Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Live Blog.

Game over...Colts are victorious...29-17.

Time is just melting away, the Colts are going to win...and the MVP should be Dominic Rhodes and Joseph Addai. They both deserve it.

Well Thomas Jones just surpassed the 100 yard mark...goody.

The Bears defense decided it would be a good time to stop the run and the Colts punt.

Yet another Grossman interception, this one by Bob Sanders...this thing is over.

Rex Grossman just threw a pick-6. Colts 29-17.

An amazing diving catch by Marvin Harrison.

Finally daa Bears score...a FG by Gould...22-17 Colts.

Another FG for the Colts....22-14.

Long run by Dominic Rhodes, thanks to daa Bears allowing him to break tackles galore.

Sexy Rexy....yeah not so much. He gets sacked....then he then he awkward does somewhat of a Cart Wheel. Anyways, it leads to another Chicago punt.

Vinatieri with another makes it 19-14 Colts.

Joseph Addai is just running at will right now.


Adam Vinatieri just missed a field goal...yes, that Adam. It's halftime, the Colts are leading 16-14.

Ok, that was a little weird. Peyton Manning just ran an option play. But I could've sworn that was an "athletic" play. What's Manning doing it for. Manning has the mobility of a dead walrus. But yet he finds running room.

Sexy dumbass, another sequence of back-to-back fumbles...Colts ball.

It was looking bad for the Bears, until Brandon Fletcher fumbled...recovered by daa Bears.

Touchdown Dominic Rhodes...2 yards out. Indy now leads 16-14.

The Colts are driving once again, they have it 1st & Goal at the Chicago 8.

Adam Vinatieri remains perfect as he hits yet another field goal. Daa Bears still lead 14-9.

Cedric Benson just came in and he far thats 3 fumbles already.

Thomas Jones, my MVP choice, just busted off a 52 yard run. Capped off by a Sexy Rexy touchdown throw to Mushin Muhammed. I can't believe I just said Sexy Rexy. Oh well.

Joseph Addai fumbled it on the very first play, recovered by rookie phenom, Mark Anderson.

The Colts decide to kick it away from Hester and well it worked. Gabe Reid received it and promptly fumbled it, Indy recovered it.

Hunter Smith did his best impression of Tony Romo and bobbled the snap. Bears still lead 7-6.

After trading punts, Peyton Manning found Reggie Wayne "WIDE OPEN" for a touchdown.

Well on 3rd & 12 Peyton does what he does best when it comes to the Playoffs...he throws a pick. Clark Harris was the lucky guy to receive Manning's first gift.

Well, the opening kickoff was just like the National Championship game, Devin Hester took it 96 yards for the touchdown. I am willing to put aside that Hester is a Cane, but just for today.

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