Haywood wasn't happy with only playing 21 minutes of their loss to the San Antonio Spurs Wednesday.

"San Antonio just beat us by what seemed like a hundred but I guess all that matters to him is he didn't get the minutes he thinks he deserves, so he's mad, which results in a displacement of anger," Thomas told the Post. "What does he think, that throwing a cheap shot at me is going to keep him on the floor? Bottom line, I'm not putting up with any garbage from Brendan Todd Haywood, but at the same time, I do feel bad and upset with myself for allowing him to bait me."

Even though their is bad blood between the two, Thomas did mention that he hopes they can put this incident behind them.

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