Thursday, February 22, 2007

NBA Trade Deadline.

It is very unlikely that a big name will be dealt but still moves could be done. Jason Kidd to the Lakers? Not likely. Vince Carter to the Magic/Clippers? Probably not. Kevin Garnett to anyone? Nope, not going to happen. Now Mike Bibby to Cleveland? Now there's a deal that could happen.

With that said two realatively small deals have been done so far. The Portland Trail Blazers have agreed to trade Juan Dixon to the Toronto Raptors for Fred Jones.

POR- G Fred Jones
TOR- G Juan Dixon

The other deal was the Atlanta Hawks aquiring veteran Anthony Johnson for a 2nd round pick.

ATL- G Anthony Johnson
DAL- 2nd Round Draft Pick

More to come before the 3:00 PM ET.

Update: Sadly no other trades happened at the deadline. The Nets seemingly had a deal in place that would send Kidd to the Lakers but they nixed the deal just hours before the deadline. And my boy Vince is staying in New Jersey. That means i'm a Net fan...well at least till the offseason when the Nets are expected to do a sign-and-trade with him. Like I said before, where Vince goes...I go.

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