Monday, February 12, 2007

Houston Texans(6-10)

2006 Season: 6-10
Head Coach: Gary Kubiak
Offensive Coordinator: Mike Sherman
Defensive Coordinator: Richard Smith
Pro-Bowl: Andre Johnson(WR)


The Texans ranked in the lower third in the league once again in all major categories. Their passing game ranked 27th this year only gaining 173.6 yards per game, and their running game was slightly better, ranking 21st, but they still only averaged 105 yards per game. Houston had some-what of a "running back by committee" before Ron Dayne emerged as the full-time starter late in the season. Dayne rushed for 612 yards and 5 touchdowns while just starting 6 games. The projected starter, rookie Wali Lundy was benched after just starting 8 games because he was very ineffective, just gaining 476 yards and 4 touchdowns. Their passing game was worse, David Carr threw for just 2,767 yards, 11 TDs and 12 interceptions. Their are alot of rumors surfacing that the Texans are ready to trade the former 1st overall pick before the draft. Really only two players can actually say they had a good season. The 1st was former Miami standout, Andre Johnson who had 103 receptions, 1147 yards and 5 touchdowns. He also was selected to his first pro-bowl. The 2nd player was rookie Owen Daniels. Daniels caught 34 balls for 352 yards. Nothing special, but he quickly emerged as a red-zone threat with 5 TDs.


Much like their offense, Houston's defense ranked in the bottom third in all major statistical categories. But they did have standouts, such as defensive rookie of the year, DeMeco Ryans. Ryans recorded 155 tackles, 3.5 sacks, 1 fumble recovery, 1 interception and 5 passes defended. Morlon Greenwood also surpassed the 100 tackle platue for the 3rd consecutive season. 1st overall pick, Mario Williams had a decent year. He certainly didn't have a season that the first player taken in the draft would have, but I won't get into that discussion. Williams had 47 tackles and came in second on the team with 4.5 sacks. He also pitched in with 1 fumble recovery. One of the biggest problems for their defense was the lack of interceptions, the Texans had just 11 as a team, but Dunta Robinson did tie for the team lead with 2. Yes, he led the team with just 2 INTs. Robinson aslo tallied 82 tackles. That is quite high for a cornerback, it means either he is great against the run or he can't cover guys too well, i'll let you decide.

Special Teams

Houston's special teams were bad in all facets of the game. Kris Brown had is 4th straight mediocre season hitting just 76% of his FGs, Chris Stanley was one of the worst punters this year with an average of 41.6 and Dexter Wynn was decent in the return game with a punt average of 11.6(but only 139 yards) and a kick return average of 22.3(just 670 yards).

Draft Notes

The Texans could really use a playmaker at running back. The obvious choice to fill that need would be Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson. If he is still there at #8 then there is no doubt who they would take. They also need a safety. C.C. Brown is fine but the Texans need an upgrade there. Other positions, offensive line, preferably left tackle, also defensive tackle and cornerback should be looked at. Also a possibility is a quarterback change.

Positions that need to be addressed during the draft.

1. Running back
2. Safety
3. Offensive line
4. Defensive tackle
5. Quarterback


They really need a #1 back. With passing up on Reggie Bush last year the Texans have still failed to fill that need. Wali Lundy, Ron Dayne and Samkon Gado are not going to scare too many teams. If they decide to go another way with the 8th pick, they could look at getting Kenny Irons(AUB) who's stock is raising with an exceptional showing at the NCAA Skills Competition last week. Or they could look at Dwayne Wright(FRES) or Gary Russell(MIN).


If they don't go with Peterson in the first round for whatever reason, then they will most likely go after one of the talented safeties, either LaRon Landry(LSU) or Reggie Nelson(FLA). They could also look at getting Michael Griffin(TEX), Eric Weedle(UTAH) or Brandon Meriweather(MIA) in the second round.


One the biggest needs is left tackle. Everyone knows the importance of having a left tackle if your starting quarterback is right handed, but yet the Texans haven't been able to full fill that need. They could look at getting Levi Brown(PSU), Joe Staley(CMICH) or Arron Sears(TENN) would all help dramatically.


Houston has recently switch from a 3-4 defense to a 4-3 defense, meaning they have elected to go with 2 DT's to hopefully slow down the other teams rushing attack. That is fine, if you have at least two DTs that can compete, which the Texans don't have. So they need to find a big body in the draft that can fill their need. Possible players for them to look at are Marcus Thomas(FLA), Jay Alford(PSU) or Derek Landri(ND).


It seems very likely that the Texans are willing to trade David Carr. But they would need a replacement, they could look at getting a short term player in free-agency such as Jeff Garcia or Matt Schaub(ATL is likely to re-sign him). But they could look at the draft as well. If Cleveland takes Adrian Peterson than Brady Quinn is going to drop, that would clear way for Houston to take Brady Quinn in the first round. If they decide not to take the fore mentioned Quinn then they will likely wait till the 2nd day to take a QB, if they take one at all. Possible 2nd day picks would be Luke Getsy(AKRON), Jared Zabransky(BOISE) and Drew Tate(IOWA).

I would be extremely surprised if the Texans are able to turn this franchise around any time soon, but if they are smart and take Peterson he could easily help them to a possible 7 to 8 win season.

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