Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pro Bowl...AFC-31 NFC-28

San Diego's kicker, Nate Kaeding drilled a 21-yard game winning field goal as time expired Saturday. This capped off yet another strong drive by MVP Carson Palmer who went 8/17 190 yds and 2 touchdowns.

Davey also made it well known that Miami had more players(Ray Lewis, Reggie Wayne, Frank Gore, Sean Taylor and Ed Redd) in the Pro-Bowl than Virginia Tech(just DeAngelo Hall). But what he doesn't realize, Michael Vick,Ernest Wilford, Jimmy Williams, Darryl Tapp and James Anderson were far to busy to partake in the game. You see they were busy saving orphans from burning buildings, while educating them on the importance of not doing drugs, staying in school and not blaming whitey.

Most of the damage for the NFC was done with their rushing game, Steven Jackson, Frank Gore and Tiki Barber all scored a rushing touchdown in the loss. This is supposed to be Barber's final game, he has said all season that he is planning on retiring after this season to persue other projects. Tony Romo took majority of the snaps at QB and went 11/19 for 156 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 interception. Oh and I should also mention that DeAngelo Hall was able to take a break from the massive orgy the Hokies received for their great deed and record 7 tackles, which led both the NFC and AFC.

The AFC went with more of a throwing attack. Like I mentioned earlier, Carson Palmer was named the MVP, but Reggie Wayne had a huge game as well. He caught 6 balls for 137 yards and 1 touchdown. "Ocho Cinco" aka Chad Johnson chipped in with 3 receptions 70 yards and 1 touchdown. On the other side of the ball, Adalius Thomas had 3 tackles and a 70 yard fumble recovery for a score. And Ed Reed intercepted two passes, 1 off of Tiki Barber and the other off of Tony Romo.

Quick recap....Miami-2( Big game from Wayne and Reed)...Virginia Tech- Eleventy billion points(for being awesome).

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